This Week at Costco – October 12 2008

October 18th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I’m all stocked up for baking now, thanks to Costco.  Though, I did just discover that I’m down to my last 2 sticks of butter.  I guess you know at least one of the things I’ll be writing about next week!  As per our usual weekend trip, lots of good things to see and even a few to buy.  And every week now they have one of the demo people standing there with little cups of pumpkin pie and whipped cream, so what could be better?

Imperial Sugar Light Brown SugarLight Brown Sugar – If you like to bake or you are going to use that giant bag of chocolate chips that I bought last week at Costco, you’re going to need a few other supplies; one of those is brown sugar.  There are a number of cookie recipes, and some pies too, that call for brown sugar, you might even put it on your holiday ham.  But the point is, if you’re doing holiday cooking brown sugar needs to be in your pantry.  And I think Costco has a great deal on this huge bag for just under $2!  I swear this is about the price I pay for the regular sized bag (2 pounds) at the regular sized grocery store.  At the Austin Costco the brand is Imperial Sugar, however, I’m sure that in other areas it probably is not the same.  The funniest thing, on the back of the bag they brag that there are only 15 calories per teaspoon.  Who eats brown sugar straight?  5 pounds for $1.99.

Imperial Sugar Granulated SugarGranulated Pure Cane Sugar – Just so no sugar will feel left out, I also bought a big bag of the year-round staple of plain white sugar.  Certainly some of this I will use for baking but there are so many things that we cook or drink that we use sugar for, that 10 pounds doesn’t last forever.  It’s nice to always have some on hand and with this much you’ll be safe for some time, most likely.  Plus, as I mentioned before, I like to have a couple of pounds of vanilla sugar (with a couple of last week’s vanilla beans stuck in it) for that little bit of added flavor when I’m baking or even in a cup of tea now and then.  This is the same brand, Imperial Sugar, as the brown sugar; your brand may vary.  10 pounds for $3.89.

Naked Orange JuiceNaked Orange Juice – When the nice demo lady gave Dave her little Dixie cup full of this juice his first response was “wow, that tastes like real, fresh squeezed orange juice.”  For orange juice that you’re buying in the grocery store, I think that must be pretty rare since I’ve never heard Dave say that before.  We don’t usually have orange juice in our fridge since Dave is the only one that drinks it and he doesn’t zip through the carton very often.  However, I did encourage him to get the Naked juice.  Sure, it was a big container (a gallon) but I figured he would drink it a little faster since it was so good.  If you’re not familiar with the Naked juice people, their whole thing is that their juice is just that, juice: no added sugars, no added preservatives, no colorants, or other strange things.  Just the juice, ma’am.  With 9 oranges per 15 ounce bottle, and nothing else, you can see how it would taste really good and fruity.  If you go to their website, you can see that they have a plethora of flavors, sadly, Costco doesn’t carry all that many of them but they do have a pack of single serving bottles as well that I might have to check out next time we’re there. 1 gallon for $6.99.

Fresh Butternut Squash Cubes – It is Fall and the time of year when you need to start switching over to eating different veggies, like squash.  I know this is the epitome of lazy, and not a particularly great deal probably, but it does save me time and the possibility of having to go to the ER after I’ve sliced my hand open while trying to cut through an uncooked squash.   This is great if you want to roast the squash while making a roast or mashing it like potatoes.  Or you could use this to make a nice soup too.  No matter what you’re making, this handy little bag might make it just a little quicker (and safer) during the week.  I used it to make a squash and mushroom risotto this week and my only thought was that the cubes were just a little too big for something like that; about half the size would have been ideal.  2.5 pounds for $5.49.

Blount Spiced Pumpkin BisqueBlount Spiced Pumpkin Bisque – Okay, this was not that enjoyable.  I don’t know why I buy the soups, most of them have not been that great and are overpriced, I think.  But, we’re suckers I guess, so we bought this one too.  Dave and I are both big fans of pumpkin and like it in a variety of dishes but they’re usually not so sweet.  I mean, pumpkin pie isn’t even as sweet as this stuff. It was way, way too sweet for either of us to enjoy as a soup.  I think when I make the other container of it, I’ll try adding lots and lots of spices when it’s heating up to see if I can get rid of the sweet and replace it with some heat.  I did try adding a little chipotle to it, which helped a little bit, but not nearly enough.  Dave didn’t even finish his bowl he was so unimpressed.  I don’t know where the ‘spiced’ part of the name comes from, unless they consider sugar a spice.  So, I don’t think we’ll be buying this again.  48 ounces for $8.99. 

DVD: Iron ManDVD: Iron Man – Don’t worry, I’m not going to give the ending of the movie away.  I’m just going to simply say that I’m so happy that we finally got this movie because I’ve been anxiously awaiting its release to DVD since it was in theaters.  It was really good and had some cool special effects.  Robert Downey, Jr. was absolutely great in this, and surprisingly, it’s not even that much a departure from his other funny movies, just a little more action (and when did he start lifting weights? impressive).  $18.39.


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  1. 1 Pat // 2008.10.20 at 5:03 pm

    Thanks for the heads-up on the butternut squash. I love fall veggies. Anxiously awaiting the return of sweet potatoes (AKA yams)!

  2. 2 mamacita // 2008.10.20 at 10:39 am

    You have to check the book aisle next time you’re there. David Macaulay has a new book out, and Costco has it for $19 instead of the $35 list price [it’s $23 at Amazon]. We bought one today because Macaulay is going to be in town next Sunday for a reading and book-signing. I think my son is going to be really excited to meet the actual author.

    My daughter liked the new Paula Deen kids’ cookbook. Costco had it for $12; it’s $15 at Amazon and $22 retail.

    Yay Costco!

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