This Week at Costco – April 19, 2009

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I was able to use a handful of coupons this week and save $14.00 without even trying.  I really try to only buy things that I use or want with the coupons.  But sometimes they have something like the pound cake, that I don’t normally buy but with the coupon I figure I’ll give it a try.

Costco's Butter Pound Cake

Costco's Butter Pound Cake

Costco Butter Pound Cake – I totally ended up buying this because of the coupon.  However, after tasting it, I’m glad that I had immediately put two of them into the freezer!  It’s really delicious; lots of buttery goodness.  The cake has a nice texture and is moist; not all dry and crumbly.  In the box you get 3 of the little pound cakes; and they really do each weigh in at a pound.  We all know this is not a healthy, good for you, kind of treat; a 60 gram slice probably has somewhere around 230 calories.  But you can pair it with fruit to take the sting out of it, I guess.  The nice thing about pound cake is that it is fairly neutral in taste so it can really go with just about anything or nothing.  It does taste good with fruit, like the fresh blackberries that we had it with, or some nice strawberries or raspberries would be good as well.  But you could also have it with a lemon curd or a chocolate sauce.  Or, you can just have a slice with nothing on it.  3, 1 pound loaves for $4.99 ($6.99 – $2.00 coupon).

Columbus Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Columbus Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

Columbus Herb Turkey Breast Slices – I’m always trying to find something that we can eat for lunch that will actually fill us up.  This week I ran across this turkey breast and it looked so good I had to try it.  We have had really good luck with other sliced meats from the Columbus Salame company, like their pastrami.  This turkey is really outstanding though.  It’s actual meat, first off, not turkey pressboard like you find in so many deli cases.  The slices are thin so that you can easily put them on your sandwich without them stiffly hanging over the sides of your bread.  The spice and herb mixture though is the real star, it smells incredibly tasty and actually does taste as good as it smells.  It makes for a great sandwich because it has so much flavor; it’s definitely not the usual bland turkey sandwich.   And your heart can be a little happier too, because this has 43% less sodium than the average turkey breast found in your deli.  2 pounds for $11.75.

Professional Saute Pan Set

Professional Saute Pan Set

Tramontina 2 Pack Commercial Saute Pan Set – This is a really good deal, even without the coupon.  But with the $5.00 coupon, this is an outstanding deal.  If you don’t normally hang out at the restaurant supply store nearest you, this is the kind of high quality pan you would find there.  In the set, you get an 8″ and a 10″ heavy aluminum pan.  They have a teflon coating to make sauteing a little easier, and a little less oily, not to mention the easier clean up.  They also have the nice thick silicone grips on the handles that you always see on professional quality pans like this.  I’ve got a similar 6″ pan that I bought at a restaurant supply store a few years ago and it is great; the teflon coating is much better than what you’d find in most other cookware.  I don’t know if that’s because they use a thicker coating or maybe they just have different grades of teflon.  The pans are great for making an omelette without turning it into scrambled eggs by the time you scrape it out of the pan.  You know, the really amazing thing is that you can get these 2 nice pans for under $20 with the coupon this month.   8″ and 10″ saute pans for $18.99 ($23.99 – $5.00 coupon).

Fully Cooked Bacon Slices

Fully Cooked Bacon Slices

Kirkland Signature Hormel Fully-Cooked Bacon –  I know some of you are probably bacon purists and just reading about fully cooked bacon feels so wrong.  But this is really good bacon.  It’s naturally wood smoked and thick cut, it’s just been cooked before you buy it.  We take this with us all the time when we go camping because it’s really easy to wrap it in some heavy tinfoil and throw the little packet on the campfire for a few minutes and then you’ve got super crispy and delicious bacon.  At home, you can cook it for just 4 minutes at 400 (F) in your regular oven to get the same quick and crispy bacon.  It’s still got some fat that it gives up when you heat it, but a lot less than if you were cooking it completely; so nice.   In the package at Costco you get a pound, which probably doesn’t sound like a lot if you are used to buying regular bacon.  However, since it is cooked, that pound actually equates to 48 to 50 slices.  I like really crispy bacon and this bacon is able to achieve that perfect level of crispiness quickly, without a lot of greasy mess, and most importantly consistently.  I can get it crispy every time with the same amount of cooking and effort.  I don’t have to be fussing over the bacon when I’m cooking the eggs or other parts of the meal either and that makes it so much easier to put together breakfast, whether camping or not.  We always keep ours in the freezer and just pull it out when we want a few slices.  They pack it in this cool flat package, that is re-closeable, so it doesn’t even take up much room in the freezer. 1 pound / 48 – 50 slices for $8.49.

Coupons – Here’s my run down on the coupons that I used this week.  Don’t forget that the current coupon book is good through May 3rd; you’ve still got another couple of weekends to save some cash.

  • Pam Cooking Spray: 2, 12 ounce cans: $6.89 – $2.50 coupon = $4.39
  • Peanut M & Ms: 56 ounce bag: $9.65 – $2.50 coupon = $7.15
  • Commercial Saute Pan Set: 8″ & 10″ pans: $23.99 – $5.00 coupon = $18.99
  • Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise: 64 ounces: $6.89 – $2.00 coupon = $4.89
  • Costco Butter Pound Cake: 3, 1 pound loaves: $6.99 – $2.00 coupon = $4.99
  • Total Savings:  $54.41 – $14.00 in coupons = $40.41

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  3. 3 Julie // 2009.04.27 at 8:26 am

    Has anyone used the pans that have a coupon? Any good?

  4. 4 Tanya // 2009.04.26 at 1:24 pm

    The cookies and cream weight watchers ice cream bars are REALLY good and are on sale in the coupon book. Comes with three boxes inside. Very refreshing, tasty and low callso it doesn’t make you feel bad about eating them!

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