Have You Used Costco Services for Your Home?

October 7th, 2008 · 123 Comments

Recently, some friends and I were discussing various projects that we all have going on around our homes – painting, carpet, blinds, countertops, stuff like that.  And of course, they all asked me about the service relationships that Costco has available to their members.  I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never used any of them and don’t think I know anyone that has either, but it did get me curious.  So, I was wondering if anyone has taken advantage of these services through Costco and how that worked out.  Do you really get a better deal?  Do you feel like it took some of the stress out of the project? Or do you have a total horror story?

I was hoping that I could find out a little more information on the Costco.com website.  Unfortunately, it just has very general information about the Home Decor services (carpet, blinds, and closets) they offer and mentions nothing at all about countertops or painting, which are some of the other services offered here in Austin.  The other thing I really can’t figure out is if all of these services are contracted through a national chain or through local vendors.  For instance, I know that here in Austin the house painting services are provided by CertaPro Painters, which does seem to have franchises nationwide.

In any case, I’d love to get feedback from anyone that has gone through Costco for these types of services for your home.


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  1. 1 cece mor // 2015.12.23 at 3:39 am

    I kept saying to myself “Walk away, walk away, walk away” I did not one time and bought into the Costco kiosk hype for a new furnace…Wish I had walked away……If you are still able WALK AWAY!

  2. 2 R. Simons // 2015.12.02 at 11:44 am

    Costco Garage Doors….

    I attempted to have a new garage door installed from Amarr via the Costco Kiosk service. I phoned for an appointment and waited for a call back. When the call finally came back I set up the appointment for the day before Thanksgiving. I was concerned and confirmed with the scheduler that it was ok to do an appointment the day before Thanksgiving and she replied we have no problem working that day. Appointment day arrives I race home from work to meet the rep and after waiting thru the allotted time I called Costco to find out what the issue was. They confirmed my time (Which had already expired) and assigned me a case number and told me that someone would contact me soon. 45 mins later I get a call from a frantic service rep saying she was so sorry and that she had improperly left off my request for the days tasks. She was very sorry and set up another appointment for the following Monday. Monday arrives and again race home to meet the rep. With only 30 mins left in the window time for the appointment I call Costco service and they tell me the appointment is for the next day. I inform them I scheduled a MONDAY appointment and at this time wish to cancel any work with this company. I am given the same case number and I am told a Costco customer service manager will contact me within two days… I am still waiting for that call. But the best part was the day after I canceled the call the sales rep for Amarr calls and says he is running ahead of schedule…by 90 mins and wanted to come earlier. My wife explains that due to all the mix-ups we decided not to use his company. His response was not to apologize, not to attempt to fix a bad situation, he just said ok and hung up. Not impressed. I would like to note I sent an email to Amarr via the website and also have yet to get a reply…just saying

    • 3 Al Aliment // 2015.12.02 at 2:17 pm

      Would recommend you contact Costco’s Customer Service at their Corporate Mailing Address. Costco, PO Box 34331, Seattle, WA 98124 Could not find an email address. Give them the complete rundown and time table of what happened, what should have happened, names and phone numbers. Let them know you want a reply on this.

      When I had my kitchen cabinets sent to me, there was some damage to two cabinets. I emailed the company with pictures, they sent replacements at no charge.

      Costco installed new double pane vinyl windows in my home. Company rep said if I had any issues to please call him first. Yes, I can call Costco and yes Costco will call him to fix the problem. Just to give him a chance first. He said he does not get paid until I go online and authorize payment. Didn’t need to call Costco, contractor did a great job. Really enjoying my new windows.

      Best of luck,

  3. 4 Swap // 2015.09.16 at 4:31 pm

    We have had a horrible experience with Costco flooring. We pay executive membership fee annually and when contacted them about Shaw flooring, they would not respond unless nudged like 2-3 times that the vendor that they are sending is arrogant and rude. I do not like the way he is working i need my work done so please someone else who i can work with and all of that.

  4. 5 Carey Tinholt // 2015.08.07 at 6:12 am

    I am a member a Costco and find that most often they have good prices, except for there floorings. They contract with a local flooring store to do the sales in the store and also the installations. I’ve been in the flooring business for over 40 years, (too long) when I stopped to see there laminate flooring from Shaw I saw one that I recognized as SL322 Reclaimed Values. They had a price tag on it at $3.99 SF. with an install price of $2.75 SF. To me that’s a big rip off. I was quoted for the same Laminate from carpet direct at $1.41 SF. and $2.25 SF for the install. So if you think your getting a good price from Costco for flooring? Maybe you better contact Carpet Direct Now.

