This Week at Costco – August 16, 2015

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I’ve been having a weird week.  I hurt my knee recently and have had to take it super easy and not exercise or walk too much.  All of which has somehow made me more tired than normal, I swear.  I’m getting too old to injure myself I guess.   Thursday kicked off a run of six new locations opening in just seven days, mostly these new stores are in Asia but the new UK store is opening next week too on August 26.   If you’re in the US or UK, don’t forget that you’ve only got about a week left to shop any of the deals in the current coupon books.

Natco Coconut Milk

Natco Coconut Milk

Natco Coconut Milk –  I’m sure this isn’t a staple item in everyone’s home, but if you like to make Thai or Indian food, like we do, you will appreciate that you can buy this at Costco in a six pack.  We do sometimes use coconut milk for other things, but mostly it’s Thai or Indian dishes.  Dave makes excellent Thai food and I like to make Indian food too when I’ve got the time.  It is not too hard to find all of the other necessary items at Ocado or other supermarkets stores.  However, if I have to walk, I certainly don’t want to be dragging heavy cans of coconut milk very far in a weak plastic bag that will most assuredly break as I am halfway home.  Not to mention, we are always amazed by the really high prices that we’ve seen for a can of coconut milk at the Waitrose that we shop at for sure, but it’s even pretty pricey at the various Asian markets.  So for us getting this six pack at Costco for a good price is brilliant.  The price at  other supermarkets is someplace between £1.50 and £2.15 but the price at Costco is just £0.73 per can.  Which means that you are pretty much getting two cans for less than a single can at some other store.  Even the stuff we buy at our preferred Asian grocer is more expensive than at Costco because it is somewhere between £1.30 – £1.75 per can.  The coconut milk at Costco is a good quality coconut milk too with a thick, creamy texture.  We can go through a couple of these cans quite easily by making some Thom Kah Gai (coconut chicken) soup, Panang curry, coconut rice, or sweet rice with mango.  And those are all some of our favourite Thai things to make at  home.  And then of course there are the really delicious Indian items that we like to make that also require coconut milk; I have a lentil dish that I love to make because it is easy but delicious.  So, needless to say we are big fans of the bulk coconut milk buying at Costco.  This is one of the things we pretty much only buy at Costco now, unless we are in a pinch and have run out but still crave Thai food before our next Costco trip.  Mostly though we plan ahead and never run out anymore.  I’ve noticed that the price of coconut milk has ticked up a bit at Costco, and everywhere else, over the last year or so, but it is still a good deal at Costco.   6, 400 ml/14 oz cans for £4.39.  Item #: 0102730.

Ermes Fontana Bresaola

Ermes Fontana Bresaola

Ermes Fontana Bresaola –  Bresaola is an air dried, salted beef cut from top round that is aged for a couple of months.  It is the beef equivalent of prosciutto, with a tender texture and a deep red colour.  It’s a delicious cured Italian meat that is certainly one of my favourites.  They do a lot of trimming so the meat isn’t fatty at all, and is really just meat.  Traditionally they cure it with a rub of salt, and various spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and juniper.  After it is cured for a few days, the meat is aged for two to three months during which it loses nearly half of its weight and develops the characteristic taste and texture.  It is sliced very thinly, though a bit thicker than prosciutto, and is best served at room temperature.  You really need to let it come to room temperature I think to get the most out of the flavour, much like cheese.   It makes a perfect antipasto component and is delicious with olives and a strong cheese like Parmesan.  I’ve also used it in place of prosciutto to wrap around figs, which was delicious.  I like the cured Italian meats and buy some every time we go to Costco.  The prices are so good at Costco, especially when you compare them to the prices at regular supermarkets which are enough to make you think you should be getting much more than you ever do.  Bresaola is no different with 100 grams at Costco being less expensive than smaller quantities of 60 or 80 grams at regular supermarkets.  And I think the products at Costco are a better quality too.   100 grams for £2.29.  Item #: 0189137.

