This Week at Costco – October 5 2008

October 11th, 2008 · 8 Comments

I’m a little sad that I bought a couple of things this week that I now have coupons for, but I’ll try not to hold it against Costco, my favorite store ever.  They’re starting to gear up for the holidays and all of the associated cooking and gift giving.  So, you will start seeing some interesting things in the food section, things they don’t have the rest of the year.  They usually start to have a nice selection of little desserts or appetizer items that are perfect for any holiday party. I haven’t seen the egg nog yet, so I guess it’s not quite close enough to Christmas for all of the good stuff to make an appearance.

Rodelle Vanilla BeansRodelle Vanilla Beans –  It’s definitely the baking time of year.  And nothing is more necessary for your holiday treats than good vanilla beans.  I actually plan on using some of the beans to make my own vanilla extract and maybe I’ll even give some away this year since I have found a nice place to buy good quality vanilla beans at such a reasonable price. I also like to place a vanilla bean or two into my canisters of sugar and powdered sugar because it gives them a nice hint of vanilla flavoring when I use them.  That’s not even mentioning yummy things like crème brûlée that requires high quality beans.  No matter what you’re making though, you’ll be able to whip it up without fear of using your last precious, and expensive, vanilla bean.  The vanilla beans at Costco come packaged in two little test tube type containers of 5 beans each.  All of the beans are healthy looking, not dry and brittle, and nice and long, not skimpy at all.  The other nice thing is that the package is marked with a use by date, which for my package is next July. The beans are packaged by Rodelle, a company that produces mostly extracts and flavorings from vanilla beans grown primarily in Madagascar and cured in the the top vanilla bean producing areas of the world.    10 vanilla beans for $11.99.

Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate ChipsGhirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips –  Another thing I like to get at Costco is the giant bag of chocolate chips.  I wrote a little about this in my last post about the Costco Coupon Book for October.  You can use good chocolate chips for so many things for baking and desserts.  I really prefer the Ghirardelli chips to the Nestle chips that Costco also carries.  I think they have a nicer flavor and a better texture to the chocolate.  But it is all personal preference, I think.  My favorite thing to make this time of year is chocolate dipped shortbread cookies; I only dip half of the cookie, so it seems like the perfect mix of chocolate and buttery rich shortbread.  Okay, now I want some right now.  If I get on a holiday baking kick, I can easily finish this bag up in the next couple of months.  But according to the bag, I’ve got until September 2010 to use them all up!   And it comes with a handy zip top to the bag, so you can keep your chips fresh and nicely sealed.  By the way, this bag is equivalent to around 5 of the little 11.5 ounce bags you’d buy in the grocery store and they would cost you almost double the price at Costco.  3.5 pounds for $8.99.

Pillsbury Buttermilk BiscuitsPillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits –  I know that you can whip up biscuits from scratch in just minutes, however, these are so handy.  And more importantly, they’re a really good biscuit too.  You can get this bag and keep it in the freezer and make just a couple of fresh-baked biscuits in just 20 minutes.  No mess in the kitchen and no worries about how much flour you have left.  We like them for an easy weekend breakfast to go along with our scrambled eggs and bacon.  The other time that I really think these are wonderful is when we go camping.  When you’re camping, in a tent, you really don’t want to have to hassle with making biscuits from scratch; it’s just that much more stuff you have to bring and that much more mess you have to awkwardly clean up.  But if you put these in your cooler, they are somewhat more thawed by the time you wake up the next morning at the campground, so they cook a little faster on the fire.  To cook them, we just make a little ‘oven’ out of tinfoil; we oil up the tin foil, place the biscuits on the sheet, put a second piece on top and crimp the edges together.  Cook on one side and then flip close to the end of cooking to brown the other side a bit too.  They have a great smoky flavor that you just can’t get at home!  36 biscuits for $5.15.

