This Week at Costco – June 21, 2009

June 27th, 2009 · 12 Comments

We didn’t use too many of the coupons this week, just the one for Charmin.  Though we’ll probably also use the pizza and pie coupons before they expire.  We were lucky enough to get one of the last sets of the solar landscaping lights.  Either they were just low on stock or are selling out of them because there were only about 6 more left.  They had a lot of new furniture items at our Costco this weekend too, which is strange because this isn’t usually the furniture season.

Wild King Salmon

Wild King Salmon

Wild King Salmon Fillet – It’s really not the norm to see wild salmon at Costco, usually they have the nice farmed stuff (which I’m okay with) but this weekend they had both Wild King and Sockeye Salmon available.  We decided to go with the king salmon though because the pieces were gorgeous and thick. We cooked it in a low-key way with just some lemon and dill to accent the taste and it was excellent.  It definitely has more flavor than the farmed fish and I think it because of all the fat under the skin.  At first glance, it might look like it isn’t even as fatty as the farmed stuff but it’s because you have to remove the skin to see where all the fat really is stored.  Did I mention that it was delicious?  I wish they would have the wild stuff more often but it is a bit more expensive than the farmed salmon; $10.99 vs $5.99 per pound.  And because of that, it probably isn’t necessarily something I would want to buy every week.  Although, it isn’t like you could go out to a restaurant and get such excellent quality fish for such a price.  We were fortunate enough to find some pieces that were cut for two or three decent servings, instead of the normal big fillet.  1.10 pounds for $12.09; $10.99 per pound. Item #: 337735.

Healthy PopChips

Healthy PopChips

All-Natural PopChips – This is my latest chip find at Costco that is a more healthy, though still snacky, choice.  I mean, it’s not like it will ever be a substitute for a piece of fruit but they do quite a bit of work to make it a more healthful snack food.  First, there are no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors, no cholesterol or saturated fat and no trans fat.  But what is really cool is that they are not fried or baked but ‘popped’ through the application of heat and pressure to the potato slices.  So, the result is something like a cross between popcorn, regular potato chips, and puffed rice in texture; very light, yet somehow substantial and crunchy still.  I really like them.  There are just 120 calories per 19 chip serving and just 4 grams of fat, which is amazing for chips.  Especially chips that actually have such a good taste and texture. I guess that’s because they only use a little bit of safflower oil in the seasoning process, not the cooking process.  The ones they have at Costco are barbeque flavored, more sweet than spicy as per the chip formula of barbeque, so they have a nice amount of flavor combined with the unique texture.  I’d love to try some that are sour cream and onion flavored.  If you look at their website, you can find all the details about how they make them, and the many flavors they produce.  So, after doing that, I’m also thinking the Parmesan and garlic sound yummy too.  11 ounce bag for $4.99. Item #: 293453.

Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies – Fresh from the Costco bakery is something new to tempt us with.  Why do they do this to us?  So, basically this is one of the tasty chocolate chip cookies from the Costco bakery, with half of it dipped in chocolate.  Lots of chocolate taste going on, obviously.  What can I say, they are delicious, even better than the cookies normally taste (because the addition of chocolate to a cookie is rarely a bad thing).  I am hoping that these were something special they whipped up for Father’s Day and won’t be around on a normal basis, to taunt us.  This just makes me love the Costco bakery people all the more; sure it might wreck my healthy eating for a bit but it is so worth it.  How are they always coming up with all of these good things?  And why is their stuff so much better than the stuff you find in other grocery store bakery departments?  I guess it’s just better quality, like most things at Costco.  15 cookies for $9.99. Item #: 28556.

Adidas Tennis Shoes

Adidas Tennis Shoes

Adidas Deflect II Women’s Athletic Shoes –  If you read my blog regularly, you probably caught my post about a month ago when I bought the new EA Sports Active for my Wii.  It’s a really hard workout with quite a bit of running.  After doing all the running in my bare feet on my carpet, I realized that I needed a pair of indoor exercise shoes.  So, Costco totally had me covered with a pair of inexpensive shoes that still offer me support and a decent sole.  This is one of the things I appreciate about Costco, there are just certain items that they will always have in stock, and sneakers are one of those things.  I’ve never been looking for a pair and they haven’t had something.  Now, granted, when I’m looking it’s for something to either just wear in general or for some kind of basic athletic pursuit like walking.  And I’m old enough to not really care what brand or even what color they are; I’m not choosy.  But really, where can you get a decently made, name-brand athletic shoe for just over $30?  I currently have another pair that I bought a while back that I actually run in and they are quite acceptable.  Would I go out running a marathon in them, no, but for the bit of running that I do, they are perfectly fine.  Plus, because of the low price, I can actually replace them every 6 months or so and not be so bitter about it.  $31.99. Item #: 388978.

Super Sliders

Super Sliders

Waxman SuperSliders Furniture Movers and Floor Savers – This is one of the cooler household items I’ve found at Costco in a while.  But I probably just think that because I’ve been wanting the adhesive felt circles to go on the bottom of some chairs for a while now.  Sometimes it really is just a beautiful conincidence that I’m looking for something kind of weird or out of the norm and Costco has it.  In the pack at Costco you get 62 pieces all together with 4 each of the 2 sizes of super sliders and the 2 sizes of hard surface protection pads, plus 32 one inch felt pads, 12 one and a half inch felt pads, and then two 4.5 x 6 inch felt blankets (as they call them).  The super sliders are really great for putting under heavy furniture when you want to move it across carpet; they really do just allow you to slide ridiculously heavy things like a sleeper sofa.  It’s almost unbelievable how much easier it is to move stuff.  I also like the little pads for protecting wood floors.  But really I wanted the felt pads to put on all of the furniture in my kitchen to keep them from scraping and scuffing up my tile floor, plus it just makes a horrible sound sliding across the tile.  So, with this set I should be able to cover all of the legs on my kitchen furniture and have a few replacements even.  62 piece set for $16.49. Item #: 244293.


