This Week at Costco – May 31, 2009

June 6th, 2009 · 5 Comments

For some reason, there weren’t that many people at Costco this Sunday.  It was kind of nice, especially when we got ready to checkout.  It was the last day to use the coupons, so I brought my last couple of coupons that I wanted to use but we also found some other cool stuff.  They still have plants at our Costco, so we were thinking about getting a lime tree but, honestly they all looked like they’d be in the store too long.

Ready to eat pineapple

Ready to eat pineapple

Ready Pac Sliced Pineapple – I must admit, we buy the conveniently sliced pineapple and mango sometimes.  It’s so handy so have it already prepped and ready to go to eat as a quick snack or with dinner.  I know it is nowhere near as cheap as if we would just buy the fruit ourselves and cut it up, but we are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to do that.  This week, we used the pineapple mainly for grilling alongside some really tasty steaks.  The grilling really brings out the sweetness of the fruit.  Pineapple is a perfect candidate for grilling because it is really sturdy and won’t fall apart or through the grates.  You can do all kinds of fancy things to pineapple when you grill it, like put honey on it so it caramelizes, but we just like the fruit as it is.  Of course, you do have to remember that it will grill a little more quickly than something like meat, so you might want to sear in some grill marks and then move it to indirect heat for the rest of the cooking time.  It’s really yummy!  3 pounds for $7.99.

Milton's Multi-Grain Bread

Milton's Multi-Grain Bread

Milton’s Multi-Grain Plus Bread – On a tip from Clue on my previous post about Oroweat bread, I looked and found the Milton’s bread, which I completely overlooked before.  It’s really got a nice taste for a bread this full of good stuff.  And most amazingly, it’s even moist, because you know sometimes the healthier breads tend to get drier and drier the more nutritious they become.  So, in each serving you get 5 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 1 measley gram of fat, and 12 whole grains.  Plus, you also get 45% of the RDA for folate, 40% of vitamin b-6, 35% of thiamin and riboflavin, 30% of your zinc, 25% of vitamin b-12, 15% of the RDA for iron and niacin, and 10% of calcium.  Of course, each slice does have 120 calories which is more than the Oroweat whole wheat bread, but Milton’s is about 10 times as nutritious too.  Honestly after having a few sandwiches on this bread this week, two slices is kind of too much.  It’s a really solid bread, so it’s hard to eat too much of it without feeling completely stuffed.  I haven’t tried it, but I’ll bet it would make some really delicious toast too.  And, it is sized like a normal loaf of bread with 23 slices which was my real issue with the Oroweat and their little loaves.  So, if you’re looking for a good whole grain bread that tastes good but is still really healthy, I don’t think you’re going to beat the Milton’s multi-grain bread.  Thanks Clue, for the tip!  1 loaf, 23 slices, for $3.99.

Finlandia Chipotle Jack

Finlandia Chipotle Jack

Finlandia Chipotle Jack Cheese – Well, obviously I needed something to make sandwiches on my new bread with, so I picked up some sliced cheese.  This has a really great smoky flavor from the chipotles that go perfectly with the Monterrey Jack cheese.  It has a more subtle flavor than regular Pepper Jack cheese that has more heat to it than taste sometimes.  But with this you have a little hint of heat but it’s mostly the delicious chipotle smokiness that comes through.  It is the perfect sandwich companion because it has the nice flavor but isn’t necessarily overpowering; just adds another layer of flavor.  This would make an incredible grilled cheese sandwich, I’ll bet; I will have to try that this week.  Or, it would be exceptionally tasty on a burger.  It’s also good just by itself or with some crackers.  But it can really bring a lot of life to a turkey or chicken sandwich since they don’t necessarily have a bunch of their own flavor.  2 pounds for $6.99.

Buffalo Style Deli Chicken

Buffalo Style Deli Chicken

Dietz & Watson Buffalo Style Chicken Breast – Now, this might not have been the best sliced lunch meat to go with the chipotle cheese because it does have some of its own flavor but it still made a pretty good sandwich.  This isn’t quite as buffalo wing tasting as I had thought it might be, especially from the way it smells when you open the package (seriously, like a plate of wings).  However, it has enough of that flavor to be tasty but not so much that you feel like you should be having a side of blue cheese and celery.  The nice thing is that this actually looks like sliced meat and not the kind of chicken pressboard loaf type thing that you get from some lunch meats (you know the stuff I’m talking about, it has no real meat look to it and is all strangely smooth).  It’s a good deli meat because it doesn’t have much fat, just 2 grams, or many calories with just 70 per 3 slices but it does have it’s fair share of sodium at 380 mg or 16% of your daily value.  I must give my kudos to the Dietz & Watson folks for actually making one of the better resealable packages though.  It’s not just a Ziploc type bag, it’s actually a little container that you pull the label down and then it actually, and completely, reseals into place; very firmly and isn’t hard to deal with at all.  1.25 pounds for$7.39

The Mummy DVD

The Mummy DVD

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor DVD – We buy our fair share of DVDs and usually find that Costco has some of the best prices, even on new movies.  They have a pretty decent selection of movies that aren’t new relases too.  Which is great for us, since we never go to the movies and are always behind.  Costco is great for picking up classic movies like Humphrey Bogart or Doris Day type of classics, as well as newer classics like Monty Python’s Holy Grail for incredibly prices, sometimes as low as $4.99!  But this week, the movie that caught our eye was The Mummy because we haven’t seen it but enjoyed the other ones so we wanted to see this one.  We’ve heard it’s really good but we haven’t watched the movie yet, so I can’t say.  However, it was only $9.99, which seemed like a good deal.  And definitely is, since they are still selling it for $14.99 on Amazon.  They have a variety of movies that are in between old and new for the $9.99 price.  I’m glad that they do this because we’ve been able to pick up some movies that we really wanted to see but didn’t want to pay $25.00 for the honor.  Widescreen DVD for $9.99.


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  1. 1 Clue // 2009.06.17 at 2:30 pm

    Thanks for the shout out Kim. I’m so glad you liked the Milton’s bread! Honestly, I don’t personally know anybody who doesn’t, because it is indeed GOOD stuff! And it does make fabulous toast too, but I wont’ get you started on it, as I know firsthand that it can become a craving!

  2. 2 This Week at Costco - June 7, 2009 // 2009.06.13 at 8:48 am

    […] I used some to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich with olive oil instead of butter and the great chipotle cheese I mentioned last week.  It grilled up so nicely in the pan; it was gorgeous.  I’ve got to […]

  3. 3 Melanie // 2009.06.11 at 11:18 am

    The buffalo chicken slices look delicious! Can’t wait to try those!

  4. 4 Matt // 2009.06.11 at 10:25 am

    My favorite of the breads at Costco is the KS all-atural 100% whole-grain multigrain variety. It’s very dense but boy is it tasty. 😀

  5. 5 costco fan boy // 2009.06.06 at 9:31 am

    Thanks for sharing these interesting items week after week.

    Could you please post the costco item numbers along side each item. so that we can have member services look them up in case its not carried in that warehouse ? ( i live kind of near by 3 costcos , not near near , but its Texas everything is nearby 🙂 )


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