This Week at Costco – January 4 2009

January 10th, 2009 · 11 Comments

The store seemed remarkably quiet this week when we were there.  Or, maybe that’s just because the last time I had been there was on New Year’s Eve and there were a ton of people.  But hey, I learned a valuable lesson: never put off your holiday shopping until the day of said festive occasion! Since I didn’t write up a post for the week of New Year’s (we were doing a little ceramic tile project here….so I wasn’t taking it easy or anything), I’ve mixed in some of the items that I bought then too.

Fancy Sparkling Cider

Fancy Sparkling Cider

Don’t forget that the latest coupon book is in effect until January 25th and there are a lot of great bargains in there!

Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider – Since neither Dave nor I drink alcoholic beverages, this is sometimes our celebratory drink of choice.  If you’ve never had it before, it’s a carbonated apple juice type of thing.  It’s got a nice crisp apple flavor but with bubbles.  The only cavet is, you can’t drink too much of it.  Seriously, I’ve seen a couple of people get really upset stomachs from drinking too much of it.  I’m guessing it’s all of the carbonation.  However, it is a nice little non-alcohol alternative and since it doesn’t have sweeteners in it, you could pass it off as healthy.  I think kids also like it because it’s a change from regular juice and makes them feel like they’re part of the adult party too.  4, 25.4 ounce bottles for $7.99.

Costco Deli Dim Sum Platter

Costco Deli Dim Sum Platter

Dim Sum Platter – This was something new we spotted in the Costco deli area and figured we would give it a try.  It was pretty good too.  There were three different styles of little dumpling type goodies, all shrimp based, for a total of 21 pieces.  And there was this super yummy and flavorful dipping sauce too.  So, I’m going to try to do my best to name all three types of dumplings:  there are definitely potstickers in the middle (these are the ones that look browned); siu mai (the ones that are yellowish and you can see the filling on the top); and har gow (the pale white ones along the outside).  They’re all kind of a variation on the dumpling theme though, and were all really good in the Costco platter too.  I think my favorite might be the siu mai because they just seem to have a really good ratio of wrapper to filling to me.  And the sauce really was a great addition because it had this kind of citrusy flavor, probably ginger, that just brightened up all of the other flavors in the dumplings.  Okay, now I’ve made myself hungry!  21 dumplings for $9.99.

Sweet Potato Fires

Sweet Potato Fires

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries –  This is the first time in ages that I’ve seen an actual french fry type product in the freezer section of Costco.  It amazed me so much that I had to buy them.  Well, that and the fact that I like a good sweet potato now and then too.  These are really a nice little fry and make a good companion to just about anything you’d regularly pair a potato with.  Somehow they seem a little bit more acceptable than having regular french fries with something like salmon too.  However, if you want them to be crunchy or even semi-crunchy, you really need to cook them for no less than 20 minutes with a good shaking and flipping in the middle.  Also, we found that they needed a little bit of salt.  So, I have found that if you sprinkle on a little salt when you flip them over that works out the best.  I also like to add a little sprinkle of ground chipotle or cayenne pepper to the mix.  The good news is that they are a bit healthier than normal french fries since they have 3 g of fiber and 100% of your vitamin A in just one 3 ounce 150 calorie serving.  So, perhaps if you’re looking for something a little better for your kids but all they really want is french fries, this might be the perfect thing for you.  4 pounds for $6.59.

KS Parmesano Reggiano

KS Parmesano Reggiano

Parmesano Reggiano – They had another delicious cheese demo that I couldn’t get away from.  I don’t know why they’re always pushing the cheese lately but it gets me every time!  Oh wait, maybe that’s the reason; I’m not the only one that’s a sucker for a nice hunk of cheese.  This time what caught my eye was the Parmesano Reggiano…like right from the big wheel and everything.  Normally, we all know that they have the shredded parm in the containers, however, this was an actual slab of your very own to grate, shave, or cumble as you see fit.  It has such a great strong nutty flavor and it is just perfect for pasta or on salads to give them a little punch of flavor.  And for once, the pieces were ‘normal’ sized (as in, less than 1 pound).  So, of course I had to buy some; it would have been rude not to since they had cut it into such nice pieces and all.  0.77 pounds for $8.39; $10.98 per pound.

Jif Peanut Butter

Jif Peanut Butter

Jif Creamy Peanut Butter – Okay, it’s nothing fancy or exotic or even that interesting but peanut butter is a staple in millions of homes so I thought I’d include it.  I’m a creamy peanut butter person because I just think the crunchy stuff tends to tear your bread and no one wants that because then the jelly has an escape route and it just gets ugly from there. Mostly peanut butter at our house is used to make sandwiches, however, sometimes I make peanut butter cookies out of it too.  Other than those two things, we don’t have many peanut butter based recipes.  Yet somehow, in a year we do manage to go through the two big containers of it you get at Costco.  I kind of wish that you could buy just one of the 3 pound containers, instead of having to get two of them but since they are good for like two years and we will easily go through it before that point, I guess I really have no reason to complain.  Especially not when I think of how much cheaper it is to buy my peanut butter at Costco versus the other grocery stores in my area. 2, 3 pound containers for $8.99.