  5. 6 Maggie // 2015.08.01 at 9:53 am

    Put me in the camp of those who have had a bad experience with Costco kiosk services. Paid for granite counters in the kitchen and had mistakes at every step of production. The WRONG size sink was ordered & the granite was cut to fit it. We discovered this when the rest of the counters had been installed and they were ready to install the sink counter. Then they ordered the RIGHT size sink & cut new granite to fit it, but the sink is DEFECTIVE and not to the specs I ordered. Next the installer cut the hole for the sprayer too close to the faucet, so an expert repair man was sent to fix it — they sent him with the RIGHT granite pattern from the WRONG batch of stone. It was not even close in color. Front Range Stone, Costco’s go-to place here in Northern Colorado, is so-o sorry and assures me they will fix everything. I don’t think they are competent to do the job right. EVERYTHING IS SUBCONTRACTED OUT AND NOBODY COORDINATES THE WORK OTHER THAN TO SCHEDULE IT. THERE IS NO QUALITY CONTROL.
    In addition: we were without a kitchen sink for 3 weeks. The original sealer applied to the granite was the wrong type & had to be redone. Started this project May 15; it is now August 1st and it is not finished. HAS ANYONE EVER GOTTEN YOUR MONEY BACK?

    • 7 fred Rubin // 2015.08.01 at 10:37 am

      I had the same bad experience. See my post of 9/24/2014. I have used Costco kiosk services before and was very pleased. But not on the countertops.

  6. 8 Patty Tapper // 2015.06.15 at 12:57 pm

    We recently used Alan’s Window Fashions from Costco. He was fabulous! He was professional and prompt! We love the new shade that he installed for us. It has helped to lower the temp in our living room by 10 decrees. I would strongly recommend this company and it’s owner if you are looking for any window treatments!

  7. 9 Becky // 2014.12.16 at 4:50 pm

    You may have it resolved by now but having worked in the flooring industry you can also contact the contractor board and put liens on their insurance. In some states the contractor board sends out an in inspector. If they rule in your favor then they can force the contractor to fix it. They are in place to protect the consumer.
    Usually there is a parent company that hires lots of sub contractor’s. Sometimes they are paid by the hour and sometimes they are licensed and bonded themselves. Ethier way they don’t want the board to tag their license and insurance.
    You are only as good as your worst employee.

  8. 10 Stephanie W // 2014.12.03 at 1:59 pm

    I would NOT do it. Their contractor did a bait and switch in my house. I paid for Shaw and when I didn’t get my 10% gift card I spent months calling Costco. Finally got someone and found out that I don’t have Shaw. I have a company named Lawson and they are $2.00 cheaper per square foot, 1/4 in less wood, and half the warranty of Shaw. IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED THROUGH THEM MAKE SURE YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SHAW AND NOT ANOTHER BAIT AND SWITCH. Also, make sure you got your gift card. If you didn’t, I bet you don’t have Shaw. (This is the short version to the nightmare I’ve gone through)

  9. 11 Al Aliment // 2014.10.16 at 4:34 pm

    Upgrading my parent’s 1955 home in San Diego, I selected Costco Services for my new windows. This was after two other companies came by to give me estimates, all far higher than Costco’s.

    Through the Costco Services website, I used US Windows And Doors. Rep came to my house and measured all my old wooden, putty sealed windows. He showed me how with the type of construction used in 1955, replacement would not damage the surrounding stucco. They would remove the old windows; the new ones will fit in the existing frame, would be sealed, installation complete. For my home, all windows would slide up to open. Only the bathroom would be a L/R slider.

    Color selection was minimal, ok for me. I did not want white, selected a light desert tan color. Windows did not tilt in nor was the top window movable. Only the bottom window could be opened. Bottom window would be removable. For my 850 sq ft home, there would be 13 windows on the house, 3 on the garage.

    Windows and installation team arrived and got to work. They did not break any windows or do any damage to my house, did half the windows one day, and finished on the second. I had one large window, roughly 4’ wide, and 5’ tall. This one took the entire team to work, cutting out all the nails working it loose and out, it was heavy.