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  1. 1 Kimberly // 2009.12.18 at 8:09 am

    I guess you didn’t actually read my comment, Kristen. I indicated that the manufacturer of the sampled item hires the product demo company (WDS, CDS or the others) and pays for their services as well as the goods that are sampled. I’m sorry that you are not informed about the other product demo companies in the other areas of the country, but it isn’t really that surprising since they do not serve the stores in your area or anywhere near your area. You should go take a look at their website, it is pretty obvious how things work from the site.

    CDS is not responsible for all Costco locations, though they are responsible for the product demos in 212 locations (or there about) in 32 states throughout the Southwest, Midwest, East Coast and in Puerto Rico. And WDS is responsible for the product demos at 167 locations on the West Coast: 59 Costco locations in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah, 52 Costco locations in Northern California and Nevada, and 56 Costco locations in Southern California and Hawaii.

    Both companies are pretty straight forward about listing their pricing information on their websites, which you can find here: CDS Pricing and WDS Pricing. You can see that while the product demo company purchases the item they are sampling, which only makes sense because how could they possibly tell how much they could go through accurately, they expense that to the manufacturer that hired them to preform the demo in the first place.

    The only remaining question then, at least for me, is whether Costco uses CDS or WDS when they want to have a product demo for their Kirkland Signature branded items or items in their bakery or deli areas. Perhaps they just use their own employees to do these demos,? However, they always seem to be dressed and stuff just like the regular product demo people for all other items.

  2. 2 kristen // 2009.12.18 at 1:53 am

    Well sorry but your quite wrong. I work for a New York Costco and our warehouse DOESNT pay for the samples or the employees. An outside company called cds does. I even spoke to a few cds employees and spoke to my store manager to verify this. Costco actually has nothing to do with it, I never even heard of wds, neither did they or my manager.

  3. 3 Kimberly // 2009.12.17 at 9:44 am

    Kristen, actually, the people that manufacture or distribute the products are the ones that pay for the samples and the people that hand them out. These companies hire one of the various exclusive product demo companies – different ones for different parts of the US – that work in the Costco stores. You can find out more about them by taking a look at the website for WDS, the company responsible for product demos in the Western US.

    I assume that if Costco wants something demoed from their bakery or deli, they go through the same process as other companies.

  4. 4 kristen // 2009.12.16 at 12:48 pm

    Wow I cant begin to tell you how mislead you guys all are. Costco doesnt pay for those samples, an outside company (cds) pays for those items and also pays their employees to sample those products out. Costco does nothing more than sell those items.

  5. 5 This Week at Costco – August 2, 2009 | Addicted To Costco! // 2009.08.08 at 8:44 am

    […] PopChips – I’ve written about these before, so for a full explanation about how healthy they are and how they are made, you should check out […]

  6. 6 Paul // 2009.07.09 at 6:05 am

    Furniture season is twice a year. The day right after the 4th of July and Christmas (Dec. 25th). I’d hate to be the guy that has to come in earlier to move all the furniture the day after those holidays. Especially with Costco’s work Policy. Why pay 3 to 5 people low wages like Best Buy does, when you can pay 1 person a decent wage to do the same job. Looking at the big picture… If they actually hired more people to help members out, they would probably have to charge more money for things.. So the next time you need help and you can’t find something.. Ask for a Supervisor. the best place to find them is by the Front registers. They are well paid and trained to deal with any questions or concerns you might have.. The guy or girl on the floor might be some help, but not as much help as a supervisor that has a computer by them enabling them to look up almost anything. So the next time you have a question about some thing you saw at Costco and you can’t find anyone to ask but the girl cutting meat or the guy making pizzas in the Deli, Ask a Supervisor.. 😉

  7. 7 Sarah // 2009.07.06 at 10:24 am

    I wouldn’t worry about the cost of samples——if manufacturers want customers to try products in Costco they either donate the samples, and/or pay Costco to demonstrate them. 🙂

  8. 8 Kimberly // 2009.06.28 at 9:41 am

    I thought furniture season didn’t start again until August but obviously I’m wrong. You can definitely tell they are getting rid of things like plants and gardening stuff though because those supplies have really dwindled down the last couple of weeks.

  9. 9 Amanda // 2009.06.28 at 8:32 am

    It is actually furniture season. Furniture comes out twice a year at Costco. In July and again in January. All the “spring/summer” stuff is leaving to get the furniture into place. If you see patio furniture or any fertilizer kinds of things, snatch it up because it’s going bye bye.

  10. 10 Rickie M // 2009.06.27 at 2:57 pm

    Well I guess you could make a sample smaller than 1/2 that contained both the chocolate dip and plain cookie – cut it into strips. Anyway, I had my generous 1/2 cookie sample and it was very chocolatey to say the least!

  11. 11 Rickie M // 2009.06.27 at 2:56 pm

    They were giving away samples of the chocolate dipped cookies last week – 1/2 cookie per sample. I was wondering if they realized how much money that was costing. Just like once they were giving away samples of mochi ice cream and each sample was one piece (a box contained only 6 pieces so you can imagine that was also quite a cost per sample). With those dipped cookies I think they wanted to make sure people got the dipped part plus the undipped part which means you can’t make the sample smaller than 1/2 a cookie.

  12. 12 Brenda // 2009.06.27 at 1:03 pm

    I Love Costco. Thanks for sharing the love!

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