This Week at Costco – April 12, 2009

April 18th, 2009 · 7 Comments

Kind of a slow shopping week for us at Costco, as it usually is right before another coupon book starts up again.  I do have a great story about why I love Costco so much though.

Costco Customer Service is Tops – In August, we purchased a TrippLite battery backup system, our second one actually, that worked really great until a couple of weeks ago.  It started having issues where it would just click off for no apparent reason.  It didn’t go into battery mode, it just wasn’t doing anything useful.  It was weird but we eventually determined that it was just a screwy backup unit.  So, this Sunday we decided to take it back to Costco.  But you know how it is, it was a last minute decision and I couldn’t find the receipt immediately.  So, we decided to just take it back in the hope that they wouldn’t need the receipt.  Amazingly, they just needed to know the rough time that we bought it.  They quickly found the purchase in their awesome computer system and took it back without an issue.  And that’s my story about why Costco rocks (this week).

Energizer Wii Charging Station

Energizer Wii Charging Station

Energizer Wii Power & Play Charging Station – We’ve had our Wii for a while and quickly go through batteries for the controllers since I use it like everyday with the Wii Fit.  We saw this at Costco this weekend and decided that it was well worth the money to have rechargeable batteries and a charging station for the controllers.  In the pack you get a charging dock for 2 controllers, rechargeable batteries, and battery covers for the controllers.  So, everything you need to switch to rechargeable controllers.  The base has lights that let you know when the batteries are not fully charged by showing red, and then green when the controller is fully charged; these lights are fairly bright in a dark room.  The only little tiny drawback is that the battery covers have a little access hole in them so that you can leave the batteries right in the charger but connect them for charging in the dock.  This means that you need to either partially remove the little sleeve from the controller, or simple use a screwdriver or a hole punch to make a hole in the sleeve.  It’s not really that big a deal to us since it is easy enough to work around.  Now, if they had only incorporated a way to charge the balance board. I also want to point out that this same charging station is $37.99 at Amazon; quite a bit more.  $24.99.

Nature Sweet Sunbursts

Nature Sweet Sunbursts

Nature Sweet Sunbursts Tomatoes – These are basically a sweet yellow cherry tomato.  They have a sweeter, milder taste, I think, than regular cherry tomatoes though.  Plus, they add a nice change of color to a salad or other dish.  We have had them cooked and uncooked and they were good either way.  I had really good luck roasting them with some asparagus.  We tossed them with olive oil, salt, black pepper, oregano, and a dash of cayenne and then roasted them at 375 for about 10 minutes.  We ate them just like that but they would be great roasted and then added to pasta or a salad even.  They are really juicy though, but I think if you wanted to have them on bruschetta or something similar you could probably make it work by dicing them, salting them and letting them drain, and then cooking them.  2 pounds for $4.99.

SueBee Clover Honey

SueBee Clover Honey

SueBee Clover Honey – I make a fair bit of stuff with honey, so I find it easier and cheaper to buy it at Costco.  But if you’re not going to use it a lot you might want to skip the 5 pound container of it there because it will probably crystallize beyond redemption before you can use it all.  Honey is great because you can use it to replace sugar in all kinds of recipes and end up using a lot less sweetener.  Of course a shot of it is great in a cup of hot tea, however, it’s also great for sweetening things like smoothies, spritzer type drinks, and even lemonade.  Honey’s usefulness doesn’t even remotely stop with drinks or even desserts though, it’s great for salad dressing, dips, or sauces, breads, and as part of a marinade for beef, pork, or chicken.  You can also brush a little on shrimp that you pan sear or grill to get a nice caramelization.  My favorite honey heavy item is baklava though; I make it a few times a year even though my Wii Fit tells me I shouldn’t.  Despite the fact that this is a big thing of honey, you do have around 2 years to consume it if you store it properly in a dark, dry place; moisture is not a friend to honey.  Just don’t ever feed it to your baby!  Fun honey fact: it has great antiseptic and antibacterial properties that make it useful for a variety of medical purposes.  5 pounds for $9.99.