    When done, the installation manager and I reviewed each window installation, ensuring everything worked ok, all areas sealed, plugs installed, and no damage. Showed me again how to take out the lower window. Also checked each window screen was properly installed, all windows spotless. At the end of each day’s work, all debris was cleaned up, hauled away, nothing remained. As applicable, tarps were used inside the home to protect the wooden floor.

    Compared to my first winter in the home with the old windows, I noticed an immediate savings on having to use the heater less. No cold areas next to the windows. New windows also worked well in blocking noise transfer, much quieter. This summer I had an equal savings on air conditioning. I’m enjoying a much lower gas and electric bill thanks to the new vinyl, double pane windows.

    Another good feature is during the day, the window coatings make it very hard to look inside the house when no lights are on. A nice measure of privacy.
    Over all I am very satisfied with my selection of Costco Services for my new windows. Good quality windows for my budget.

  10. 12 Al Aliment // 2014.10.16 at 3:36 pm

    Upgrading my parent’s 1955 home in San Diego, I selected Costco Services for my kitchen cabinets.

    Through the Costco Services website, I used All Wood Cabinetry (AWC) based in Florida. All correspondence was via email and telephone, as they do not have local reps. I downloaded instructions on how to measure the kitchen and select the cabinets. I didn’t see everything I wanted, like an island and two level food pantry. I worked with a rep who recommended a large drawer cabinet as my island. They did not have a high-level pantry with pull out drawers; however, I could order them extra and install how I wanted. I had concerns about the cabinets fitting, rep said they took the exact measurements and worked the cabinets to give a small fill space at the ends, covered by a fill strip.

    Cabinets were shipped via UPS from Florida. Upon arrival, one box with a back panel was damaged; another cabinet box had top damage from other cabinet sitting on it. Later I would find out this corner cabinet was damaged beyond usage. I sent digital pics via email to the company. Within 48 hours, I had an email saying replacements would be shipped, no charge. Company made everything good on every issue I had. No questions, no arguments. They made it right.

    Large cabinet for an island turned our perfectly. Used plastic sliders on the bottom; installers put the back panel on. Counter top contractor made a great top for it. Works for me, I like it.
    I like the quality of the cabinets, no particleboard, quality finish, soft closing drawers, and doors. Drawer pulls are your responsibility to select, not sold by AWC. My pantry did not come with soft closers. I emailed the company, asked if I could purchase. Company sent them free.

    My only issue is one with the plastic supporting hardware for the cabinet shelving. Shelving is adjustable; unfortunately, the plastic support brackets lock on the top of the shelf. To remove a shelf, you must hold in the retaining bracket, then raise the shelf up and out. This can be done on regular shelving, two supports on each end. On a corner cabinet there are five supports. If you need to readjust shelf height, it is physically impossible to hold them in and remove the shelf. Best way to fix this design flaw is to cut off the upper retainer of each shelf bracket. I mentioned this to AWC.

    Over all I am very satisfied with my selection of Costco Services for my kitchen cabinets. I even sent the rep I worked with before and after pictures, showing how good the new cabinets look.

  11. 13 j.. bennett // 2014.10.06 at 1:08 pm

    This is my final followup to my posts of 3/16/14, 4/8/14 and 6/27/14. After 5 attempts by the flooring company to fix the carpet in my bedroom door, I fixed it myself. They did attempt to make things right, but after 6 months I am ready to call it quits and get on with my life. They had damaged the front doors of my curio cabinet and at first wanted me to let some of their installers try to fix the doors. I wanted someone who knew about finishing wood. While they seemed reluctant to do this, they did send the doors to a business they selected to have them fixed. When they came back, you could plainly see where the repairs had been made, they were poorly done. Of course, to be fair, this was the fault of the furniture finisher, not 101 flooring. At this point, I just accepted everything and ended it. I will take care of what is left to do myself. I will say that after some time, they did try to make some things right, but all in all it was a very unpleasant experience.

  12. 14 Fred Rubin // 2014.09.24 at 1:16 pm

    I contracted with Costco for $9000 Granite countertops. The work was performed by Precision Countertops of Fountain Valley. The job was dragged out, they had to come back 3 times to correct installation and fabrication errors. The seams are fair at best. The bullnose edge is dull and barely polished in many areas. I am told this is not correctable so we will have to live with it. We have had granite countertops before and were always very pleased with the finished product, but not this time. The bottom line is that I would never recommend them for any countertops.

