Busy, Busy Days at Costco

December 23rd, 2008 · 4 Comments

Have you ever thought that right before the holidays you could sneak into the grocery store, or Costco, during a week day and no one else would be there?  Well, you’re wrong.  I am amazed at how untrue this is for Costco.  If the parking lot is packed and there are only two carts waiting for you, you know you’re in trouble.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be like my mom and someone parked right in front of the entrance will be leaving just as you pull up.  But I’m definitely not that lucky.

What’s crazy is how many people there in the store.  The aisles are jam packed; so much so that it is hard to walk around.  The women giving out the samples look vastly overworked and like they’re being mobbed.  Doesn’t anyone eat before going to Costco?  In any case, there are lines for everywhere.  My mom had to wait almost 20 minutes to get a package of strip steaks at her Costco.  And then, she had to wait again to get a roasted chicken!   I’m sure that today will be even more crazy in the countdown to Christmas.

So, the point is, there’s no longer a good time to sneak in to Costco to pick up whatever you’re having for Christmas dinner or to get those last minute gifts.  It’s going to be packed in there and people will be cranky because they put off shopping until the last minute.  And some of them might try to run you down with their cart or get pushy in other ways.  You know the people I’m talking about.  You are definitely going to have to wait quite a while at the checkout lines too.  Just be prepared with your list and don’t plan on browsing much would be my suggestion.

And don’t forget that Costco is closing early tomorrow for Christmas Eve; they’ll be closing at 5 pm.  So, if you need to go you’re going to have to get there today or early tomorrow; don’t put it off until after work tomorrow for sure!


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  1. 1 Kimberly // 2008.12.24 at 9:29 am

    Good luck with your olive oil! After all that trouble to get it, you definitely deserve to have a whole bottle when you get off the plane. 🙂

  2. 2 Christina // 2008.12.24 at 12:44 am

    Oh my gosh, I went to Costco this past Sunday. It was the coldest day in greater Chicago this winter! The winter weather advisory did not scare away the shoppers.

    Anyway, I went to Costco with a mission: fire extinguisher & Toscano extra virgin olive oil. I called before I went to the store to ensure that they had it in stock b/c I knew it was a very new item just hitting the shelves last week. CS assured me that they had 600 units. I arrived at the olive oil section and did not see my beloved Toscano evoo! I stopped a gentleman w/a broom, but he could not flag down any help. I went to CS, but she was rude, and asked me if I looked in aisle 308. I told her I stood there for over 5 min! Did she think I was illiterate?! She flagged down another gentleman to walk me to aisle 308. I showed me the pallet of evoo on the very top shelf, and told him that I suspected my Toscano was up there! He flagged down yet another man, this time, someone with a walkie talkie! Finally, some authority to assist me. He paged someone at a computer to check the sku, which I recognized from my current bottle at home. He confirmed that he could sell it to me, and then he paged for a forklift. Hooray, after some diligence, they came to my rescue. Now, let’s just hope that it doesn’t break or get lost when I check in the olive oil at the airport this Friday!

  3. 3 Sharon // 2008.12.23 at 3:14 pm

    We went Friday, around 3:30. I’m telling you- NOTHING was worth THAT!!! Usually, even if the lot looks like a bunch of cars, when you go in it’s not crowded because it’s so spread out. Well, the lot was completely packed, you couldn’t move in the store. Around the samples there would be 20 people, who all parked their carts in the main isle in a big jumble to get closer to the food (have they never tasted ham before???) I just wanted to pick up a couple of things, and wished I had just picked it up at the grocery store. People were running around with buggies full of 8 hams (seriously), toys, etc… (come on people, you knew Christmas was coming), not to mention how RUDE some shoppers were. As I went out of one of the snack isles, a sample lady asked me to try a muffin. As I picked up one a lady with a flat in the main isle said “Can I get through?” (quite rudely). Ummm… how about “please”? How about “excuse me”? How about just holding your horses??? She still had to wait until all the cross traffic dies down to get into the isle. I had JUST stopped, and she could have gone around. I hate going out this time of year. I get my Christmas shopping done by October, but everyday shopping that can’t be done far in advance is such a pain! Can’t wait until next week, when the stores should be a ghost town.

  4. 4 kittycatalina // 2008.12.23 at 2:50 pm

    I was pleasantly surprised this morning at the South Austin store. I was there 5 minutes before opening, and they were letting folks in already! Plus there were maybe two dozen other shoppers for the first 20 minutes or so. Quickest Costco trip I’ve ever taken!
    They were really starting to get rolling when I left though. Good luck to all the last minute shoppers!

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