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I have so many great comments from people that all have their favorite things (or maybe things they really hate) about Costco, that I thought it would be nice to give them a little more space to write and share their thoughts and opinions.

If you are interested, here are some things to keep in mind about guest posts to

  1. The topic can be anything Costco related: something funny you saw or heard while you were shopping, a great product or a totally lousy one, a Customer Service story (good or bad), an experience with a Costco service, anything at all about Costco.
  2. While I will be the first to admit that some of my posts can get pretty long, your post doesn’t need to be more than just a well thought out paragraph or two but it can certainly be longer if you want.
  3. I do ask that if you are writing about a product you put in plenty of details and definitely include the item number, date of purchase, and the price. Same goes for services – price, when you used the service, and the name if it was a third party contractor.
  4. If you have your own blog or website, please feel free to include a link or two to your blog.
  5. Also, when you send me your post include your name (screen name or real-life name) and your city and state, as well as how long you’ve been a Costco member.
  6. If you want to include a picture to go with your post, you’ll need to include that (or tell me a URL where I can find it) when you email me and tell me roughly where the image should go in your post.
  7. I try to write a blog that could be read by my mom or your kid, so that means I try to keep it clean.  No swear words and no porn (obviously, because you can’t buy that in bulk at Costco).  And there are other things that I won’t accept, that fit into the category of ‘I will know it when I see it’.  I’m asking for guest posts, but I am not guaranteeing to post everything that I receive.

Once you’ve gotten your guest post all written (and spell checked), send it me to at and I will let you know if, and when, your post will be published.  You can also send me an email if you’d like to run your idea past me, before you take the time to write a whole post.



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  1. 1 Harryet // 2014.10.16 at 8:53 am

    Does anyone have further information regarding plans to open another Costco in Hillsborough County, Tampa?

  2. 2 Debbie // 2014.09.10 at 3:56 pm

    You are missing a huge market by not having a Costco in either the Pearland/Friendswood or League City TX areas. Fast growing areas. Baybrook Mall is expanding to twice its size which is unusual for malls in this day.

  3. 3 Phyllis J. Sadler // 2014.08.20 at 4:25 pm

    Sirs, I am deeply disappointed in our Wenatchee, WA. store right now. This is the third time I have spoke to someone at the store about my problem. He has passed it on with no response.
    I am handicapped and I need a cart is such a big store as Costco. I get there at opening and they are gone before I got to the door. They have 3 carts with one broken down and 2 carts just does not cut it. There are several handicap parking areas which I appreciate but no carts. I have had two total hip replacements and I am 78 years old. I need a cart in such a large store as our Costco. So does several other folks I have noticed going in with canes and walkers. Please order at least 6 more carts and there is place to park them right at the entrance door by the photo area. Ample room for them. Why can Fred Meyers have at least 6 at each of their two doors, and our local Wal-Mart store have 8 new ones waiting for their hurting customers. Yet Costco can’t afford to help those of us who really need it? I am greatly disappointed with your lack of concern for your customers. I have been a customer for 20 years and handicapped since 2004. Now I ask to have you pass this on to someone who cares because I HATE to write a letter to our option page of our local editor. But I will if I get no response from this letter. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Phyllis J. Sadler and several hundred of other handicapped folks who need just a little shopping help with 6 new carts to make their day just a little easier.

  4. 4 Sundar // 2014.07.29 at 4:02 pm

    I can never find my size of cloths at Costco. I always see plenty of Large, X large and XX Large, never enough of small or medium sizes. Is there a reason they do not carry Small and medium sizes in sufficient quantity?

    I have filled out the suggestion/feedback cards as well as talked to the store managers. They are baffled as well. Since the purchasing department makes the decision on the sizes to order and not the individual stores.

    Does Costco encourage obese and large people?

    • 5 Katie // 2014.07.29 at 7:46 pm

      I’ve had this very conversation over the years with Costco employees (who fold the clothes) in the clothing aisles. The last time was just several months ago, and I was told that more of the larger clothes are kept in stock because the smaller sizes are not that in demand (maybe 6 each of small or medium sizes are received). The lady speaking to me told me that I am the exception for the sizing – my size runs between 4 nd 6 petite. So, there you go. I have also found this to be true at Sam’s Club, and if I did more shopping elsewhere, it would probably be the same in other stores as well. As a nation, obesity is at an all time high, therefore the X, XX, and XXX sizes are more in demand!