CP Shrimp Wonton Soup

CP Shrimp Wonton Soup

CP Shrimp Wonton Soup –  Now before I forget again, I finally got a chance to try the Shrimp Wonton Soup that had a coupon in the March coupon book.  Since so many people made really positive comments about it, we thought we should give it a try.  It makes a really great low involvement meal; just add some water and microwave.  I think adding a little fresh cilantro gives it a little extra punch of flavor.  But all in all, I liked it more than I thought I would.  I’m not a huge fan of wonton soup and there’s usually something in it that has a smell that doesn’t agree with me, but that could be something about the pork that is usually in it when Dave orders it.  Since it is made with shrimp, which can normally take on a rubbery texture wen microwaved, I was pleasantly surprised when they were actually really well done.  They managed to maintain a soft texture and were really delicious.  The servings aren’t huge so it is probably going to need something to supplement it for a main meal, but it’s the perfect size for lunch or an accompaniment to something else for dinner.  Now I just wish that Costco would carry some of the other tasty looking items from CP ThaiThai.   6, 5.1 ounce bowls for $7.74 ($9.99 – $2.25 coupon).


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  1. 1 jataun // 2011.09.03 at 9:26 pm

    Love the Shrimp won ton soup! Deeeelicious! So far I have tried a few others and this one is Bar none!

  2. 2 Mikey // 2009.04.25 at 10:27 pm

    Love/Hate at Costco

    I’ve always hated the MILK containers at Costco. They’re weird and square and are hard to pour when full. And ugly.

    But you know what? On the way to finding out something else, I found out that the Costco milk containers (and also Sam’s club) are extremely efficient. They don’t require pallets, and cleaning or something (who knows? they’re still ugly) but it’s good for the environment, so if we can help out the damn environment – well, let’s do it. Just be a little careful when you’re pouring from the full gallon, and HEY !! if that’s why Costco did it, KUDOS !! to them, and reduce our costs as well (hopefully.)

    OK. I’ll buy Costco milk from now on and not bitch about the containers.

  3. 3 Mikey // 2009.04.25 at 8:45 pm

    I bought three Tripplite units from Costco. I liked the nice big backlit LCD display, and considering my ancient bu’s were years old (and probably not even working) $99 for a fairly heavy duty unit wasn’t a bad price. Put two into use immediately, and like 15 months into one of them, the LCD display went freaky. You know, bizzaro scramble can’t read it display. Shut down, restart, but didn’t recover. Took it back to the Co, and they refunded it, no problem (I’m very good about keeping receipts, so that wasn’t a problem.)

    Try that with any other vendor, online or other. Not a chance. You’d be dealing with the manufacturer, paying shipping, and even then, I probably would have been out of warranty. Thanks, Costco. One or two of those incidents every couple of years makes the membership fee more than worth it – and I only buy stuff I need.

    For you Costco newbies – it’s like any discount joint. If you have a big family, you’ll probably save quite a bit on food. Membership is $50 for a year. But I think that’s a family membership. Which means everyone. Booze is REALLY a steal — but you shouldn’t be boozing that much, anyway. But if you do, high end spirits can be had at CRAZY discounts. (Good for Christmas presents or special gifts.)

    The other stuff – electronics, etc – you still have to shop around. Eyeglasses !! I needed a new pair, and completely forgot Costco had an eyeglass dept. Best price I got from discount firms was 400+ – Costco came in at around 250. Know your stuff. Know the markups. A couple of deep discounts will make the modest membership fee worthwhile.

    Annoyances? Why do they check for membership cards at the door? You can’t buy anything at the register without a membership card, and really, anyone can say “I’m just picking up a prescription … ” (you don’t need a membership to pickup prescriptions – which, again, Costco has some pretty good prices on common pres drugs, so you should check them out.)

    Aside from that, I’m heading out to Costco. I just ran out of mayo, and I have a $2 off coupon on the 30 gallon tub of Hellman’s.

  4. 4 Chris // 2009.04.24 at 8:59 am

    Why doesn’t Costco carry home canning products? Would love to get all my jars at Costco instead of that “other guy”. Anyone who loves honey must love canning their garden veggies too!

  5. 5 Emre // 2009.04.20 at 3:55 pm

    They do take things back without a receipt, their computer shows when you bought things.

  6. 6 me... // 2009.04.19 at 9:42 pm

    the charge kit for the wii is 21.99 in the warehouse i work for!!! amazing b.c the area i’m in they charge at least 29.99 at other stores. (walmart!!!) can you give me an update on when the Williamsburg, Virginia store may open? they’ve been talking about it for about 2 years…but nothing yet.

  7. 7 S Mills // 2009.04.19 at 2:19 pm

    Just some words of caution regarding the CP Shrimp Wonton soup. It contains a lot of sodum, IRL, about over 1,000 mg per serving.


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