What’s New at Costco? Find out at Costco.com

May 20th, 2009 · 4 Comments

Obviously, I often wonder what cool products Costco will be introducing either through Costco.com or the warehouses. Recently, at the Costco website I found the ‘In The Warehouse’ section had a whole page covering the what’s new topic. They list out the new products and have some description and detail information too. They also list the item number and whether you will be able to find it in the warehouse, at Costco.com or both.

So this month they have a couple of things that have caught my eye, one of which is the Sony HD camcorder. I think that this Sony is something we looked at this weekend actually.  The up side is that it is very small and is full 1920 x 1080 high-definition video, however, the down side is that it was  around $900 (it’s $849.99 including shipping and handling at Costco.com).  The other thing that I like is the built-in GPS to track where you’ve taken your photos.  That comes in very handy when you want to display the video and photos on a map or if you just really want to easily recall where the video was taken. The 15x optical zoom was pretty impressive when I tried it out in the store; the amount of clarity was just amazing.  Why can’t they have a coupon for this camera?  You can read more about the Sony HD camcorder on Costco.com.

The other thing that I’m interested in is the Wii EA Sports Active.  This sounds similar to the Wii Fit but with some additional customization and features that I’d like to have in the Fit.  The Sports Active has 25 exercises that you can use to create a customized in-home workout.  The workouts include a variety of activities that you can use to target the upper body, lower body, and cardio.  Aside from the software you also get a resistance band and a leg strap.  I’m guessing the leg strap is to figure out your running speed and things like that.  What is nice, is that you can actually use this without the Wii balance board if you don’t have one, or you can use the balance board to give the exercises another dimension.  So, this might at least be a good supplement to the Fit or it might completely surpass it; hard to say at this point.  This wasn’t available when I was at Costco on Sunday, so I’m not sure how much it will be in the stores, however, at Costco.com it is $51.79.

There are several other items that are on the What’s New at Costco list, that you might be interested in too.  Though the Disney shaped chicken nuggets they’ve had for months and months, so it’s a bit of a cheat to call that new.  Also, I wish they would put a date on the list, or at least a season, like ‘Spring 2009’ or something.


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  1. 1 Barb Kellley // 2015.09.21 at 8:12 am

    I am looking for bath contractors in my area, Longmont, Colorado. Does Costco have a list of contractors?


  2. 2 EA Sports Active for Wii // 2009.05.27 at 11:06 am

    […] wrote about the EA Sports Active in the post ‘What’s New at Costco? Find out at Costco.com‘ last week. It really grabbed my attention because it sounded like it had a lot of the things […]

  3. 3 Kimberly // 2009.05.21 at 11:53 am

    I just got back from Costco and picked up a copy of the EA Active Sports for the Wii. In the store they are selling it for $51.69 (despite the strange fact that the price tag on it was actually $52.79). I’ll try it out for a few days and write up a review. It looks cool though.

  4. 4 Denise // 2009.05.20 at 9:16 pm

    I went to Costco today and discovered an item that I bought on May 11th and it was $3. cheaper! I paid $9.99 for a Conair Ultra form back rest and found it for $6.97. I had my receipt and they refunded my $3.00. They will do this within 30 days of buying the item. This is one of the many reasons that I LOVE COSTCO!!!!!!

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