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  1. 1 Evelyn english // 2012.02.27 at 7:05 pm

    I am looking for the nuturion info on the chicken and dumplings, put out by Costco. I am diabetic and need to know what my intake is

  2. 2 mary // 2010.03.03 at 9:24 pm

    I made sweet potato chips tonight and will dip them in chipotle mayo sause. I got it from Wendy with there taco salad and mixed it up with more mayo. But you can use the spice and add it to mayo.

    glad to know Costco carrs these. On line there expensive.. To bad there not the crinkled ones there really crisp.

  3. 3 Sweet Potato Chips // 2009.08.28 at 11:06 pm

    […] we’re stumped. Can you help?  My friend, Joan, recently put us on to  frozen sweet potato fries sold at Costco.  They are scrumptious.  However, we can’t figure out what condiment goes […]

  4. 4 Clue // 2009.01.19 at 3:28 am

    Sweet potatoes are indeed a much better choice than the blood sugar bombs called white potatoes. Much fewer carbs, lots of Vitamin C, beta-carotine,, fiber, etc., that white pottaoes just don’t have

    I’ve been looking for the Alexia brand Sweet Potato Fries ever since you posted them here and so far, nada. Yesterday, DH volunteered to go pester them at the service desk. They checked their inventory and the inventory of or other local Costco locations, to no avail. Your stores usually have the same things ours do here, since we’re up the way a piece, but so far at least, not on this one for whatever reason.

    I’m a fanatic about sweet potato fries and usually buy the crinkle-cut style McCain’s brand at Kroger, but I’d sure rather have the julienne-style Alexia’s! Please send me some good Alexia vibes!

  5. 5 Dave // 2009.01.13 at 7:42 pm

    Perhaps I’m not the most discriminating dim sum consumer, but I just had one of those platters last night and I thought it was great (as long as I ate the pieces while they were HOT.) The internals of all the pieces had a good shrimp taste, the shrimp was firm and not rubbery, and the sauce was awesome.

    But then I made the mistake of taking a break and when I got back the last few pieces were nowhere near as enjoyable. The flavor was gone and the skins were somewhat rubbery. I don’t know how they achieved that change just by getting cold, but I felt it was pretty noticeable.

  6. 6 Andrew // 2009.01.13 at 3:54 pm

    One more comment… I tried the dim sum platter a couple of weeks ago and found it pretty bad. The dumpling skins were way too thick, and the filling was pretty tasteless. I agree the high point was the dipping sauce, but the rest of the platter was, to me, not a good value, and I LOVE good dim sum.

  7. 7 Kimberly // 2009.01.12 at 8:46 am

    I find it interesting that you had to ask or give them your coupons. Many of the Costco stores have switched to the ‘master coupon’ situation, where they automatically deduct the coupon pricing when they are ringing up your items. But either way, it is great to not have to have the actual coupons to still get the savings.

    Of course, if you plan on using the self-checkout, you still need the physical coupons!

  8. 8 Andrew // 2009.01.11 at 6:19 pm

    Found a neat trick today at my local Costco. After the cashier totaled my purchases, I handed her my stack of coupons. Instead of scanning each one, she scanned a bar on her register, and the register automatically applied coupons to all the items in my purchase that were eligible. They told me that they would do this even if you didn’t have a physical coupon.

    The lesson? Always ask the cashier to scan for coupons…. you might just save some $$$.

    BTW, I saved $38.50 by applying the coupons to my purchase.

    Hope this helps someone… love the blog!

  9. 9 shuli // 2009.01.10 at 11:42 pm

    ours has a couple diferent alexia fries type things, the sweet potato ones are definitely the best, and i suggest a sprinle of kosher salt on both sides rigth when you flip them, for ome reason they need to be at least somewhat warm for the salt to actually stick

  10. 10 Kimberly // 2009.01.10 at 2:53 pm

    We have some red potato wedges & that’s about as close as we get to fries. I’m so jealous that your Costco has regular fries. I always have to go to the other big box type store to pick up fries. I’d even like some tater tots. I’m not picky, I just love the fried potato products.

  11. 11 Sharon // 2009.01.10 at 1:56 pm

    Your Costco normally doesn’t have fries? Ours sells an industrial size bag regular fries. I love sweet potato fries, so I’ll definitely be looking out for those!

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