This Week at Costco – January 11 2009

January 17th, 2009 · 14 Comments

We found some really great things at Costco this week; stuff to help around the house and even help us save a little energy consumption.  And of course, we also got a chance to sit on some potential new couches and chairs since they’ve got all the furniture on display.   And luckily, there was no cheese demo this week to lure me into getting another hunk of cheese.

High performance, low price

High performance, low price

Adidas Performance Fabric T-Shirt – We like to hike so it is always nice to be able to find these performance fabric shirts for a reasonable price.  I especially like that this one has a v-neck, which it seems I can never find on sale.  This shirt is made out of a meshy, breathable fabric that Adidas calls ClimaCool.  The tag on the shirt says has been specially designed for the female athlete and seems to have a slightly tailored shape, with side seams that are angled at the bottom.  I’m not sure exactly how that helps or if it is just a design thing, but I like the shirt and I guess that’s all that matters.  These type of shirts from Adidas, and others, are usually priced over $30 but thanks to Costco, I was able to buy this one for practically half price.  So, of course I bought two, one in black and one in white, for maximum versatility.  $16.49.

Ultra-soft microfiber cloths

Ultra-soft microfiber cloths

Ultra-Soft Microfiber Auto Cloths – We’ve seen these before but never picked up a pack of them.  But this week we were doing a couple of projects that we thought they might prove useful for, none of which was actually washing the car though.  The first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft these are!  But the most important thing is that they are streak free, scratch free, and lint free.  I anticipate them being great for cleaning my cook top in the kitchen, various mirrors around the house, as well as windows and floors.  And I’ll bet they’ll be nice for dusting too.  Not to mention, we could save on our paper towel usage with these little towels.  They work really well too.  I used them for cleaning our newly installed ceramic tile floor after we were done grouting and they did an outstanding job.  The floor is all shiny and looks great and I didn’t need to use a fancy cleaner, just a little bit of water.  And by a little bit of water, I really mean barely getting the towel even damp and it cleaned the whole floor brilliantly.  In the pack at Costco you get 36 of these towels that are 16″x16″ and can be washed and re-used for a long time.  I have to mention the funny instruction that the manufacturer put on the packaging: ‘do not iron.’  Is there really some danger that people would want to iron their cleaning cloths??  Hilarious!  36, 16″x16″ towels for $16.49.

LED floodlight

LED floodlight

LED Floodlight Bulb – They claim this bulb will last for 30,000 hours and while I hope so, I doubt I’ll be able to verify that claim (unless it burns out in two weeks or something).  It also says that it is 90% more efficient than an incandescent or halogen bulb, which could be true since it is using only 5 watts instead of 45.  And I hope all of this is true because we’re using this bulb to replace the floodlights in our backyard that we keep on all night, every night of the year.  We don’t have a fancy motion detector light but this bulb will work with those too, which is something you won’t be able to get in the other efficient lighting choice of compact fluorescent.  Since it is an LED it turns on immediately, so you don’t have to wait for the heating up of a CFL either.  It also gives off a very clean, bright white light so it seems like you get a little bit better visibility at night.  $13.99.

Organic toaster pastries with frosting

Organic toaster pastries with frosting

Nature’s Path Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries – If they wouldn’t have been having a demo of these, we definitely wouldn’t have tried them again.  The last time we bought these at Costco they had a different selection of flavors, none of which we particularly enjoyed because they all seemed predominantly dry.  So, I don’t know if they got a new recipe or it was really just a matter of different flavors but these are really yummy!  In the box at Costco, you actually get 3 smaller boxes with 12 pastries in each box, two boxes of Cherry Pomegran and one box of Brown Sugar Maple Cinnamon.  Both of the flavors are really good and sweet enough to be tasty but not sickening first thing in the morning.  The crust is made with whole wheat, which is definitely a little more dry than your average Pop-Tart crust, however, they’ve got enough organic, real fruit filling in these that you don’t really end up with a dry mouth feeling.  We prefer them heated up a little bit because that really makes the fruit filling and the frosting on top, that much better.  While they’re not the healthiest thing you could probably eat for breakfast or a snack, they aren’t bad: 200 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 1 gram fiber, 17 grams sugars, and 3 grams protein per pastry (almost exactly what you’ll find with a Pop-Tart).   So, if you tried these when they had the package with the blueberry flavored ones, you might want to try out the new flavors which we think are way, way better.  3 boxes of 12 pastries (36 pastries) for $7.99.

