Costco’s Customer Support is the Best, part 2

July 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

I’m sure I could keep writing little stories about why Costco’s customer support is the best but really, none of them are going to impress you like this story.  I think I might have even teared up a bit.

Imagine you sent a package to someone in a box from a product you bought from Costco a few months earlier, only before they could actually get it, the package was stolen from their porch.  I’m sure it would make you very sad, angry or whatever and you would expect that the package was gone for good.  It would be sad but you would just have to get over it, even if it ruined Christmas.  However, would you ever expect that the people from Costco would play a big role in getting the package back to you friends?  And that they would go to a lot of trouble and some expense to do so?  If it were a regular store you might not, but it’s Costco and they are customer service rock stars!  You have got to read the whole story because it will make you like Costco even more and think that their customer service team is beyond amazing.

In case you did not catch my original post about Costco’s customer support being the best, you can find it here.

You know it isn’t just the really spectacular stories, like the one above, where Costco’s customer support shines, it’s in the every day stuff.  Like accepting returns on things like a half eaten package of bacon because you ‘just didn’t like the taste’ (not me, but some guy that I was behind in line one time).  Or, this weekend when I was shopping and had forgotten my coupon for an item, they didn’t tell me I was out of luck, they scanned the coupon book that they keep at the registers to help out all the forgetful people like me.  Okay, that’s enough for today’s love fest with Costco.


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  1. 1 Justin // 2008.07.24 at 11:04 am

    I feel a certain amount of guilt when I return a product because they are so forgiving. It’s due to the customer service I’m used to at franchise/owner type stores that are around my house within walking distance.

    I made a return at a local Ace Hardware store, and the owner basically harassed me for making a return of most of the items I purchased on that receipt. I had decided to sod my yard instead of seeding.

    However, costco is a whole other world in comparison to other stores because of the variety of items and the cost/quantity.

    For instance, I’d not return a bag of baby carrots to the grocery store if they were bad, because it’s not worth the dollar hassle.

    However, if I spend $6 on a bag of baby carrots and they are all dried out, you bet that a 90% bag full of carrots is going back! Because of their no hassle policy, I think that people like me are more apt to try things. In addition, they can monitor returns to figure out products with a questionable quality.

    I fear the day when the CEO steps down and someone that bows to the stock holders takes over.

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