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March 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I know that I write a lot about healthy eating and buying stuff like fish, veggies, and fruit, but sometimes you just need something a little (okay, a lot) sweet and chocolatey.  My husband makes the best chocolate shakes using just three little ingredients all from Costco.  It’s much more delicious than even the best shake we’ve gotten at a restaurant; thick, creamy, and the perfect amount of chocolate.  And because we believe in sharing the good stuff, I’m going to give you the basics of the recipe; it is a bit hard because it isn’t a set thing but more in ratios.

The Ingredients:

  • KS Ice Cream

    Ice Cream – Obviously, this is one of the major parts of a shake; it’s the base.  Not to mention, this is probably the ingredient with the most variation in quality depending on the ice cream you use.  So, we naturally use the Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream.  This ice cream really is some of the best that you can buy.  It could be the natural vanilla that they use, instead of some imitation flavoring.  Or, it could be the fact that they use lots of fresh cream.  In any case, this ice cream is good all on its own or mixed in say, a chocolate shake.  I’ve heard that the reason the Kirkland Signature ice cream is so good is because of it’s high butter fat content; making it richer and denser.  One gallon of super-premium ice cream can weigh up to seven pounds, whereas the same quantity of premium ice cream weighs in at about six pounds. Let’s just say it definitely isn’t on your diet but you will enjoy every spoonful.  2 – 1/2 gallon containers for $7.69.

  • Chocolate Syrup

    Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup – I know there are more expensive chocolate syrups out there, and ones made with better quality chocolate perhaps, but you’ve got to admit Hershey’s makes a good solid product.  It’s great with the dairy: chocolate milk, ice cream, chocolate shakes.  Yum!  I suppose there are other things you could do with it too like pour some over pound cake or a brownie (for that double-hit of chocolate).  In any case, despite being nothing fancy, it imparts the perfect chocolatey flavor to a chocolate shake. 2 – 48 ounce bottles for $5.49.

  • Milk

    Milk – For our shakes we use whatever we have in the fridge, which is always 1% Milk from Costco.  It’s not that the milk from Costco is really any different or tastes better than the stuff I could get at the regular grocery stores, it’s just that it is way, way cheaper.  At our Costco we can buy a single gallon at a time, which I know isn’t the case for all Costco locations.  For me, it wouldn’t be an issue because I can easily drink that much milk before the expiration date.  And, no, it isn’t because I’m constantly having chocolate shakes.  1 gallon of 1% milk for $$2.29.

The Recipe: I’m using the term recipe really loosely here but you’ll get the basic ratios for 4 servings (or two jumbo servings).

Add Ice Cream
  1. Place approximately 4 cups of ice cream into the blender. We use an ice cream scoop, so it isn’t packed in there or anything. Just enough scoops to fill to the 4 cup mark on the side of the blender.
Add Milk
  1. Over that, pour just enough milk to cover your ice cream. I really have no idea how many cups this is but my guess is that it is somewhere around 3 cups.
Add Chocolate Syrup
  1. To the milk and ice cream, add your chocolate syrup. Now this is where things become totally free form. My husband guesstimates that he adds about 1 teaspoon of syrup per scoop of ice cream. But in actuality he’s just winging it. Also, you might not like as much chocolate or you might like way more than we do. We can usually tell if we’ve got enough chocolate syrup because of the color after blending; chocolatey but not really dark.
Blend and Pour
  1. Blend until thick and creamy.  Then pour into 2 – 4 glasses and enjoy!

Word of warning, if your blender isn’t very big this might be too much for it all at once.  We have a 7 cup blender and it reaches pretty high in the pitcher when it is all blended together.  And you wouldn’t want to lose any of your precious shake down the side of the pitcher!


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  1. 1 Eddie // 2009.03.27 at 9:14 am

    Our costco sells a gallon of milk “skim” for $1.65 /gal

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