  13. 15 Jcaldwell // 2014.07.15 at 10:52 pm

    I had a horrible experience with Costco (Flooring 101, Oxnard, CA). The first carpet they put in was not what I ordered and was about l/4″ thick; you could feel every bump in the concrete beneath the cheesy carpet. Flooring 101 salesman said they could put in new padding for another $900. He sold me crappy carpet and padding. I got tired of messing with Flooring 101, as all they wanted to do was charge more. I contact the CEO of Costco. Within 3 hrs of my email to him, I had someone call me to say that Costco would take care of it. I got new carpet and the price of the new carpet was reduced by 5o%. Costco did not let me down. Flooring 101 was a joke to deal with, very unprofessional once the job was done. I may never get anything done thru Costco again, based on this experience. It took 3 months to get it fixed.

    • 16 j. bennett // 2014.07.16 at 4:45 pm

      I am now 6 months into the nightmare of havinc Costco (Flooring 101 Oxnard) install hardwood flooring and carpeting. They have tried 5 times now (and 3 different employees) to tuck the carpet in across the doorway of my bedroom. They have now said they’re going to latex it down. Seeing that they have not been able to secure the carpet so that the raw edge doesn’t show, I don’t want to imagine what it will look like latexed down. I am a 76 year old female senior citizen with a bad back. I , just this morning, took a blunt screw driver and hammer and tucked the carpeting down myself. It looks great, no raw carpet edge showing. Just need a little more tweeking so that it looks nice and even. They sprayed my sofa to try to remove the glue. When it dried there was still a little glue residue and a stain. They had a carpet salesman/carpet layer try to fix my wooden and glass curio cabinet with a little wood putty. The putty isn’t even close to the color of the cabinet. He acted surprised when I told him I wanted them to have someone fix my cabinet that actually knew how to do it. He said, “you mean you want me to have someone come in and fix it?” Well, duh. So now I’m waiting to see who’s going to come to fix it. I will NEVER have any household services done by Costco again. I will go with local business the nex time. The flooring and carpet was put in Jan 16, so it has now been six months and they’re still trying to get things right. Sad statement about the quality of work done these days.

  14. 17 j. bennett // 2014.06.27 at 5:35 pm

    This is a followup to my 2 previous posts of 3/16 and 4/8/2014. Finally I got an answer and Flooring 101 tore out the previously laid flooring and put in new flooring. There was about a $300.00 difference in the previous flooring and the one they finally put in on May 22, 2014. The crew was much neater with their cleanup than the original crew was. However, on the trim around the fireplace, they had marked the wood trim with a pencil where they were going to cut it to make if fit better. It appear they changed their minds and just left the trim there with all the pencil markings. The first crew had been to my house 2 times, once to put down the carpet and flooring and again to fix some of the things they didn’t do right. The second crew after laying the flooring was to hook down the carpet again in the bedroom doorways where the carpet meets the hardwood flooring. So in 3 tries they still could not get the carpet hooked down correctly and it is loose. The manager, Ian, stated when I talked to him on my last shopping trip to Costco last week, that they would call me this week to make an appointment to have a carpet layer come out and fix the doorways. Of course it is now Friday, and I have heard from no one and probably never will. He said that the crews that came out were not carpet layers. If that was the case, why did he have them put the carpet in the bedrooms? I will never do business with Costco on any type of service. If this is the kind of service one gets from the companies Costco contract with, I would never do business with them or recommend them to anyone unless you want a big headache. This work was supposed to be completed by the end of 2013. They were last here May 22, 2014 and they still couldn’t get everything fixed.

    • 18 Bee Overman // 2014.06.27 at 8:22 pm

      Ever so sadly…its not just Costco. I wonder if there are any workmen or women that follow thru. There is an old saying, “there’s always time to do it over, but never time to do it right.”