Uprena Spanish Tortilla

Uprena Spanish Tortilla

Uprena Spanish Tortilla with Onion –  Well, this is imported from Spain, so I’m sure they know how to make it properly.  For those of you not up to speed on what a Spanish tortilla is, it is pretty much the Spanish version of a very thick omelet with lots of  potato and diced onions.  I’ve had other Spanish tortillas, from Costco as well as other supermarkets that were heavy and bland which made them rather unappetising after about two bites.  I have always though that these were a perfect idea for lunch alongside a salad.  In the package at Costco there are two, individually wrapped tortillas and they are quite dense with all that egg and potato.  If I am by myself I can eat a third to a half of one of these with a salad for lunch.  I find these incredibly filling so I sort of wish that they had packaged them as four smaller versions.  These have a nice taste but do need a bit of salt and pepper since they are made of egg and potato, which always needs salt to taste good. These can be served hot or cold, though I prefer to heat it up.  These would be great for a picnic though paired with some really flavourful cheese, Serrano ham, and olives.  I have gotten these before at Costco and really didn’t like them at all, so I don’t know if this is a different recipe or a different company, but whatever the difference I found these much more enjoyable this time around.  I mean, it’s egg and potato with a bit of onion, so you don’t really expect a taste sensation, but I know at least one of the times I’ve tried these they were so dry and overcooked (and it wasn’t due to my bit of heating) that it was a bit like eating a piece of felt.  So, I was glad that these were more pleasant to eat this time around.   These are a nice deal at Costco too.  At the other supermarkets, a 500 gram tortilla is at least £2.00, and usually more like £2.50, so paying just £1.86 per tortilla is a nice deal.  2, 500 grams for £3.75.  Item #: 0128599.

KS Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

KS Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

Kirkland Signature Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon –  I used to love the KS smoked salmon that was imported from Norway, but this wild Alaskan salmon is every bit as delicious and maybe even a bit better. Much like the other, this is truly outstanding smoked salmon.  It has a nice, delicate smoky flavour that enhances the taste of the fish but doesn’t overwhelm it.  There’s a tiny bit of the brown flesh that is right around the bone, but it doesn’t have that unpleasant taste that you get in a lot of lesser quality smoked salmon.  The salmon that they use is wild sockeye salmon caught off the coast of Alaska and then immediately frozen to keep it fresh.  The salmon is cold smoked and uses very few ingredients – just salt, brown sugar, and natural wood smoke.  You look at the vibrant colour and you really do think they’ve maybe done a little something to help it along, in fact there are no artificial colourants, it is just the normal red Sockeye colour.  And there are no suspect preservatives either.  The other KS smoked salmon always came in a single giant package which always made me feel in a rush to finish it, but they’ve gotten considerate and split this into two smaller, individually sealed packages now.  I love that I can work my way through one package and the other is still all sealed up and staying fresh.  The salmon is pre-sliced and comes apart pretty easily with a little bit of coaxing, so you don’t end up looking like you went at it with an ice pick to get it apart.  The slices are a nice thickness too, which I think is what makes them easier to separate than the stuff you get at the supermarket that is practically transparent.  I like smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese, with eggs that are scrambled or made into an omelette, made into a delicate mousse served on little toasts for a fancy appetizer, wrapped around asparagus, by itself with diced shallot, capers and sour cream, or any other way you could serve it.  It even makes a nice quick breakfast with some fresh berries and yogurt (obviously, not mixed all together).  If you like smoked salmon, you should most certainly try the KS version because it delicious.  You can certainly find less expensive smoked salmon, but honestly, it is nowhere near the same quality.  You can tell from the first delicious bite that this is not the average smoked salmon.  There’s not a hint of that not so fresh fishiness that you get in a lot of the supermarket stuff; even the “good” stuff at Waitrose doesn’t hold a candle to the KS smoked salmon.    2, 8 oz/227 g packages; 1 pound/454 grams total for £12.99.  Item #: 0576304.



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Latest Costco Photo Center Website Update

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Costco posted a new update on their online Costco Photo Center page on Monday.  Unfortunately, it’s not great news if you were in desperate need of photo developing services and can’t make it to your local store.  It looks like won’t be back to working order until early September, though there is a possibility it could make it back sometime during the last week of August.  Here’s the update they have posted:

We appreciate and thank you for your ongoing patience – we understand the impact this is having on each of you! Through today, we’ve made significant progress toward re-enabling the Photo Center site; however, there’s additional work to be done before it’s ready to go live. We know the previous anticipated dates have come and gone, but we’re doing everything we can to bring a safe & secure site back on line as soon as possible. With that said, we are now anticipating that the site will be back online within the next 1-2 weeks. Thank you again for your loyalty and ongoing patience.

For the background on this situation, you can read my original post about the third party vendor security issue that brought this on in the first place.  This is only a problem for the Costco US online photo website, none of their other sites or locations around the world are affected by this issue.