      • 6 Sundar // 2014.07.29 at 11:26 pm

        Katie, I do not buy that. The larger size cloths sit there and are discounted after a while. If the X, XX and XXX are the ones in demand then Costco should be out of those rather than the small and medium ones.

        I wish Costco will cater to us small folks too. If what you said is correct regarding carrying 6 of the medium and small sizes in each; that is not a very scientific method to gauge the demand and supply.

        • 7 Katie // 2014.08.01 at 1:05 pm

          Sundar and Tricia: I agree! There are always stacks of the X, XX and XXX clothing, and no small medium…you have to get there almost within the first few days of clothing being received to get a smaller size. I do not know why Costco stocks their women’s clothing in this manner, since they apparently don’t sell all of them and end up sending back to the mfg. I’ve never put in a formal complaint on one of the provided forms, but will the next time I’m there. Perhaps if enough of us do that, something will change!

          • 8 Martha // 2014.08.01 at 1:17 pm

            Maybe I can share some light on the clothing size. I use to stock that area years ago and the way the buy is different from retail is we buy bulk. The vendor gives us so much of each size. I know in one box of clothing can be 1 size is a 4 or 6 and 1 size is xxx per box. It depends on the area or region you live in to se what sizes sell off faster. So when product is left they pull it and it gets reboxed and shipped to a different region. Costco is at the mercy of what the vendor provides us with. If you do submit a request, that will go to the buyer and they will see if they can get better sizing. Hope this helps.

    • 9 tricia parker // 2014.07.30 at 12:24 am

      omg, I sooo agree!!! I’m at costco once/twice a week and always peek for new clothing items. I seldom ever find small sizes and if I do, they run more like medium size.



  5. 10 Stef // 2014.07.27 at 12:41 am

    We did get it in on June 1st.Sorry about that :)

  6. 11 Marsharina // 2014.07.26 at 11:56 pm

    I have been waiting for North Brunswick, NJ to open….and rumor has it Jul 24, 2014 was the day. Have heard nothing else since and if forced I will order a tent and camp out in the parking lot! I save so much money @ Costco, by watching their coupon booklet…..just in buying for my husband and our pets. Guacomole with 12, yeah 12! 2.5 oz containers of Guac. Nom nom nom. Pierogis! 3 pkgs….each pkg good for 2 peeps! Lactaid Milk……..$3.oo cheaper than local grocers. (96 oz.) We go through 2 per week. Count that savings!!! Fresh Step Cat Litter-40 lbs for about $11.00. Sparse clothing selection, but great quality. GREAT meat dept. Thanks Costco….I’m venturing over there tomorrow……hope you are OPEN for real!

  7. 12 Stef // 2014.07.26 at 9:55 pm

    I am a 17 year costco employee, and I’m the book stocker at Costco. Here’s the truth on “America “book:
    I put the book out on July !st, it sat there on the table for almost 5 weeks, I believe we sold 11 copies during that time.And as general company rule we keep books out for about a month maybe 2 if its flying off the shelves.I get pull list twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays, which gives me the space I need to put out the new books. By the way the pull list is generated from the vendor not from our corporate office. So on July 5th I printed the pull list for that day, there were about 20 titles along with Dsouza’s
    book. We sent them back , about a week past(mind you during that time nobody was asking about the book)then all of a sudden Fox News was reporting that “Costco pulled Dsouza’s book off the shelves!!” Alert!! Not mentioning that that’s just what we do twice a week, and that Dsouza’s book wasn’t the only one pulled that day. Or that we had other titles in the store that were written by”conservatives”. But anyways, after the news broke out, we had a lot of people coming in and asking about the book.All of a sudden they had to read it. Some of them were nice about it, but a lot of them weren’t .It’s sad to see older men yelling at me, calling me names like “Hitler”(cause I guess he used to burn books during World War)Some of them were blaming our ex-CEO for being an Obama supporter and for calling to pull the books himself. Even though he’s been retired for 3 years now. They were threatening to cancel their membership because we didn’t sell the book. As much as I wanted to say”please do that! cause we don’t want crazy people in here” I held my tongue of course. It was just amazing to me to see how News Channels can report something completely incorrect and people believe what they hear. I wouldn’t be surprised is Danish Dsouza himself alerted the News so he could get some publicity with the movie coming out and all. After all publicity sells! It was number 56 on best sellers book when we were selling it after the controversy it jumped to #1.Of course Costco wants to make money so they reordered it hoping to sell some this time around.
    By the way I pulled Hilary Clintons book this past week but somehow that didn’t make the news. After all this I decided not to be registered as a Republican, both sides play dirty.I think instead of voting for a party,I’ll be voting for the individual. Wish Romney would run again!
    Have a great day everyone!