  15. 19 Jack S. // 2014.04.27 at 7:38 pm

    Just had Gabriel, Jose and Sergio from Flooring 101 install wood flooring. They drove from Granada Hills to San Luis Obispo County to install the flooring. This was through Costco and the estimator was Bob. Work was excellent, all cleaned up, furniture returned to correct places. Old carpeting and trash was hauled away. Job was finished by 4 in the afternoon as they took a very short lunch. Polite, professional, and competent. Bob came by to see how things were going, much appreciated. Certainly would recommend Costco’s installation as it is flawless, crew is polite and friendly. Would use them again.

  16. 20 Cynthia // 2014.03.16 at 6:24 pm

    I got a quote for shutters a couple years ago. The price was horrible and several thousand dollars for three living room windows. I can’t say how they would have been because I did not get them. I could not believe it.

    Car Rental:
    I just rented a car through Costco in December (it was a Budget and relatively new Ford SUV). I was VERY pleased with this! The price was at least $100 lower than any other car companies even with a AAA Membership and other discounts considered. I will use this again.

  17. 21 Jackie bennett // 2014.03.16 at 1:47 am

    Had carpet and wooden flooring installed. Very happy with the carpet so far but this has been a terrible experience. It was to be a two day job but the installers decided to do it in one. I am a female senior citizen. The installers kept saying they were almost done and they weren’t. They wouldn’t leave and come back the next day as it had been agreed upon at the beginning of this sale. I had neighbors complaining and I kept asking them to leave. They left a little after 11:30pm. They left glue everywhere, and didn’t really clean up anything. Then I noticed damaged flooring that they had installed. Going on a month now trying to get the problems taken care of and have now been waiting yet again for over a week to hear from someone. Someone from the corporate offices was supposed to call me, but that never happened. I’m getting the run around. I would NEVER recommend buying flooring from Costco. I also had to admonish one of the workers for leaving pee on the edge of the toilet bowl and on the floor in my bathroom! I may have to contact an attorney in order to get anyone to do anything. 101 flooring came out and took pictures a little over a week ago and then said that their flooring supplier may want to come out and see the floor and take pictures. Stall, stall, stall. Everyone is going to try to blame someone else, but it is the installers from the flooring company that Costco contracted with that choose to put down damaged flooring. Am totally frustrated. My first step is going to be Better Business Bureau before the next week is out. If that fails, I will probably have to hire a lawyer.

    • 22 Bill Smith // 2014.04.08 at 3:08 pm

      Jackie Bennett – Was this Flooring 101 in the Los Angeles/Conejo Valley area? I also had installation quality problems with them.

      • 23 Jackie bennett // 2014.04.08 at 5:15 pm

        The Flooring 101 that my local Costco uses is in Oxnard. The flooring was installed January 16 and to date (April 8, 2014) everything is still up in the air. Shaw Manufacturing hired a “unbiased” inspector to come out and take pictures and see what was going on. He said the guys that put down my floor shouldn’t be in the flooring business. Still waiting for a decision on what they plan on doing next. In the meantime all my baseboard is sitting out on my patio. Will never go through Costco flooring or carpeting again. Oh, also the inspector said that the carpet they laid had been put down wrong and the doorways weren’t finished properly. Most unhappy with the whole situation.

    • 24 Bee Overman // 2014.06.27 at 2:03 pm

      Definitely contact BBB. Then keep at them. You can be entitled to complete refund. I Pay with credit card and that also is a recourse… or get your bank involved. Paying cash makes it harder to get any company to be liable for their bad work.
      BBB immediate! When BBB contacts Costco… you should get some results.

  18. 25 Michael // 2014.03.02 at 8:03 pm

    Totally disapointed with costco and shaw carpets. We moved into a new home. Had costco install Shaw carpet. More than 5 k. The carpet did not hold up. We called the store we went through to buy the carpet. They refered us to call customer service. Customer service refered us back to the store. Called the store again. Several times. The manager was not in and never got back to us. We were refered back to customer service. Iwe threw a fit on the phone. Shaw That got us a number for shaw. Called them. We were told it would cost us 250.00 to have someone come out to inspect carpet. Threw another fit on the phone. Was told they would get back to us. They didn’t. Called again and was told hat it would take a while to process. That was about 4 months ago. I have emailed cot os customer service twice. I asked for the name of a district or regional manager. No response from costco. Horrible horibleHORIBLE customer service. I’m having the carpet ripened up next week. I’m going to look into what my legal options are. DO NOT BUY CARPET FROM COST. SHAW CARPET IS A TERRIBLE PRODUCT.