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Costco Canada’s 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew 4×4 Giveaway

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Costco Canada has just kicked off their annual giveaway in conjunction with Ford Canada.  This year they are giving one lucky Canadian Costco member a brand new 2015 Ford F-150 with their latest giveaway.  All you have to do is enter online, and you’re in with a chance.  How could you pass that up?

Costco Canada 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew 4x4 Giveaway

Costco Canada 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew 4×4 Giveaway

This year the grand prize is a 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew 4×4 with an approximate retail value of CAD$44,000. The winner will be able to select the interior and exterior colour options, subject to availability.  The F-150 is constructed with high-strength, military-grade aluminum, making it lighter and stronger than ever before. And it can haul and tow more than any other pickup in its class without breaking a sweat. With best-in-class gas fuel efficiency and up to 420 lb.-ft. of torque, this truck is nothing short of groundbreaking—and we even have the awards to prove it. That’s all from the contest website but it definitely sounds like a truck a lot of people would love to own.  And it would be even better if you could win it.

So, all you have to do is enter online by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on September 30, 2015.  You can enter through the Costco Canada contest webpage, then you will have the opportunity to get up to 39 other additional entries; only 40 total entries per person though.   As with most contests, entering is easy, it’s the winning that is the tricky part.  Since there is just one single prize, the 2015 Ford F-150 (approximate retail value of CAD$44,000), you will want to enter as many times as you can to up your chances.   Entry really is very easy and you don’t even have to answer any tricky questions or anything like that.  The most difficult piece of information, that you probably won’t know off the top of your head, will most likely be your Costco membership number, so have it handy when you fill in your entry.  The form will take you about a minute to fill out, so there’s no excuse not to enter and if you opt-in to receive emails from Costco and Ford, you can get an instant 20 extra entries.

Once you complete your initial entry, you can get even more additional entries if you follow @CostcoCanada on Twitter, share an invite on your Facebook page , Tweet about the contest, or share with friends via a personal web link. Another way to get 10 additional entries, during the week of August 24 to 30, 2015 you can pick up a PIN number from your local Costco warehouse and then use the PIN online to get your extra entries. Only catch is that they are only giving out the PINs for one week! There’s also a trivia challenge through the contest website to gain another five entries.  You can answer the questions as many times as you need to get the answer correct, but you’ll only get an extra entry for the first correct answer to a question.

Of course, there are a few rules and regulations that you should be aware of before you enter.  The big ones are that you need to be a current Costco member, a resident of Canada with a valid driver’s license and valid insurance.  Plus, you need to have reached the age of majority in your province or territory.  If you win, you’ll have to answer, unaided, a mathematical skill-testing question.  You can find all of the contest rules and details  at the contest website.  The winner will be chosen at random on October 5, 2015 in Ottawa, Canada at approximately 11:30 a.m. ET and the winner will be notified by email and phone within 10 days of the drawing.

So, seriously, what are you waiting for?  The contest closes on September 30, 2015, so don’t lag about before you enter.  Get over to the Costco Canada contest webpage and enter to win right now!  And then, invite a few friends to enter so that you can get even more entries.  And Tweet about it.  And then, go answer a few trivia questions.  Good luck!


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This Week at Costco – August 9, 2015

August 15th, 2015 by Kimberly · 4 Comments

For some reason on our last visit to Costco (that first weekend in August) the store was packed.  Like, beyond the normal amount for a Saturday morning.  I’m not sure what was going on but it made for a less than enjoyable shopping experience.  They were running low it seemed on the Langers Mango Nectar, which I hope means that people having buying it up like mad.  So, we ended up getting four of the two packs.  Yes, that is eight jugs of mango nectar but it is that good and I really didn’t want to run out of it again before we made it back to Costco.  My mom likes it so much now that I made her try it when we were there last year, that she has been stocking up on it too because she thought they didn’t have it over the winter at her Costco.  Honestly, if I had more space I would have bought more of it.

