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December 17th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Perhaps you are a bit of a procrastinator, or maybe you just really haven’t had the time to get out and do your Christmas shopping yet; it happens.  You might think that you’re sunk and will have to make due with whatever you can fight the crowds for at your local stores.  Luckily, has your back.  If you order by today and choose Express shipping, can still make you looking like a Christmas shopping star.  Sure, Express shipping is the more pricey option, but that’s the penalty you pay for being putting this off. Quick Gift Picks

Visit for their Quick Gift Picks

There are a ton of things that you can find at their online store, but the good folks a have also decided to help you out even a little more by preparing a bit of a gift list for you too.  They’ve got stuff for kids, and people that like electronics, the DIY or construction person on your list, cameras and phones, even a sewing machine, some pretty Swarovski crystal items, the obligatory gym membership gift card, and a host of digital picture frames to choose from.  There are 67 items on their quick pick gift list, so if you’re feeling uninspired or just clueless this could really help give you a few ideas.

I am really amazed that they feel like they need to have seven different digital picture frames on their list of potential gift items.  Could they not have gotten by with just one?  There’s one that is a key chain which is different and certainly smaller than the others that are more like what you would have on your desk at work or home.  And there’s one that is combined with a clock and radio that seems like it might be nice and a little different.  But most of the others just seems to cycle through photos and aren’t all that different from one another.  This is just the one gift idea that I think maybe they overdid.  Well, and perhaps the navigation systems; six seems too many for a list this size.

My favorite thing that is on this list, and might get left off of your mental list, is the sewing machine.  It’s not the cutting edge technology or the latest thing but if you know someone that likes to sew or would like to start sewing, it’s a brilliant gift.  So, they have the one that is on their quick pick list of gifts for $119.99 but then the product recommendations on that page give you links to a slightly more expensive model for $169.99, a serger for $199.99, and a very nice sewing machine for $399.99; all are made by Brother.  The $399.99 machine is one of the snazzy sewing machines with the computerized embroidery too.  This might be overkill for someone that just does light sewing projects and is definitely more for someone that sews a lot and likes to do all of the cool embellishments, as well.  In any case, I applaud for putting the sewing machine on their list.

I think they could have included a few more of the great gift card deals that they have online (maybe instead of all the picture frames and navigation systems) for things like spa visits, restaurants, and travel.  What they do have, is a gift card for bed and breakfast $100 gift card for just $79.99.  And of course, they have the gift card for a 2 year membership to the 24 Hour Fitness gym for $299.99.  Let me just say, a little caution might be advisable when giving this gift.  What kind of message is this sending?  And is this recipient someone that you want to give that message to?  I’m not saying that a gym membership is a bad thing but it can come with some pretty negative implications if given to the wrong or unsuspecting person.  So, please, give with caution!

There are some great gift ideas that has pulled together for you so that you can still make everyone on your list happy at Christmas.  And of course, there are so many differnt things that you can find on their website if you take a little bit of time to browse around the various areas.  But don’t forget, you’ll have to put up the extra cash for Express shipping if you want to make sure your gifts actually get there by Christmas!


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  1. 1 Matt // 2008.12.17 at 9:37 pm

    If you know someone that cooks (or if you just want a really nice set for yourself), I think you can’t go wrong with the Kirkland Signature knife set ( I bought myself a set right around Thanksgiving and absolutely love them. I also contacted KAI (the manufacturer) and verified that their standard policy of free lifetime knife sharpenings applies to these. 🙂 These knives basically *are* Shun Classics if you want to know what to compare these to, except with ambidextrous handles, meaning they work equally well for right- or left-handed people.

  2. 2 Dave // 2008.12.17 at 5:44 pm

    I agree on the potential downfall of giving gym membership gifts to unsuspecting friends and family. Though perhaps you really DO need to send that quad-fecta of gym membership, dentistry, hair salon, and dematologist gift cards to that special someone. 🙂

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