This Week at Costco – July 6 2008

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This week was an interesting mix of nice healthy stuff like vegetables and total junk food like chips.  So shameful!  The only thing we used a coupon for was the Costco bakery cupcakes (20 cupcakes for $15.99 – $5.00 = $10.99) which are the best cupcakes you can buy anywhere, I’m sure of it.  Plus, they freeze (and thaw) wonderfully; so we didn’t have to eat all 20 this week.

Lesser Evil Krinkle SticksLesser Evil Krinkle Sticks – Okay, at first these seemed like a good way for us to get something chipy without achieving total junk foodness.  On the bag they say they are ‘bent, baked & seasoned potato snacks’.  They have 75% less fat than the regular potato chip, no cholesterol, no saturated fat, no trans-fatty acids, and are also gluten free.  Unfortunately, they forget to mention that they seem somewhat like styrofoam when you are eating them.  It’s not that they are completely taste free, because they do have the advertised potato-like flavor, it’s really just the weird texture that has put us both off.  Actually, if you can get past the weird texture thing, they have a nice taste.  But it’s hard to eat styrofoam, no matter what the seasoning on it.   15 oz. for $6.89.

El Sabrosa GucachipsEl Sabrosa Guacachips – These chips on the other hand are full of crunchy goodness.  Dave and I have had these before and loved them.  So, when I saw a woman walking around Costco with them, I had to get a bag.  A guacachip, for those that do not know, is a tortilla chip that is flavored with real avocados to give it an incredible flavor; think Doritos that taste like avocados.  You really don’t even need a dip for these, however, they are good with salsa too.  But the chips themselves really do pack a big avocado flavor and a nice garlicky bite.  I love them!  Everyone should go get a bag before they’re gone.  Do chips have a season?  Because for some reason, Costco doesn’t have them all the time. 23 oz. for $3.95.

Organic Broccoli FloretsFrozen Organic Broccoli – See, we bought something healthy this week too.  We both really like broccoli but sometimes it is hard to find really nice fresh stuff.   Plus, broccoli is a star in the freezer; I swear it actually tastes better than the fresh.  We like it steamed but we also like it roasted.  With just a little bit of seasoning, it goes perfectly with anything from beef to fish.  The nice thing about the 4 pound bag you get at Costco, is that inside the big resealable bag you’ll find 4, individually wrapped, 1 pound bags.  Very handy for keeping the big bag out in our big freezer and having just a small 1 pound bag in our freezer in the kitchen.  4 lbs. for $5.65.

Fresh Roma TomatoesFresh Roma Tomatoes -Dave loves tomatoes. And since our own tomato plant hasn’t yet begun to shower us with fruit, we have to keep buying them.  Costco has the best looking tomatoes for the best price around us.  They come in their little plastic carton, still on the vine (if that matters), and are not all bruised and beat up so they last quite a while once you get them home.  They even have a little sticker on them to let you know when they were packed; ours were packed on July 1.  Dave likes them fresh on salads but I think his favorite way might be to have them with some fresh basil and mozzarella with a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  They are also great when baked with a little the fresh mozzarella and fresh basil too.  2 lbs. for $3.99

Heavy Whipping CreamHeavy Whipping Cream – It’s not that I really want to extol the virtues of heavy whipping cream (though there are many) but it’s so much cheaper at Costco I feel compelled to mention it.  I can get 1 quart of whipping cream at Costco for about the same price, and sometimes less, than what I can get a pint for at the regular grocery stores.  Plus, it always seems like you need more than a pint anyway when you’re using it.  We bought ours to make chocolate mousse and whipped cream, so we definitely needed more than just a pint.  Heavy whipping cream will keep for quite some time in your fridge and I’ve even had good luck freezing it too.  If you freeze it though, you must remember to let it thaw completely in the fridge before using and shake it up really, really well before adding it to anything. That was way more than I thought I had to say about cream.  1 quart for $3.89.

Alcon Systance Lubricant Eye DropsAlcon Systane Lubricant Eye Drops – I’ve been having a weird dry eye issue lately; so bad that it looked like I had pink eye at one point.  After a couple of trips to my nice ophthalmologist, he suggested I get these and use them to keep my eyes looking and feeling better.  They really work like a charm too.  My eyes feel so much better and don’t have that crazy red look anymore.  I realize that not everyone is going to run out and buy these or even need to buy them in bulk.  However, if you have a need for them they are cheaper at Costco than at Walmart.  I also looked at a variety of places online to price them and most of them were almost as expensive for just half the amount!  At Costco you get 2 bottles (one ounce each) that are good for a couple of years; mine are good until Feb 2010.  2, 1 fl. oz bottles for $20.99.

I figured I should remind anyone that needs a ladder around the house that Costco has a coupon for the Little Giant 17′ Megalite Type 1A Ladder this week (July 7 – 13) for $30 off, so the final price is just $169.99.  This is one of those ladders that can bend in all kinds of crazy ways to make a regular ladder, a staircase ladder, scaffolding, and 21 other ladder positionsl.  On the Little Giant website this same ladder is $359.80!


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