Olivia U15 Wild Caught Scallops

Olivia U15 Wild Caught Scallops

Olivia Wild Caught U15 Scallops, Frozen – I love scallops and find buying them from Costco the best option price-wise.  Scallops are so easy and quick to cook, once you get familiar with the timing and how to make sure you don’t over cook them.  In the US we always got the Kirkland Signature ones, but they don’t have those at our UK location, so I went for these instead.  They’re okay-ish, but not as good as the others we have bought at Costco.  These hail from the waters around Canada and the US and are wild caught.  They didn’t have the sweet, delicate flavour that I usually find in the wild scallops we purchase at Costco.  The package doesn’t say if they were wet packed (treated with STPP before freezing) or dry packed (frozen as in with no additives), but I have a feeling they are wet packed.  They produced an awful lot of water when thawing and cooking and shrunk quite a bit.  So that it a bit irritating.  They look nice in the bag but when thawed were much less impressive.  Given all of that, I don’t think I’ll be buying these again, unfortunately.  I can only hope that my Costco gets some other scallop options in the freezer section soon.  If you can get the better KS scallops (maybe they have stopped doing them?), they are quite good and a nice size too.  My favourite summertime way to have scallops is grilled and served over a nice salad with avocado.  Due to the light flavour of scallops I think they are quite versatile though and can stand up to a vast array of recipes.  I don’t usually add them to risotto but I think I’m going to try that with the portion of the bag that we have left.  Since these are not the best scallops I’ve ever had I won’t feel bad about teeming them up with the big flavours in my risotto because quite frankly, they could use the help.  As you can probably guess, I’m not really considering these something I would buy again or recommend.  Costco, and you, can do better for your scallop fix.   680 grams for £20.89.  Item #: 0171293.

Slow+Low Gammon Shank with Pineapple Glaze

Slow+Low Gammon Shank with Pineapple Glaze

Slow+Low Smoked Gammon Shank with Pineapple Glaze –  I think we’ve tried almost all of the Slow+Low offerings at Costco, except for one with lamb that we’ll be picking up on our next trip to Costco.  We’ve had really good luck with them and have found all of them to be flavourful and easy to prepare.  It’s nice to have something available for dinner during the week that is good but doesn’t take too much effort to prepare.  These gammon shanks were also super easy to prepare.  Basically, you just put them in an oven-proof dish and your involvement is over until you pour the glaze on.  But even I can work a pair of scissors to cut open the little pouches.  In the box you get four gammon shanks, a pair in a little vacuum pack, and a pouch of the pineapple glaze.  We decided to only put the glaze on two of the shanks because Dave wasn’t wild about the thought of the sweet glaze on the pork.  It was good to be able to compare though.  I think the glaze really balanced out the saltiness of the cured gammon shanks and made them taste better.  But Dave liked them plain.  So, that’s not all that helpful necessarily but perhaps proves that they are good either way.  When you first pop the shanks out of the little pouches, they don’t look all that big, but two of them is more than adequate for a person for dinner unless you’re a lumberjack.  The shanks take about 45 minutes to cook and you don’t do anything during that time except pour the glaze on for the last five minutes.  They really are perfect for a no fuss meal during the week that tastes good and makes you feel liek you are having a real meal but without requiring much from you except making some vegetables to go with.  My one tip would be that as a result of the glaze and all of the porky fatness, I really suggest lining your oven-proof dish for easier cleanup.   4 shanks/1040 grams for £8.99.  Item #: 0187780.

Delici Lemon Mousse Desserts

Delici Lemon Mousse Desserts

Delici Lemon Mousse Desserts – We had tried the Sea Salt Caramel variety of little dessert cups from Delici when we were in Maui.  Since we liked those so well, we thought we would try this summery sounding lemon mousse version too.  By the way, the have the sea salt caramel here in the UK too.  The little glass cups are roughly shot glass sized, which is really pretty ideal.  These are the perfect little size to satisfy your sweet tooth and give your meal a nice finish.  You do need a slim spoon, like a teaspoon, because the glass cups are fairly narrow and definitely won’t accommodate the soup spoons from our flatware set.  There are three different layers that taste good together or by themselves.  The top is lemon puree which is super-duper lemony flavoured but in a really lovely way.  The middle layer is the lemon mousse that has a subtle lemon flavour and is’t exceedingly sweet.  The final layer at the bottom is spiced cookie crumble that works perfectly with the  lemon.   I like it best when you can get a spoonful of all three flavours.  But the first few mouthfuls you are probably going to just have to settle for the first two layers.  I like lemon flavoured desserts, especially in summer, so this is practically perfect from my perspective.  I think Dave would like it if they were a bit bigger, but I think the size is just right.  They are so flavourful that the little size is good and really satisfying.  As you can guess, they’re not a calorie-free option, but at 194 calories for dessert, it isn’t as bad as it could be for a sweet item.   For our family of two this is a great dessert choice because they are small and individual so you don’t have to be in a rush to finish off something.  Since the best before date gives you about 6 weeks to eat them, that is surely plenty of time.  Since I first tried these in the US, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find them there, and I was happy to see them in our Costco too.  6, 76 gram cups for £4.99.  Item #: 0191035.