Pecan Pie –  This purchase demonstrates beautifully why you shouldn’t go to the grocery store hungry.  Yes, you’ve probably noticed we do this way too often.  It’s a bad habit but sometimes we just dink around and then realize it’s time to go.   I’ll just say, it’s not a bad pie, but it is nowhere near as good as the pumpkin pie at Costco.  The crust was a little dry for me and doesn’t really have much of a flavor.  Of course, for the most part you don’t notice the crust because the filling of the pie is so rich.  It has a nice filling and plenty of pecans, which is really what this kind of pie should be all about.  It’s an incredibly rich pie so you probably don’t want to cut a big, giant piece of it or you’re going to find yourself with a tummy ache is my guess.  It’s the standard big 10″ diameter of the Costco pies and I’d think you could easily get 12 pieces out of it.  It’s hard to cut it much smaller than that because of all of the nuts on the top.  10″ pie for $10.99.

Feit Electric Flame Tip Compact Fluorescent BulbsFeit Electric Flame Tip Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – Sure, we might eat little little pigs, but we’re energy conscious little pigs!  We have some outdoor lights by our front door that take 3 bulbs each, of this little flame tip chandelier bulbs (those are the ones with the super small bases), and they seem to be always burning out.  Not to mention, they are regular 40 watt bulbs so they use way more energy, 75% according to this packaging, than these fluorescent bulbs.  It’ll be wonderful if these really do last the advertised 8,000 hours; that would be roughly 2 years of usage for us since we leave our lights on for about 12 hours per day, give or take depending on the season.  The really nice thing is that they include base adapters for the bulbs, so you could put the bulbs in a regular base for a lamp or other light fixture; very smart idea.  So, that’s me doing my part this week for the environment.  6 pack for $15.99.


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  1. 1 Diane Louise // 2010.06.14 at 5:52 pm

    That 3.5 lb. bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips (60% cacao) cannot be beat in texture, flavor, convenience and price – the problem is this: they don’t carry them all the time! Last December I bought 3 bags so I wouldn’t run out until they again appeared at Costco, but here it is June and they’re all gone (my grandchildren eat them all the time, put them on ice cream and even just dip into the bag which I keep in my freezer, eat them like M&M’s) Any idea about when they’ll show up again on Costco’s shelves? I noticed the other day that they are now carrying “the other brand” (yellow bag) which simply does not compare to Ghirardelli – don’t understand why they don’t keep the better product all the time.

    • 2 Kimberly // 2010.06.15 at 5:57 am

      Diane, I also noticed the switch to “the other brand” and their yellow bag. And much like you, I wasn’t pleased. Those other chips have kind of a waxy texture whereas the Ghirardelli is smooth and creamy. One seems like it is made from actual milk chocolate, the other from some chemical concoction that isn’t truly chocolate. Maybe Costco will get the better chips back around Thanksgiving & Christmas when they increase their stock of things needed for holiday baking.

  2. 3 This Week at Costco - October 12 2008 // 2008.10.18 at 9:27 am

    […] This Week at Costco – October 5 2008 […]

  3. 4 Diana // 2008.10.17 at 9:41 pm

    Does anyone know if there may possibly be a new Costco being built in Davenport, FL off Hwy. 4 & Rte. 27?
    They have put in a very large shopping center up there and it seems it would be a great location. Thanks

  4. 5 Wendy // 2008.10.15 at 5:29 pm

    They usually carry vanilla beans from Madagascar – under the brand name of Cobra. See the aisle with all the seasonings, etc. They are a little unusual looking (in a box), but they’re really good.

  5. 6 Kimberly // 2008.10.15 at 8:56 am

    Haven’t tried getting them to adjust my prices for the coupons. That’s a great idea though & I can totally see where they’d do that just to keep people happy. Because there’s nothing worse than buying something and then it immediately goes on sale. Thanks for the tip, Shuli!

  6. 7 shuli // 2008.10.12 at 7:30 pm

    have you tried for a price adjustment with your coupons? my costco will do it with products that i got a coupon for a week after having purchased them

  7. 8 mccarron // 2008.10.12 at 12:51 am


    I’m up in Canada, and just wondering in what section the salmon is in. Does it come frozen or is it in the fridge, I’ve never seen it…but we seem to be missing quite a few items up here in the north…one that really caught my eye was the Cinnamon Butter Pound Coffeecake and Island Way Sorbet.

    PS. I absolutely love your blog, its such a great idea and so informative, just wish costco was better at bringing all the great products you mention up North. Either way, Costco is just fabulous!!!!

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