  19. 26 Marty and Ruth // 2013.10.01 at 2:38 pm

    Watch out! had carpet installed but with defects noticed by us, and recarpeting done, took over three months to install. It has been over 8 weeks since
    job completed and we still have not received our cash card rebate. (4 to 6 weeks advertised). Have called Costco reps. on three occasions after the six week waiting period
    and each time have been told a customer rep would call us within three days-and we are still waiting! The entire experience was a nightmare, though we are happy with the carpet and installation quality. Have had counter tops, and other services through Costco in the past- without glitches, but somebody dropped the ball on this one.

  20. 27 Barry // 2013.08.02 at 3:52 pm

    The product you buy is only as good as the installer and the trouble with Costco is they subcontract this out. I recently ordered a carpet installation in my basement. Despite checking off the Radient Heat box and writing on the order form that there are glycol heating pipes in the concrete floor the installer nailed the carpet tack strips to the floor. When I pointed out to him that there were heating pipes in the floor he said no one told him (don’t they have job cards?) and he stopped work and just left without another word. The service department apologised and rescheduled another installation – 4-5 weeks later. The installer showed up again said no one told him to remove the carpet tack strips he had nailed, that he had no glue and left again without completing the work. So, I’m still getting the run around. There is a sense of powerlessness that you feel when you don’t know who you are really dealing with and you have to call a service center somewhere across the world asking for something to be fixed. If I do this again I will use a local shop that I can go in to and speak directly with the owner.

  21. 28 Ryan // 2013.06.28 at 7:34 pm

    I’ve bought Hunter Douglas window coverings thru a Costco services rep and had pretty good success. The rep that came out was patient and worked with me on colors and sized all of the windows. I even got some upgrades on hardware due to a promotion that was going on. Their prices for what was offered was better than the other local vendors I checked with (I live in Tacoma, WA). The shades were done faster than I was quoted and didn’t take long for the installer to come out and get them in. I was very pleased with that experience. I’ve also bought a bedroom set from Costco and have been happy with the quality. I had a flaw in one piece at the time of delivery and they replaced it without any hassle. My uncle has made high end furniture and says that the Costco furniture he’s seen has been very well built.

    On the flip side, I had a a Costco rep come out to quote me on garage doors and he was pushy and tried to hard sell me. I wasn’t happy with that experience, and found that of the 4 quotes I received Costco was the most expensive for what I was after by a pretty sizable amount. Two of the other vendors had the exact same garage doors and equipment (Amarr). My parents have had Costco come out to quote on carpet and said the experience and offering was similar to what I went thru on the garage doors, they bought better carpet at a lower price from another local vendor.

    Suffice to say my experience with their services and the reps/contractors they sub out to has been a mixed bag. I think the products they offer are of good quality, but it may not be the best deal out there. In fact, I’m thinking of buying a brunswick pool table from costco right now which will be delivered and setup by a local vendor.

    • 29 Barb Mouse // 2014.06.02 at 10:51 am

      I hope you never have to have a repair done by Costco for your Hunter Douglas products. We installed over $10,000 worth of Hunter Douglas product in our new home and had nothing but problems. Finally after weeks (with no window coverings) Custom Decorators (who represents Costco) and Hunter Douglas got it right but it was a nightmare. Over the last 2 years we have had the up/down string break 9 times in our blinds. We were always told not to worry it was covered for the lifetime of the product and they would come out because it was defective. NOT, now Costco and Hunter Douglas are in a battle and they have both thrown out the customer. A horrible situation, the blinds are nice but break all the time-we would have done better going the cheap route, less hassle, less money and better service.

      Would NOT recommend Costco kiosk services to anyone.

      • 30 June // 2015.01.08 at 9:55 am

        Had Costco install plantation shutters a few months ago and it was awful. The shutters did not close properly and after several complaints they still seem uneven. Lite still shines through when completely closed. Also got 2 window blinds installed and they too won’t close properly. What a big disappointment. I thought since Costco stands behind their products I would have gotten nice stuff for all the money I paid. Should have gone with Damner shutters and paid the price.