Krispy Kreme Assorted Dozen

Krispy Kreme Assorted Dozen

Krispy Kreme Assorted Dozen – Donuts!  I will admit it, Dave and I are big fans of donuts.  Unfortunately, Costco UK isn’t like the Costco we visited in Seoul where they made their own lovely glazed donuts.  But they do have Krispy Kreme assorted dozens, which are almost as good.  The problem is, usually the assorted dozens that we see at Costco are the jelly/fruit filled variety and those are not the tops of our donut list.  As a result, we normally don’t get donuts at Costco, but on our last trip they had a more Dave-and-Kimberly friendly assortment so we picked some up.  Just for research purposes, obviously.  I’m a fan of the classic glazed donuts, as well as the simple sugared ones.  But we also like the cream and custard filled and chocolate iced ones.  There were only a couple of fruit filled ones, so that was okay, and they even had one of their special Reese’s peanut butter filled.  I thought it was some type of peanut butter flavoured cream but no, it really is a creamy peanut butter filling.  It was much tastier than I had thought it would be, but you’re really going to have to like peanut butter to enjoy it because it is full on PB taste.  We go to Costco on Saturday mornings and the donuts seem quite fresh and didn’t have that sweaty appearance either.  I’m sure to anyone in the US, the price of a dozen donuts here seems shocking, but they are actually cheaper at Costco than at Krispy Kreme or Tesco (which also sells Krispy Kreme donuts).  The price at Costco is the same as the price for a plain glazed dozen, with an assorted dozen being £2.00 more.  I’m always surprised that they don’t have boxes of just glazed donuts, but really I keep hoping that they start making their own donuts like they do in Seoul.   12 donuts for £8.89.  Item #: 0155509.



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Locations Update: August 2015

August 11th, 2015 by Kimberly · 21 Comments

There’s quite a bit of news this month and a flurry of new openings towards the end of August and the beginning of September.  Most of the news is about stores that will be opening, or at least should be opening, in 2016 sometime.  It even looks like there is forward progress on a couple of stores that have been taking years and years to get to the point where they might actually start building in the next year.

I still have a number of places  on my Locations page listed as possibly opening in 2015, now obviously they won’t all pan out, but until I can confirm that they won’t be I’m just keeping them listed with that date.  I think I should have a bit more clarity on these openings by the end of September, so just bear with me please.

August & September Openings:
IMIZA, TOYAMA, JAPAN August 22, 2015
GONGSE, KOREA August 24, 2015
SUNBURY-ON-THAMES, UK August 26, 2015
GETAFE (MADRID), SPAIN September 1, 2015


Branford, Connecticut

The new Costco in Branford is one step closer to reality.  The Planning and Zoning Commission voted four to one at an early July meeting to grant approval.  The site of the new Costco is near Exit 56 and has drawn criticism from some in the area that say it is too big and will bring traffic issues to the area.  The site plan still needs to be approved by the State Wetlands and Traffic Commissions before the Branford Planning and Zoning Commission can grant final approval.  Obviously, this is all a bit of a slow process, but hopefully Costco will manage to get all of the necessary approvals and be open in 2016.

Louisville, Kentucky

The Metro Planning Commission for Louisville unanimously voted to grant permission for the necessary zoning changes needed by Costco to build a new location on Bardstown Road.  The site was formerly Showcase Cinema but that has been closed for years and years.  Only part of the site needed to be rezoned to C-2 Commercial (heavy use commercial) zoning, as the majority of the site was already zoned appropriately for Costco.  The new 150,000 square foot store will also have a gas station, tire center, and liquor store, as well as bike racks.  The only requirement from the planning commission was that there be connections between the Costco site and its neighboring commercial sites in future development.  Costco expects to start construction on this new location next spring with an opening in late Summer or Fall 2016.

Hanford, California

So after some initial friction, the Hanford City Council unanimously agreed on a way to pay for $8.5 million in perks for the new Costco to be built on East Lacey Boulevard.  These perks were part of an agreement with the developer that was approved last year and include about $2 million of reduced development impact fees and $6.48 million to relocate a portion of East Lacey Boulevard and build a roundabout where it meets Highway 43.  The decision wasn’t really to pay or not pay, but rather, how to pay.  The money will be paid from city loans and will require that a portion of the sales and property taxes for the next five to seven years as well as the development’s impact fees, go towards repayment of the loans.  The new Costco should be open some time in 2016 but there are still a number of things that need to be done before construction can actually start, including final approval of the site plans.  After that approval is granted, the city still needs to acquire right-of-way for several properties along the north side of East Lacey Boulevard but the developer is hoping that all of that will be dealt with and they will be able to begin construction by winter.

