This Week at Costco – March 29, 2009

April 4th, 2009 · 8 Comments

We didn’t buy a ton of stuff at Costco this week, just one big item and a few other things.  We got a new printer; that was our main purchase.  We also bought some more stuff for our bathroom remodeling project.

Don’t forget this is the last weekend for the most recent coupon book!

Thomas' Engligh Muffins

Thomas' Engligh Muffins

Thomas’ English Muffins – I love a good English muffin every now and again.  They are great for breakfast or lunch because you can toast them up and enjoy them plain or as the base for a yummy sandwich.  We like them best as a way to try our hand at imitating an Egg McMuffin, an ‘Egg McPeterson’, if you will.  But they are also good just with some butter and jelly or peanut butter or they also make a great tuna sandwich. I also like them with some cheese melted on them.  It’s the way they can get so crunchy when you toast them that I really like, I think.  And all those nooks and crannies really do soak up a lot of melty butter.   2 – 6 muffin packages (total of 12 muffins) for $3.99.

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries – Who doesn’t love a perfectly ripe strawberry?  Our Costco has had really great looking strawberries for a few weeks now.  Unfortunately, you’ve got to be prepared to eat 4 pounds of them.  Of course, if you’re like us that isn’t too much of a problem.  You can have them plain and just sliced up, or with a little bit of powdered sugar or whipped cream.  But they also make a really great shake or smoothie.  I also like to macerate them with some sugar or honey and balsamic vinegar to eat just plain or over ice cream or angel food cake.  And though I’ve never tried it, this is definitely enough for you to make a really lovely strawberry pie.  You could also freeze them for  use later.  4 pounds for $6.99.

McCormick's Diced Jalapeno

McCormick's Diced Jalapeno

McCormick Diced Jalapeno Peppers – This isn’t the usual spice, and I was actually very surprised to see it at Costco.  However, if you’ve ever used the dried, diced jalapeno you probably know why I’m going out of my way to mention it.  This stuff is great!  You can add it to anything that you want to spice up, such as chili, salsa, soup, or a marinade.  I also think they are great thrown in your tuna salad or some refried beans.  It’s got this great spicy jalapeno taste, without the chore of chopping them up (and then hoping that you don’t touch your eyes afterward).  Plus, it’s great if you want something spicy but don’t have fresh jalapenos available.  I first found these at my favorite spice purveyor, Penzeys, and have been kind of stingy with my little bag but now I don’t have to worry!  2.37 ounces for $4.79.

Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

Recessed Light Twin Pack – So, we’re remodeling our master bathroom and we knew we were going to need some little recessed light fixtures to shed a little light in a couple of places.  But we didn’t know we would be able to find what we needed at Costco.  I’ve seen things like ceiling fans and chandeliers, but never something as simple as a recessed light fixture.  They’re a really nice light fixture that is perfect for folks like us that are remodeling; complete with remodel clips.  The lights are 3″ in diameter, including the housing and come complete with the junction box and thermal protection to prevent overheating.  You can adjust the light up to 45 degrees to highlight something or it can just point straight down.  Plus, they are UL listed for damp locations and will even work with a dimmer.  You even get the necessary 50 watt GU10 bulbs in the package. 2 complete lights, including bulbs for $11.99 ($15.99 – $4.00 coupon).

Canon Pixma MX860

Canon Pixma MX860

Canon Pixma MX860 All-in-One Printer – So, this isn’t just a printer, it is also a fax, scanner and copier, and color of course.  We’ve had some issues getting our old HP all-in-one to work with our Macs, so we finally got fed up and replaced it.  Not to mention, the HP replacement ink cartridges are always the most expensive ones, even at Costco.   So after considering the HP and Lexmark options that Costco also had, we chose the Canon.  Most importantly, it does say it will work with my Mac.  It also has built in wireless.   It’s got some great features like auto duplex printing and an auto document feeder, which is great for when you’re making copies too.  The one thing that I really like, is that it has separate ink cartridges for colors and black; 5 cartridges in all.  It also had the best printing resolution of 9600 x 2400.  You can also print right from a memory card and even edit pictures directly on the printer using the 2.5″ LCD screen.   I’m just looking forward to being able to print decent quality photos again.  We’ve barely used it but so far it seems to have great print quality and the setup was straight forward and easy. For full details on all of the features, refer to the Canon website.  At Costco, the ink cartridges come in a pack with all 5 inks at just around $50.00.  MX860 printer for $159.99.


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  1. 1 This Week at Costco – July 11, 2010 | Addicted To Costco! // 2010.07.17 at 4:36 am

    […] – I don’t know if I’ve complained here or not about the fact that our wonderful Canon Pixma MX860 All-in-One Printer, that we bought at Costco just last March, doesn’t work with the ink cartridges that they sell here in the UK.  But […]

  2. 2 siri // 2009.06.02 at 2:36 pm

    Maria i know what you are talking about. I have been desperately looking for that same garlic butter for over three months now.
    It was very handy for making white sauce, spreading and tons of other stuff. Looks like Costco discontinued it and no other store has a similar one. Believe me, i looked in every possible store i can. I hope to find it some where.

  3. 3 Dave // 2009.04.14 at 5:12 am

    @Bala: Our Costco definitely had the ink for the MX860, we checked before purchasing the printer. Hopefully, that isn’t just a short-term inventory item. 🙂 Regarding the ink costs, we did ask ourselves what the cost per page was for printing while in the store. Unfortunately, we decided (without doing any research) “how bad can it be?” and to just go ahead and get it anyway. Sounds like we might have made a mistake there.

  4. 4 Bala // 2009.04.14 at 12:00 am

    The Pixma MX860 is a rip-off with its ink costs and Costco doesnt carry the Mx860 inks, talked to the folks there as well. The cartridges have been reduced by over 30% in volume (color went down from 13ml to 9ml and black from 26ml to 19) and the price remains the same. Costco carries the best price for the MX860 though.

  5. 5 Kimberly // 2009.04.13 at 7:50 am

    Our Costco changed how they are bundling the English muffins, I noticed this weekend. They are now selling 4 packages of 6 muffins bundled together; that’s a total of 24, instead of 12. The new 4-package price is $6.49 or $1.62 per 6 muffin package.

  6. 6 stephe // 2009.04.06 at 1:07 pm

    Hey, LOVE Costco. Don’t know where you live but I’m in DE and our grocery store usually has two 6 pack english muffins (2×6 +12) for $1.88 so unfortunately not everything, where I live, at Costco is a good deal. But I LOVE them and make up my membership fee in the photo dept.
    I look forward to reading your blog…I just found it via a friend. Thanks. Stephe

  7. 7 Kimberly // 2009.04.06 at 11:39 am

    Maria, I do know the stuff that you are talking about and I think this might be it but it doesn’t have a black lid. Possibly we had something different at our Costco. In any case, the stuff that I remember is Johnny’s Garlic Spread. Hopefully this is the right stuff that you are looking for.

  8. 8 maria // 2009.04.05 at 8:18 pm


    im so glad i found your site. maybe you can help me. i used to buy a garlic butter spread at garlic. it was a clear medium sized jar with a black lid and the contents were butter colored. it was in the refrigerated section by the 7 layer dip and the tatziki sauce. they havent had it in along time…im trying to find it but dont know the name…


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