        • 31 Al Aliment // 2015.01.08 at 2:27 pm

          When I had US Windows And Doors install new windows on my home, rep mentioned if I had any issues at all to please call him first for resolution. He said I always have the option to file a complaint with Costco. By filing, he said Costco would contact him and want the problem fixed within 2-3 work days. Also mentioning their payment for the work is not made until I go to the Costco website and make it. Costco could withhold payment until any problems are fixed. I would call your installer rep to come back and review each problem area. Take digital photos, note what is said and if repair work is done to standard. Mention you will not be making payment, will notify Costco if work is not as you have paid for. Also mention all your information will be posted to various social media sites, Yelp, Angies List, etc if problems are not fixed, to include filing a complaint with the state contractors licensing office. Be polite with the rep, everything you want done written down. Don’t get mad, get even. Best of luck.

      • 32 Sarah // 2015.09.07 at 8:34 am

        Barb – Did you ever get resolution from Costco on the blind situation? We are going through the same thing. The blinds are terrible and the warranty just means you are constantly hiring someone to fix them. We buy most big items in our home from Costco but this was a big mistake and no help from Costco what so ever.

    • 33 Sarah // 2015.09.07 at 9:06 am

      Ryan – Are you now experiencing similar problems with your Hunter Douglas blinds? I am curious now that some time has gone by. I assume you are as most people do, have you tried any resolution with Costco?

  22. 34 jcaldwell // 2013.06.13 at 8:50 pm

    Just had commercial carpet from Costco Home Decor services installed in my home. I swear when I looked at the samples, they were very plush and thick. When it arrived, it was about 1/4 of an inch thick with a 3/8 inch pad. I like the color of the carpet, but the quality, Mohawk Town Center II is terrible. I can feel bumps in the cement floor beneath the carpet and am very very disappointed in the quality of it. Does anyone know if I have any recourse in getting different carpet put in?

    • 35 mikecogs // 2013.06.17 at 10:36 pm

      I would email or call Costco customer service and explain the situation to them, I contacted them thru the warehouse/ comments and suggestions page on their website and they responded 2 days later and then assigned a resolution associate to the case. Basically you need to escalate the matter internally to costco, once they are on it I’m sure they will help you out.

      • 36 Jcaldwell // 2013.06.28 at 7:52 am

        Tank you, Mike. A Costco rep has called once, but no further contact has been made for 2 weeks. I’m very disappointed. It is now on dispute on my Amex card, which i thought would get their attention. It’s very frustrating to have zero customer service from Costco and I’m very surprised. Thank you for your input!

  23. 37 Amit M. // 2013.04.25 at 9:43 pm

    Do you really get a better deal?
    I don’t think so. I have used them for carpets and furnace. I have called them for quotes on custom cabinets and custom shades. They were definitely not at a good price as compared to other local vendors for the same or comparable product. In fact they were always higher, but with the Costco rebates, the pricing was close to the local vendors. I am happy with the quality as they only offer better quality and/or inbuilt upgrades. Whereas with a local vendor, they will carry the cheapest of quality to the best, giving you a wider choice in case you want to save some money and go with a cheaper option.
    Do you feel like it took some of the stress out of the project?
    If you are not worried about paying a few extra dollars, yes, it definitely took the stress out of the project. It requires the same time being spent with the designer and installers, but knowing that it is Costco and that they stand by the products and services, there was less stress.
    Or do you have a total horror story?
    Not for me, but I started by blindly going with Costco if they offer the service, but now I am comparing with other local vendors as I found I paid more for my furnaces as compared to the same brand and model from local vendors.

  24. 38 Susan // 2013.04.25 at 7:15 pm

    a few years ago, I tried to get an estimate in countertops.
    the rep,that called would not come to my home to measure, was rather unpleasant, and seemed to be a local vendor, but probably not too close. I used Home Expo that was still in business at the time.

  25. 39 Pete Kerner // 2013.02.08 at 5:46 pm

    I bought carpet through Costco and the rep said I would get a certain size – that did not happen, the rep charged me extra without telling me, the prosmised date ment nothing to the rep even though I needed the carpet installed because of a prom party I was giving. When I called Costco and explained all this, they made everything happen the way it should. Not only did Costco make good on the original agreement, they went above and beyond to ensure my statisfaction. I have purchased stone counter tops, lots of funiture etc and will continue to buy from Costco because they stand behind what they say. Hey sometimes sub contractors screw up, the big difference to me is the fact that Costco has always been a stand up company and delivered on their promises.

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