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I have so many great comments from people that all have their favorite things (or maybe things they really hate) about Costco, that I thought it would be nice to give them a little more space to write and share their thoughts and opinions.

If you are interested, here are some things to keep in mind about guest posts to

  1. The topic can be anything Costco related: something funny you saw or heard while you were shopping, a great product or a totally lousy one, a Customer Service story (good or bad), an experience with a Costco service, anything at all about Costco.
  2. While I will be the first to admit that some of my posts can get pretty long, your post doesn’t need to be more than just a well thought out paragraph or two but it can certainly be longer if you want.
  3. I do ask that if you are writing about a product you put in plenty of details and definitely include the item number, date of purchase, and the price. Same goes for services – price, when you used the service, and the name if it was a third party contractor.
  4. If you have your own blog or website, please feel free to include a link or two to your blog.
  5. Also, when you send me your post include your name (screen name or real-life name) and your city and state, as well as how long you’ve been a Costco member.
  6. If you want to include a picture to go with your post, you’ll need to include that (or tell me a URL where I can find it) when you email me and tell me roughly where the image should go in your post.
  7. I try to write a blog that could be read by my mom or your kid, so that means I try to keep it clean.  No swear words and no porn (obviously, because you can’t buy that in bulk at Costco).  And there are other things that I won’t accept, that fit into the category of ‘I will know it when I see it’.  I’m asking for guest posts, but I am not guaranteeing to post everything that I receive.

Once you’ve gotten your guest post all written (and spell checked), send it me to at and I will let you know if, and when, your post will be published.  You can also send me an email if you’d like to run your idea past me, before you take the time to write a whole post.



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  1. 1 unknown // 2014.11.24 at 6:20 pm

    LAS VEGAS Valley! This area needs a 5th Costco badly. 3 of the 4 warehouses are regular buildings servicing East Henderson to Summerlin and Centennial. The 4th is a Business Center services all the business located downtown and surrounding. A new Costco say in the south west end of town to service the south end of Las Vegas, Anthem, Henderson and those coming in and out of town would be a big help. The warehouses currently there are busy with lines that take a long time to wait in. I have friends that a lot of their friends have stopped coming to the Henderson Costco becuase it just takes to long to get in and out (especially at the pharmacy-took 45 just to drop off RX at pharmacy). We know these stores are doing great in sales and business but their much busier compared to 5 years ago. If Costco could consider building a new building like size of the Lubbock, TX buidling just a small one to service the people in the southwest area it would be a lot easier to want to shop at Costco. I’ve heard from the Henderson, NV Costco employees that Costco has a certain portion of the land already purchased in the SW area for the past 2 years but nothing persued. Any thoughts…? Thanks Costco!

  2. 2 David K // 2014.11.24 at 2:13 am

    I’m looking for some help with Costco UK shoppers.
    We were in Cardiff Costco on our summer vacation, and I picked up two large boxes of assorted Licorice for my girl fried. She just loved them, and I’d like to buy more but I can’t recall the name. If someone across the pond could tell me. I recall it was a red box and it had pinwheels in them with a hard candy in the center.

    • 3 Stuart // 2014.12.16 at 11:40 pm

      Do you mean Lucky Country?

  3. 4 Lori // 2014.11.17 at 1:08 pm

    I love the Costco in Cabo. Same stuff, but printed in Spanish. Not crowded like the stores in the US. :)

  4. 5 Kate // 2014.11.02 at 12:26 pm

    How many acres does a Costco need to build?

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