Delicious dried apricots

Delicious dried apricots

Mariani Ultimate Apricots – These are delicious!  You don’t always get the dried apricots and have a good experience but these are so great.  They are still soft and tender with a ton of apricot flavor still locked inside.  Happily, they have no added sugar, which is definitely rare when you’re buying dried fruit (you really have to watch out for that because it can turn a healthy snack into something worse than a candybar).  You’re also going to get some other benefits: in a 1/4 cup serving you will get NO FAT, 6 grams of fiber and 1 gram of protein for just 100 calories.  This is a great afternoon snack, when you’re wanting something kind of sweet but really know that you need something healthy.  Did I mention the NO FAT in this sweet little treat?  I’ve been eating a little serving of these every afternoon when I start feeling munchy and it really is curbing my sweet tooth.  3 pounds for $9.69.


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  1. 1 Jack // 2010.01.08 at 11:00 am

    A little math here for the LED fans, they’re not consuming only 1.5 Watts. They consume 30 mA which is 30*120 = 3600 KmW, that is 3.6 Watts. The light bulb probably consumes 3.6 Watts in total, while the LED elements inside consumes only 1.5 Watts. Also the lumen is much lower than advertised. I believe they have recalled the LED light bulbs due to false advertisement.

  2. 2 Kimberly // 2009.02.14 at 1:50 pm

    Funny that you mention that, Scot, because I just read somewhere that the LED lights are best when used with other types of lighting, such as regular incandescent bulbs. I guess they haven’t quite perfected the coloring yet for the LED bulbs to make them seem as natural.

  3. 3 Scot // 2009.02.14 at 1:20 pm

    Update on my “OMG they’re great!!!” post above:

    I bought another pack from the same shelf display in the same store. These ones have a STRONG green/khaki tinge and are definitely going back. They make my room look kinda-dreary. More so than usual. 🙂

    I think the trick to use them as *supplemental* lights, alongside some incandescent for warmth.

  4. 4 Scot // 2009.02.11 at 11:27 am

    Dave, I just bought some of the “flame” lamps to try. It was a bit risky, since I’ve bought LED lamps before and have been disappointed by their high frequency flickering (like a dying flourescent) or the ugly blue-white light they give off. The Costco package said “Warm White Light”, so I thought, why not?

    They are very good. I’d say they give out the light of a 25-30W candle bulb (not 40W like it says on the pack) – but they only consume 1.5W and run stone cold! Amazing. The light is indeed warm (perhaps a tad yellow/greenish, but hardly noticeable) with no flicker.

    I have a ceiling chandelier in my office with six 40W incandescent bulbs (240 W total). I never use it because it sucks juice while generating heat and glare. I tried three LEDs in it last night and was very impressed. Decent light quality and, since the LEDs send most of their light upwards, a very nice glare-free uplighter effect with a bit of sideways sparkle. Perfect for working. I’ll buy more.

    If you want to Google them, the lamps are marked: “Lights of America 2025LEDE12-30K 120V~60Hz 1.5W 30mA (498)”

  5. 5 Dave // 2009.01.31 at 3:23 pm

    Saying “not too much contrast” makes it sound like they aren’t bright, but I think they’re actually brighter than the CFLs. Unfortunately, I can’t find a lumen rating on the package to do a true comparison. To me, the difference is really that the CFLs had a more even spread over a wider area whereas the LED floodlights are a bit tighter and definitely have a stronger hotspot in the center of the flood pattern. But I definitely agree that the LEDs look better because I prefer the “colder”, blue-ish color over the yellow-ish warm tint that the CFLs had.

