This Week at Costco – Feb 17 2008

February 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

This week was kind of a small purchasing week from Costco because there’s a bunch of stuff in the coupon books that I know I’ll be getting next week. If you want a look at my take on the current coupon book from Costco, look at my previous post here. But on to the important stuff of what I did pick up this week at Costco.

Columbus Salame Company Pastrami – My husband was in the mood for some pastrami this week, so we got this at Costco. It was certainly better than most pastrami I’ve had. It’s got nice thick slices, not that sad little shaved stuff that causes problems when you’re making a sandwich. And the pastrami part was excellent….all nice and peppery. Just enough kick to let you know it was there but not so much pepper that you couldn’t taste or enjoy the meat. Yum! 2 lbs for $ 11.59

Rosemary - Olive Oil Loaf from CostcoRosemary-Olive Oil Loaf – You can find this back in the bakery section where they keep the fresh baked breads, cookies, and pies. This is the first time we’ve tried this particular type of bread but we already know that the bread is really nice from trying the ciabatta rolls and the sour dough loaves. The Rosemary-Olive Oil loaves are great though because they add a nice flavor to the bread and go perfectly with the fresh mozzarella that we also got (see below). It’s great toasted with a little olive oil or cheese, or even just plain. 2, 1 lb loaves $3.99

Cheese – I love buying cheese at Costco – shredded, wheels, big hunks. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, I love it all! I’m a big fan of cheese…pretty much any cheese at Costco I’ve tried. I love the big hunks of Jarlsberg when I’m making fondue because it is so much cheaper than buying that much cheese at the grocery store. Anyway, this week we got a baby brie (though it’s really not that ‘baby’ sized at 20 ounces) by Alouette. It’s really got a great taste. We also purchased some fresh mozzarella made by the Formaggio Italian Cheese company. While it may not be super-authentic (it’s made with pasteurized milk instead of buffalo milk), it does still have a nice flavor and melts beautifully. If you’re looking for something that would be great for a party or a really wonderful addition to a pasta salad, you should try the marinated mozzarella from Costco. It comes in little balls, the perfect size for a toothpick, that are packed in oil with herbs. People always love it when we serve it. Don’t forget to get it to room temp before you serve it (as with all cheese, it’s flavor is most apparent and delicious when served at room temp). Brie: 20 oz for $5.29; Mozzarella: 2, 16 oz balls for $7.99

Fresh Bananas – I’m sure there are plenty of grocery stores that sell really nice looking bananas, but I can’t imagine you’re finding them for a better price than they have at Costco. We love to get our fruit fix at Costco because so much of the time it is in better shape than at the grocery stores, but also it’s alot cheaper. Better quality, better price…kind of a no brainer, really. If you have a family you can easily get through the 4 lbs of bananas before they go bad, or at the end of the week you can make some banana nut bread. There are just 2 of us in our house and we are usually able to get through them pretty easily before they start to look like a science experiment. 4 lbs for $1.39

Fresh Strawberries – The strawberries are much like the bananas, usually. Though this week they had alot of packages that were right on the edge of being not so appetizing. I’m guessing this has to do with the fact that last week was Valentine’s Day and they were stocking up for people to make chocolate dipped strawberries, or other delicious desserts. Apparently, not so many people did. In any case, they were such a bargain and we were able to find some that looked like they would fit my needs perfectly. I had just seen some little angel food cakes, and was thinking that some strawberry shortcakes would take full advantage of the overly-ripe strawberries and I could try out the cute little angel food cakes (see below). So, we bought the strawberries, I came home and macerated them, and as if by magic, you have the perfect way to make use of the beautiful, but way ripe, strawberries. To macerate: slice the strawberries into a container with a lid, add some sugar (enough to cover lightly, in my case about 1/2 cup for 1.5 lbs of berries), honey (about 1/4 cup), and vanilla (2 tablespoons). Then cover and let sit in the fridge for a few hours and you’ve got yourself the perfect strawberry topping…beautiful chunks of berry with a delicious sweet juicy sauce. 2 lbs for $4.99

Posh Pantry Angel Food Cakes – These are so cute! They are little individual sized angel food cakes, much like a large sized muffin. And they’re perfect if you’re making strawberry shortcake! They would also be great if you were having people over for dinner and wanted to serve something fun for dessert. There are a million ways you can serve them, not just strawberry shortcake, that would be great…some chocolate sauce or frosting would be nice, or with ice cream, or with just whipped cream and a couple of fresh berries. Ok, you get the point – they’re delicious and adorable. They’d also be great to buy if you like to have something a little sweet in your lunch at work or school (only 130 calories per individual cake, with no fat!). 9 cakes per box for $5.99


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