La Vista/Omaha, Nebraska

It looks like the Omaha area is going to get a second Costco in La Vista.  At the end of July, preliminary plans were submitted to the city of La Vista for a new 154,000 square foot Costco that will be located near Interstate 80 and Giles Road, near the Cabela’s in La Vista’s Southport West development.  It seems that this is a booming area with lots of new stores and hotels being built in the last year or so.  The next planning commission meeting is scheduled for August 20, but they are unsure if the Costco plans will be on the agenda.  Once the planning commission approves the plans, the City Council will still need to grant approval, as well.  No word on when they’ll start construction or how long that will take, but I’d guess that a Fall 2016 opening isn’t out of the question.

Yorktown, New York

Costco has been trying to get approval for a new location in Yorktown for six long, arduous years.  There’s been lots of opposition from people in the area and there’s just been seemingly endless delays.  All of the delays, regulatory changes, and legal rigamarole has added about $6 million more to the price for Costco, and on a project that was only supposed to run $2.5 million initially, that is a huge overrun.  A big part of the expense was from environmental regulation changes at the state level.  Of course, if it hadn’t taken so long to get things approved initially those might not have had such a massive cost impact.  A lot of the legal trouble has stemmed from Costco’s desire to have a gas station as well.  There was a lawsuit filed in April 2015 by a citizen’s group after the board approved gas stations for the someday to be new Costco and an existing BJ’s.  There will also be major expenses of $3 million for making changes to nearby roadways including two lanes in both directions on Route 202 from Costco to Strang Boulevard, as well as a pedestrian crossing from FDR Park to the bus stop across the street.  Plus, now a couple of guys on the board think there need to be more changes to help out cyclists (because he is one).    Here’s what the Costco traffic engineer, Phillip Grealy, had to say:“We’re going beyond our traffic needs. We’re solving some existing problems that nobody’s really giving us credit for. I’ve seen people almost get killed waiting for a bus at that corner, and nobody’s doing anything about it. We’re going to take care of it. We should get credit for that.”  On top of all of that, they want Costco to change the flow of their parking lot and the Town Board will need to legally clear the way for an exemption for Costco to have 25 foot light poles in their parking lot, instead of the current maximum of 16 foot.  Costco will be returning to the Planning Board in August for what I am sure we all hope is final site plan review so that they can get on with the building and actually hit their latest target of opening in November 2016.  Sounds like this store has been a mammoth expense and a whole lot of aggravation, huh?

Redmond, Washington

At the end of July, Costco finally closed a deal for a 15.39 acre parcel of land in Redmond for $16 million.  This purchase has been years in the making.  Way back in 2009 Costco was trying to build a new location on this exact same piece of land and even had their plans approved the Redmond City Council but talks with the land owner broke down, however, they’ve finally made a deal.  The property is located south of Union Hill Road at the corner of Northeast 76th Street and 188th Avenue Northeast.  The surrounding area is made up of industrial, retail, and office space and is across the street from a gravel pit.  The city of Redmond has received a permit application from Costco but no word on store size or when construction might begin but apparently they are targeting an opening in Fall 2016.

Bellingham, Washington

Costco has finally gotten approval from Bellingham to start clearing the site of their new warehouse off West Bakerview Road.  The new warehouse will be a very spacious 162,000 square foot with a 24-pump gas station and a (hopefully) generous 800 parking spots.  This is a great improvement over the existing Bellingham location that is just 133,000 square foot and far too busy to be so small.  Before Costco can begin actual construction they will need to submit stormwater drainage and road construction plans to the city so that they can obtain building permits.  As part of this project, the city is building a new stormwater treatment pond that will serve Costco, as well as two retail centers and a residential development planned in the area west of Interstate 5 and north of West Bakerview.  Costco will be paying $1.5 million of the $4.5 million price of the treatment pond and other retailers that move into the area will be asked to pay their fair share too.  As part of an agreement with Fred Meyer last year, the new Costco location will not open before August 2016.  This agreement was a result of an appeal from Fred Meyer regarding the approval of wetlands, stormwater and street modifications along West Bakerview to accommodate the new Costco.  So, I’m guessing it’s going to be a late Summer or Fall 2016 opening for the new Costco.




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