This Week at Costco – March 2 2008

March 5th, 2008 · 9 Comments

It was another great week at Costco. Lots of great stuff to buy…here’s just some of the stuff that I picked up.

Martha Stewart’s Mushroom Soup – I know alot of you were curious about this new product that Costco is now offering, so I decided I’d give it a try. I do love a good mushroom soup. However, this is not the best mushroom soup I’ve ever had. It does have a nice mushroomy flavor for sure. Unfortunately, I like to actually have chunks of mushroom in mine and this is really smooth. It’s almost like a mushroom bisque. While it isn’t the best I’ve had, it is pretty good and if you don’t like to make soup this would be a good option for you. 2 containers, 48 oz (about 5.5, 1 cup servings in both containers) for $9.99

Cinnamon Butter Pound CakeCinnamon Butter Pound Coffeecake – Fresh from the Costco bakery, this weeks bakery item is a delicious coffeecake. My husband loves this and looks at it with lust in his eyes every time we go to Costco. I’m not as ga-ga about it as my husband, but I’ll tell you it is really yummy with a big glass of milk. It’s got this delicious buttery and cinnamony cake with this awesome crumble topping that is melt in your mouth good. I would definitely recommend this coffeecake for anyone that is looking for a nice desert item that they don’t have to make. I think you could get 12 or maybe 16 slices out of one of these coffeecakes. 1 coffeecake for $6.99

Utz’s Pub Mix – I love this stuff! It’s great for a snack or a party with a little more variety than plain old potato chips. They call it a ‘savory blend of cunchy snacks.’ It’s made up of pretzels, honey mustard and cheddar cheese twists, worcestershire rye chips, honey roasted sesame chips, oriental rice crackers, and nacho bagel chips. There are about 36, 1/2 cup servings in the container, so it is a really great thing to buy if you’re having people over. It’s always a big hit when we have poker night at our house. 36 oz for $5.89

Carr’s Water Cracker Variety Pack – I like to get this box of crackers because of the nice variety of flavors. You get 5 boxes of cracker with 1 each of roasted garlic and herb, cracked pepper, toasted sesame seeds, and 2 boxes of plain table water crackers. All of the flavors are great and very versatile, great with cheese, and great with various spreads. This is a really nice selection if you’re planning a party or for the holidays. Each box has 7 servings of 5 crackers each (that’s a total of 35 crackers per box or 175 crackers in total) for $7.49.

Pre-Formed Hamburger Patties – You can find these in the meat case and they are a great hamburger patty. They are made with lean ground beef and about 1/2 pound per hamburger. What is interesting about these is the little hole that they put in middle, much like White Castle, and I think it really does make the burgers cook faster and more evenly. What I like is that it’s really nice and handy to keep burgers in the freezer that we can just easily defrost whenever we’re in a burger frame of mind…and since they’re formed by a machine they are very consistent in size, shape, and thickness. When we come back from Costco we immediately package up 10 of the burgers into little packets of 2 burgers each (yes, we even have those little papers that are waxed to put between the burgers so they don’t stick together in the freezer). 12, 1/2 lb burgers for $13.90

Pennington Bermudagrass Seed – I’m not an expert on grass seed or stuf of that nature but we were in need and at Costco so we bought it. It’s penkoted grass seed…which may leave you asking what the hell does that mean? Well, here is the explanation from the folks at Pennington: “PENKOTED® seed has a unique advantage, containing a fungicide, a growth stimulant and a natural insect repellent. Birds tend not to eat PENKOTED® seed if they have an alternate source of food.” This is a big bag of seed at 15 lbs, which can cover 7,500 square foot of new lawn, re-seed or overseed 15,000, or lightly overseed 30,000 square foot. We re-seeded alot of bald patches in our backyard and still have plenty of seed left to overseed the front yard too, and probably throw a little more down in the back as well. 15 lbs. for $30.49


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    […] they come out just like if they were fresh.  We usually pick up a package of buns when we buy the pre-formed hamburger patties from Costco.  When we come home we package them up in Ziplocs containing 2 patties and 2 […]

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  3. 3 fidah // 2008.06.02 at 4:41 pm

    this cake is superb!! its not too sweet, but perfect and the top crumbly part is the best!! inside its soft!! and with a bit of duleche ice cream!!!! its to die for!!

  4. 4 Sherri // 2008.05.10 at 12:41 pm

    Five stars!! This is the BEST coffee cake I’ve ever tasted! It could win a blue ribbon … it’s so good! It’s worth every calorie when you want a special treat. Just don’t eat it all the time unless you want to get really chubby!!

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  6. 6 Kimberly // 2008.03.24 at 10:59 am

    I’m hoping that I can contact Costco to get the calorie information on several of their bakery & deli items, such as the coffeecake, bagels, pizza, pies, etc. I’ll be sure to post any information I get from them.

  7. 7 isabel // 2008.03.22 at 5:38 pm

    anyone know how many calories are in the cinnamon butter pound coffeecake?
    total cals for whole cake?? or other like pieces.

  8. 8 Dave // 2008.03.06 at 10:16 am

    Yummmm. Cinnamon Butter sugary crunchy yummy tasty topping. (You can eat the cake, I’ll take the topping.)

  9. 9 mamacita // 2008.03.06 at 1:04 am

    I’ll give you a large amount of money to never say the words “Cinnamon Butter Pound Cake” to me ever again. Now excuse me while I go rustle around in the kitchen.

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