Gets a Little Facelift

October 21st, 2008 · No Comments

This weekend I was looking for something on for a price comparison when I noticed that they’ve done a little update to the product pages. I was glad to see the change since it means you get more space for product information and images, and no longer have the wasted space for the useless navigation at the left of the page. Gets a Little FaceliftSo, the new design doesn’t extend to changes to the old navigation and logo area that they use at the top of the pages to get you around the site. And, since it works without too much pain, there’s not really a big drive to change it. Although, aesthetically it’s not all that and a bag of chips. The actual product pages are the only ones that seem to have changed at all. First, instead of running all of the product information down the right-hand side of the page in a narrow column, they have expanded that to take up the whole width of the page. Which makes perfect sense to dedicate more space to the important product information. The previously, minute product image is now larger as well; there is still a link for a pop up window containing additional product images. Underneath the product image is a 3 tab page section for Product Details, Shipping & Terms, and Product Reviews. That’s right, the updated now allows you to write reviews of the products. The thing that I notice the most, however, is that because of the increased width and the smart use of tabs, you can actually fit more product details into a smaller area (height-wise) without the need to scroll, scroll, and scroll some more. They could have adjusted the font to be just a smidge larger since they have gained more space for content.

Overall, it’s a really nice change to the product pages. I do wish that they would have a little more order to the links – breadcrumb, next and previous product links, and the back to category link. The links seem to be kind of scattered across the top of the product section and it makes the design look a little more messy and unfocused than it could. And the fonts could be ever so slightly larger for optimal usability. In any case, good for Costco for giving their pages just a little updating at a time. It’s much better for customers if you don’t change everything about the site all at once; this way you can still find your way around and the biggest pain point has been addressed.


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