This Week at Costco – August 10 2008

August 16th, 2008 · 9 Comments

Why are there so many great things at Costco that I feel compelled to try?  Their buyers are clever people; they know just how to hook me!  We got some really good deals, especially the deal we got on the Bee Movie and some new performance fabric t-shirts for Dave.  I just can’t keep up with all the cool things they have that I’d like to try!  See, I really am addicted. 🙂

Rotisserie Chicken Asian WrapRotisserie Chicken Asian Wrap  – These are in the Costco deli area.  I liked these because of the rotisserie chicken.  I’m telling you, they could put that in just about anything and it would taste great. ( I really miss the burritos they used to make with it.)  Aside from the chicken, you get the standard Asian cabbage mix, wrapped in a spinich (I think) tortilla and a nice sesame oil based dipping sauce.  I found it much easier to eat them in a bowl, more like a salad.  They are big around, so when you try to eat them like a normal wrap, it’s hard to keep it all compacted together.  The taste is good and they really make a nice, quick lunch. I liked them better with the dipping sauce because it just perks them up that little bit.  Probably any kind of salad dressing would be a good mix, if you’re not into sesame oil.  And did I mention that they are big; as in very, very big.  I found one of them was definitely adequate for lunch.  4 wraps for $8.99.

Tribe Hummus Snacker PackTribe Humus Snacker Pack – This is such a brilliant idea, I can’t believe someone didn’t come up with this long ago.  It’s little lunch or snack sized hummuses.  Each one comes in its own little 2 ounce container that is the perfect size for a no-fuss snack.  The pack at Costco comes with 16 of the 2 ounce containers in two flavors: classic or roasted garlic.  You get 10 of the classic and 6 of the roasted garlic.  Both are really yummy and taste great on crackers or veggies.  The hummus is really creamy and has a good flavor.  However, the roasted garlic one could have had a little bit more garlic in it for my taste, but this is perhaps better/safer if you’re taking it to work for lunch.    16, 2 ounce containers for $4.75.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – We love salmon and Costco is the best place to get it.  They always have the farm raised salmon but it is more rare for them to get in the wild-caught stuff.  The wild salmon definitely has a much stronger flavor, but in a good way, and has a darker color too.  It is really a nice fish and because of the bolder flavor you can certainly put it with anything without a worry of it being overshadowed.  My only complaint is that they leave the skin on and I am really not a fish skin person.  Luckily for me, Dave’s cool and always gets rid of the skin before he puts it on my plate.  So, while the wild sockeye is delicious, it has the added bonus of being a really healthy choice with very high levels of Omega-3 fatty acid. 1.46 pounds for $13.13.

Lemon Meringue TartlettesLemon Meringue Tartletts – Yes, I can make a good lemon meringue pie.  And I know it was probably silly of me to buy these but I just couldn’t resist.  I’ve been eying them for a couple of weeks now.  I’m a sucker for the miniature baked goods.  So, I finally bought some this weekend.  We both really liked them; though Dave still thinks my lemon meringue is better.  However, they have a nice, strong but not too strong lemon filling and the meringue is all fluffy and light and piled high on top.  The crust is the only downfall that these cute little tarts have.  It’s a little drier than I’d like and could have a slightly better flavor I think.  But all in all, they are a great choice if you need some cute little deserts for something.  My one cavet would be that they are bigger than you might think.  They are okay if you split it in half, but unless you’re eating it for a meal, you’re probably not going to eat the whole thing in one sitting.  I mean, they’re 6 inches in diameter with a pretty dense crust.  I wonder if you could freeze them… 4, 6″ diameter tarts for $9.99.

Bee Movie DVDBee Movie DVD – We haven’t watched this yet but all of the previews looked really funny.  I like the animated stuff sometimes, it’s a nice change from the serious or action thriller type of movies that we normally watch.  The cool thing is that this movie, just a few short weeks ago, was over $22.00.  So, I’m pretty pleased that we put off getting it until they cut the price in half practically.  Plus, we got some kind of crazy Kung Fu Panda collectible pins with it.  And it’s even a couple of bucks cheaper than it is at Amazon or  It’s sad what you get excited about when you get older, huh? $12.99

Champion Men’s Long Sleeved Double Dry T-ShirtChampion Men’s Long Sleeve Double Dry T-Shirts – Dave really likes these kinds of t-shirts for working out or hiking, so it was really wonderful to see these at Costco for around half of the price we would normally pay for these kinds of shirts.  So, if you’re not familiar with the dry-lock fabric, here’s what the folks at Champion have to say about it: “soft, ultra-light fabric wicks moisture to keep you dry and an anti-microbial finish fights odor-causing bacteria.” What more do you need in a work out shirt? These are great even if you’re not working out because they are so thin and light-weight they make a great t-shirt to wear under another shirt for layering. Plus, I just want to point out that this same shirt is $25.00 on the Champion website. $10.99.


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  1. 1 Dave // 2009.07.09 at 11:44 am

    @Les Jung: This isn’t an “ad”. This is a personal blog and a dated blog posting.

  2. 2 Les Jung // 2009.07.09 at 11:28 am

    This is an August 2008 ad. Remove already.

  3. 3 karen // 2008.08.20 at 10:35 pm

    We love the pumpkin pies at Costco and our Cat Annie loves it also. We have tried other stores pumpkin pies and she just sticks her nose up at them, of course she only eats the best and yes the queen does like whipping cream on top. The 4 small lemon pies are awesome for us but Annie doesn’t care for lemon.

  4. 4 Kimberly // 2008.08.19 at 4:10 pm

    Have you had their pumpkin pie? It’s awesome, especially if you think about it being a pie from a grocery store.

    All of their pies are HUGE and that is some of the problem. You really have to be having a get together to get through one. Or at least not tell anyone that you ate the whole thing!

  5. 5 stella // 2008.08.19 at 4:07 pm

    Our Costco KC, MO carries apple pie with the lattice top, it is huge and delicioso. Probably we get the apple pie because we are the heartland! I am sure I could eat a whole coconut creme pie, Jeff! Fedex me a piece!

  6. 6 Jeff // 2008.08.19 at 3:25 pm

    They sometimes have coconut cream pie at my Costco (Leesburg, VA). Deadly! I could eat the whole thing and it’s huge.

  7. 7 Kimberly // 2008.08.19 at 2:29 pm

    I did wonder if it should be hummi too. 🙂

    How can you not like lemon meringue? I’d love to see a coconut cream pie at Costco but I don’t think I ever have. They almost always have key lime, which I’m not into.

  8. 8 stella // 2008.08.18 at 4:00 pm

    Kim –
    do you think it is hummuses or hummi!!!! HA
    however, you caught my eye with the hummi, sound great and at an even greater price.

    Still, the lemon meringue pies do not sound good even when you are the baker….. how about a nice coconut creme!


  9. 9 mamacita // 2008.08.16 at 10:19 pm

    Good grief, I’ve paid more than that in rental fees for Bee Movie. I thought the movie was kinda “meh,” but my kids love it.

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