    Plus I just noticed today that our Costco now has the smaller “flame” like lamps that go inside your door side-lights that are LED as well! We’ll have to try those out too.

  6. 6 Kimberly // 2009.01.30 at 10:40 pm

    Funny, but I was just noticing how white the light is and more like daylight than the old lights were (I think they were CFLs). The coverage area may not be quite as wide but it’s hard to remember now. I do like them though because they seem to be easier on the eyes for seeing when it is really dark out; not too much contrast, I guess.

  7. 7 Dawn // 2009.01.30 at 9:14 pm

    How are those LED floodlights working for you?

  8. 8 Pat // 2009.01.23 at 5:49 pm

    I noticed something new at Costco a few days ago: Willmaker 2009 Premium from Intuit/Nolo Press, $49.99. I’ve been waiting for Costco to get the 2009 edition but now I’m confused! has Willmaker 2009 Plus for 39.99 + $8 shipping. also has a bundle of Willmaker 2009 Plus + Legal Business 2009 Pro for $49.99 including shipping (49.99=$20 off and free shipping valid until 1/31/09).

    Willmaker 2009 Premium, according to Nolo Press, is a version they put out just for the Costco stores. The software is the same as Plus but the Premium package includes one small handbook, “Your Legal Companion”, several e-books about various topics, and some audio books.

    So, I guess the real decision is between Willmaker 2009 Premium in the store for $49.99 or Willmaker 2009 Plus+Legal Business Pro 2009 also for $49.99. I’m leaning towards the one in the stores since I’m not sure how much use the Legal Business Pro would actually be in the forseeable future. Anyone have any opinions?

  9. 9 Kimberly // 2009.01.20 at 9:08 am

    At our Costco the dried apricots are on the aisle with the dried and canned fruit, as well as your other healthy option of cookies, for some reason. But that is where you can find the bag of apricots too.

    Maybe your store is in the process of rearranging? When our location did that things were weird for a while.

  10. 10 Justin // 2009.01.19 at 8:13 pm

    Dried apricots are with the dried fruits at my costco. They are yummy. Wife got a bag last week.

  11. 11 Clue // 2009.01.19 at 3:17 am

    Thanks for the head’s up on the dried apricots. I got some yesterday and they are incredibly moist and sweet!

    If you’d not posted about them here, I doubt I’d have ever known to even go looking for them, as hey were not with the other dried fruits at my local Costco, nor were they by the snack items. Instead, they were tucked in the back near the walk-in cooler.

  12. 12 Kimberly // 2009.01.18 at 9:54 am

    Wow, thanks for the excellent tips on cool ways to use the microfiber cloths. I wouldn’t have thought of either the Swiffer or make up brush ideas on my own!

  13. 13 Clue // 2009.01.18 at 7:56 am

    I use the microfiber towels for all sorts of things. A more unusual use is for cleaning my pricey makeup brushes. By just swiping the brushes back-and-forth over a microfiber towel, a large percentage of the leftover makeup and the skin flakes are removed, thus increasing the life span of the brushes by dramatically reducing the need to wash them so often.

    Just don’t use fabric softener (liquid or sheets) and don’t wash them with other towels or lint-producing fabrics! That will ruin the microfiber towels for life!

  14. 14 Beth // 2009.01.17 at 1:22 pm

    We like to use the microfiber cloths on our Swiffer. We cut them to fit, and I think we got at least 2 Swiffer-sized cloths from each one. We use these instead of buying the throw-away Swiffer cloths.

    They pick up more than the disposable cloths. It adds just a teeny ick factor, because when you’re done doing the floor you have to remove the worst of the hair and dust bunnies from the cloth before putting it in the wash. But it’s really not that bad…we either take it outside and give it a good shake, or just grab the dust by hand and stick it in the trash can.

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