This Week at Costco – Feb 10 2008

February 13th, 2008 · 3 Comments

There were almost too many good things at Costco this week; if that’s even possible. So, here are just a few of the really great things I got this week at Costco (including some pictures – thanks for the suggestion, mamacita):


  • Raspberries – These were just so gorgeous looking that I couldn’t resist. And, from previous experience, I know that they are in much better shape (fewer squashed and moldy berries) than at the regular grocery store. These are also a perfect accompaniment for any desserts you might be dreaming up for Valentine’s Day. 12 oz for $6.49
  • Ahi Tuna Steaks – You can find these in the freezer section. I like to have fish a few times per week and it is so much easier to deal with frozen rather than fresh fish. You just need to put them in the fridge for 8 or so hours or run some cold water over them for a few minutes and they are thawed and ready to cook. Since they are sashimi quality you can cook them really rare and not be afraid. 3 lbs for $17.85 (there are approximately 12, 4 oz steaks individually packaged)
  • Ambrosetti Cookies

  • Ambrosetti Raspberry Shortbread Cookie Hearts – My husband and I tried these at one of the demo stations…and they were so AWESOME we had to buy them. They are kind of addictive though…that’s my only complaint! They’re very pretty (as you can see in the picture) and would be a great treat for Valentine’s Day, or any other time you’re in need of a really tasty cookie. 18 cookies for $8.79
  • Langer’s Mango Nectar – This is a great alternative to regular juice because there’s no added sugar – an 8 oz glass has 140 calories. It’s also much thicker than juice so it is really great for smoothies. I like to mix some of the mango nectar with a sparkling water (my preference is Pellegrino, also available at Costco). I’m also going to try it in my Mango Lassi next time I whip one up. 1 gallon for $5.99
  • V8 Fusion

  • V8 Fusion – Now, on the topic of healthy juice alternatives you can also try these new drinks from V8. I’ve got to say they’re much more tasty than the regular tomato V8. The flavor we’ve been getting is the Pomegranate-Blueberry and it is really yummy – not too sickeningly sweet like alot of juices. Each 12 ounce bottle is equivalent to 1.5 servings of fruit and 1.5 servings of vegetables; pretty impressive for only 150 calories and something so easily portable (you don’t have to worry about it bruising or going bad in your backpack). 12, 12 oz bottles for 10.99
  • Kirkland Tortilla Strips

  • Kirkland Signature Tortilla Chips – Ok, you might be thinking how could tortilla chips possibly be so noteworthy. Well, for starters I just really like them because they have a nice flavor and enough salt to make them good, but not so much that it overshadows dips or salsas. Plus, I like the strip shape instead of the usually round or triangle shape; it really nice for dipping. Plus, I’ve never had one break on me while I was dipping them in salsa or guacamole. Plus, you get a whole lot fr the money. 3 lbs. for 3.49
  • Books, Books and More Books – This week I bought three soft cover books at Costco, but sometimes we’ve bought many, many more than that in a given week. I find that the prices are very competitive with any of the big, local booksellers or even online places like Amazon are rarely cheaper. And if you’ve never checked out their cookbook selections, what are you waiting for? It is great, especially at Christmastime, but the prices are exceptional. Probably half of my extensive cookbook collection has come from there.

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  1. 1 Anonymous // 2017.06.30 at 2:18 pm

    About the fact that there were so many good things at your Costco during that week – it was probably because of Valentine’s Day. Now, $6.49 for the 12 oz raspberries seems a little expensive to me, but that’s because berries aren’t really in season during February. I guess that was a little holiday splurge, especially since you mentioned the fact that “they looked too good to pass up?”

  2. 2 This Week at Costco - March 23 2008 // 2008.03.24 at 3:56 pm

    […] they’re healthy. In any case, these come from the same company, Ambrosetti, that made the delicious raspberry shortbread cookies that I posted about previously. They’re not a soft cookie, but not so hard that you have to dip them into coffee […]

  3. 3 mamacita // 2008.02.13 at 9:46 am

    I’m making a birthday cake for a friend this week that calls for raspberries. Thanks so much for the tip — I didn’t know where I would find decent ones right now. You rock!

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