    • 13 Annette // 2014.07.26 at 10:14 pm

      I don’t really care about the book, but I would be concerned if there were a political agenda, for either side (I am a staunch independent, I don’t need to be anyone’s puppet). My question to you is that if you put the book out on July 1st (!st) and got the pull list on July 5th, how is that almost 5 weeks?
      I’m assuming that there is a typo in there?

  8. 14 M.F. Benjamin // 2014.07.24 at 2:39 am

    Please bring back the Kirkland sweetener.

  9. 15 Ron Allen // 2014.07.08 at 11:37 am

    Costco is just lost me as a customer for pulling D’Souza’s ‘America’ form their shelves and censoring what I read!

    • 16 P-Dog // 2014.07.14 at 10:14 am

      Costco is just retained me as a customer for pulling D’Souza’s ‘America’ from their shelves.

    • 17 Sterling Dossett // 2014.07.14 at 1:21 pm

      I agree with you Ron. Costco should not be censoring what we read because of the CEO’s political affiliation. If the shoe were on the other foot, liberal/ democratic members would be in a uproar. Enough, is enough. Grown people need to start acting like adults… Shame, shame on Costco…

  10. 19 BB // 2014.06.26 at 6:36 pm

    Unbelievably difficult. Can’t find the Contest place to add a pin #. What a waste of time—get it together Costco. In the meantime, I’ve taken your 4 question survey twice and gotten no where……………………?????

  11. 20 Terry Johnson // 2014.06.19 at 1:03 pm

    Citrucel Powder-No Longer at Costco? Can anyone comment on why Costco is no longer carrying Citrucel powder? They now have Citrucel tablets but not the mix. I have been to three locations and it seems to have been very recently removed. I don’t see that it is available online, either.

  12. 21 Trudi Wright // 2014.06.10 at 11:55 am

    why are you still handing out entry forms after June 6 when the last day to enter a pin is June 1?

  13. 22 Tom Snyder // 2014.05.26 at 1:20 pm

    Like most of Costcos vendor choices as they usually have the best brand. Like to buy their athletic socks, but wish they would cut a deal with Nike as opposed to the cheaper Adidas socks.

  14. 23 Ann // 2014.05.25 at 9:18 pm

    I saw these beautiful swimsuits in O magazine called Swankini swimwear and I think it said they carry this brand at Costco. Has anyone bought one?

  15. 24 Martha Mattes // 2014.04.28 at 10:57 am

    That noise you’re hearing is rejoicing in Tulsa, Oklahoma-looks like we’re getting a Costco! Yay!

    • 25 Kimberly // 2014.04.29 at 4:55 am

      @Martha – LOL I must admit, even I did a bit of a cheer when I read that Tulsa was actually getting a Costco finally!

  16. 26 Lynda // 2014.04.25 at 10:52 pm

    I heard that they are building a new Costco in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. Does anyone have any information on it.

  17. 27 Wayne Oliver // 2014.04.25 at 12:20 pm

    I continue my membership because to the delicious bran muffins and for some reason, and no one knows why, they stop making them. Wish SOMEONE would tell me WHY.

  18. 28 Karel // 2014.04.08 at 1:22 pm

    Here is the update for a new Costco in Waterloo, Ontario!

  19. 29 Gina Cashion // 2014.04.07 at 6:07 am

    Does Costco plan to open any stores in Bowling Green, Ky

  20. 30 Evan // 2014.04.02 at 9:48 pm

    Does anyone know if Costco has plans to open a new location in north Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada?

  21. 31 Jim Trevino // 2014.03.30 at 12:00 am

    Hi curious in what the food court prepares the infamous hot dog water ,in asking do they add seasoning to the water before cooking ??

    • 32 angie hicken // 2014.07.13 at 6:42 pm

      Hi jim,
      It is only boiling water that is used for the hot dogs in the food court.nothing more.

  22. 33 Roxanne // 2014.03.22 at 12:08 am

    Homesick for Washington state! I am eager to transfer from store number 119 West Fargo, N.D to the rumored Lynwood, Wa. location. Do you have information on this wearhouse, for example, a possible building site, or permits being put in place? Any information you have is greatly appreciate. My family is in the Lynwood area and I want that wearhouse. I don’t want miss this opportunity. Thanks !

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