Costco Instant Rebates on Movies & Electronics

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Great Instant Rebates on Movies & Electronics

Great Instant Rebates on Movies & Electronics

If you haven’t read the latest issue of The Costco Connection, you really should.  If for nothing else, you need to look through the instant rebates that you can get this month from various Costco suppliers of movies and electronics.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get this posted until six of them were already expired (sorry!).  Luckily, there are still 48 rebates that will be in effect through December 14th or 24th.  So, if you’ve got someone on your gift list that likes movies or electronics you’re definitely going to want to check these out.  And these aren’t really coupons, they’re instant rebates so you don’t even need to remember to cut anything out and take it with you!

There are eight rebates for movies and television series sets that are good through December 14th.  Out of these my favorite is probably the $7 off assorted Fox and MGM Musicals DVD Box Sets for movies like The King and I and The Sound of Music.  Although, the $30 Off HBO Series on DVD for Sex and the City and Deadwood is not bad either.  I love Sex and the City and still miss it.  Maybe you’re looking for something more family oriented?  You’re covered with the $4 off Dreamworks Animated DVDs, and they even come with cute little stuffed animals.  This one is for things like Charlotte’s Web and Madagascar (which if you haven’t seen it, you really should because it’s funny even to adults).

Of the nine rebates on DVDs and such that are good from December 15th – December 24th I’m not sure I could pick a favorite because they cover some of my favorite movies and television shows.  For instance, $50 off the complete DVD set of The Sopranos!  Or $60 off the X-Files DVD set (or Stargate which I don’t watch).  I’m also kind of interested in the $10 off of the Instant Immersion Audio Language sets for German, Italian, Spanish, and French, as well as Japanese.  There are also some deals on Blu-Ray movies from Warner, Fox, Disney and Sony ($5 off) and Paramount ($7 off).  That would be an excellent gift to buy someone that you’re getting a new Blu-Ray DVD player for.  I mean, you want to make sure they have something to watch on it, right?

Then there are 31 rebates on electronics type items.  Some of these are good through December 31, some through December 14, and some through December 24, and one through January 17th even.  So, if you’re wanting an electronics item you should look through these carefully and make sure to check the dates because they are totally all over the place.  These rebates cover everything from Western Digital and Maxtor external hard drives to cell phones, to cameras and home theater systems.  There are several rebates on televisions: four from Panasonic and one from Sony that is bundled with a home theater system.  The only thing that really sticks out as being not like the others, is the Astak wireless 2 camera security system.  Since Blu-Ray DVD players seem to be the hot electronics ticket right now, I’ll point out that both the Panasonic and Sony Blu-Ray players have rebates; $80 off the Panasonic and $50 off the Sony player.  And I swear that everyone who sells a camera at Costco must be giving you a rebate right now because there are camera rebates from Casio, Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, and Cannon (eight rebates in all).  The lone notebook deal is $50 off an HP G60-123cl notebook; not a great big amount off but I guess every little bit helps.

There are some really nice rebates on a variety of movies and electronics…a little something for everyone really.  So, go check them out in the December issue of The Costco Connection.  These rebates, that start on page 45, aren’t listed specifically in the contents but they come after the “Merry Techmas” article on page 41.  Several of these are good for items that you can purchase either in your local store or at  None of the movie rebates have an item limit, so you can buy as many people as you’d like the Dr. Quinn complete DVD set for $25 off!


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