All I Want for Christmas is a PS3

December 19th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Yesterday my sister told me the sad, sad story of how she tried to buy a PS3 from HSN (that’s the Home Shopping Network, for those not in the know).  The buying it from HSN isn’t necessarily the sad part, however, them totally sticking it to her is sad.  So, she ordered the PS3 a few weeks ago and thought it would be there in plenty of time for Christmas.  Well, a few days ago she logged in to see when it had shipped and found out that not only had the unit not shipped but it wouldn’t be shipping – EVER!  The nice folks at HSN had canceled her order and totally did not even notify her or anything.  How can stores do stuff like that?  Especially at Christmas when they know people are buying gifts!  Shameful.

So, this made me think about what Costco sells in the way of PS3s and how that stacks up to Amazon and  I was going to compare Sam’s Club too, but they only have the 80GB console and since it is almost as much as everyone else’s 160GB console bundle, it just doesn’t bode well for Sam’s competitive pricing.  Unfortunately, there’s no way that you could buy the PS3 bundle from and still get it in time for Christmas, not even with their express shipping.  However, they seem to always have these in our store these days (the Wii is a completely different story though; those are like gold) with slightly lower prices than what they show online.

Costco's PS3 Bundle

Costco PS3 Bundle

So, for my purposes of doing a comparison, I got lucky because they all have a very similar bundle.  The bundle is the Limited Edition Playstation®3 160GB Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Bundle.  Across all three, this contains a 160GB PS3 console with the Drake’s Fortune game, and a DualShock 3 wireless controller.  At this bundle is $549.99, at and Amazon the bundle is $499.99.  And all three also come with shipping, as always bundles the shipping into the price and the the amount is enough at Amazon and to have it qualify for their free shipping programs.  At this point it would seem that things aren’t looking good for Costco’s competitive pricing.  However, at and Costco the bundle also comes with a PAIN game voucher, worth $9.99 according to the site.  It’s possible that the Amazon bundle includes this as well, but they don’t mention it so I can’t be sure.  The real bonus though, comes from Costco’s bundle including an extra DualShock 3 wireless controller, as well as a DVD remote control.

When you account for all of the extra things that you get at Costco, this is how the final pricing comes out:

  • $549.99 (that’s their bundle with an extra controller and a DVD remote included in the price)
  •  $565.97 (that’s $499.99 for the bundle, $42.99 for the extra controller, and $22.99 for the DVD remote)
  •  $571.99 (that’s $499.99 for the bundle, $46.99 for the extra controller, and $24.99 for the DVD remote)

Phew… comes through again with the cheaper price by at least $15.98.  And I know some of you are going to say that you have to pay taxes at but not through Buy or Amazon; which is true.  However, you can most likely go to your local Costco warehouse and get the same (or similar) bundle for a little less than the price at  I think the last time we checked out the pricing at our local Costco, it was $480 but I’m not positive exactly what bundle they had in the store.  But hey, if you can buy it locally you don’t have to worry about the shipping company not getting it to you in time for Christmas.


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  1. 1 Juan // 2008.12.29 at 11:54 am

    Your price analysis doesn’t go far enough. Here in MN, sales tax is about 7%, so: $549.99 (assume price in store is the same…even though it may not be)
    549.99 x 1.07 = 588.49
    Anyone with enough ppl at their house will have the executive membership, so you need to take the 2% off, so:
    549.99 x 1.05 = 577.49 (1.07 (“full” sales tax rate) – 0.02 (executive membership discount) = 1.05 (resulting 5% markup) )
    Of course, your state may tax sales differently, so you can do your own math, plugging in your own numbers into my formulas above (replace the Minnesota 1.07 with your number).
    So, here it may be more expensive to buy from Costco, BUT the better warranty may give Costco the edge. Also, if your state has lower sales tax, then it may be cheaper at Costco.
    I’d also warn ppl to be sure they’re comparing the SAME bundles. Similar is not the SAME, and makes the comparison unfair.

  2. 2 Jeff // 2008.12.23 at 2:03 pm

    Huh. FlatGreg are you sure about the consoles getting lifetime? I hadn’t heard that before, but if its true that would be great. I already bought my Wii at Costco and I plan to buy an Xbox sometime in the new year. If its true, the Xbox will definitely come from Costco

  3. 3 FlatGreg // 2008.12.19 at 12:19 pm

    Another good thing to note is that video game systems still fall under costco’s lifetime warranty policy, unlike TVs and computers. When I bought my Xbox360 there were some reliability concerns so I bought it at Costco to be safe!

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