Get Your Event Tickets at Costco?

July 29th, 2009 · No Comments

I know I have written about the discounts that you can get at Costco on tickets to the Disney theme parks, but did you know that they sell a whole slew of other tickets too?  Concerts, museums, sporting events; they’ve got it all.  Through you can get a look at all of the different ticket offerings that are available for a discount to members.  This is another one of the special services that Costco provides through a third-party vendor, in this case, Insite Ticketing.

At the Costco/Insite Ticketing website, you have a couple of ways to track down tickets to something you’d like to see: event category or state and city.  Depending on the area you are looking for, you’ll either find a plethora of options that are really great, or you’ll be like me here in Texas where all you get to choose from is the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament (as if you would want to).   It seems that they have a lot of tickets for Las Vegas: comedy and magic mostly.  However, they also have some great sports packages for season tickets to the LA Clippers, NJ Nets, and Chicago Fire (soccer), as well as all of the WNBA teams.  And if sports are just not your thing but plays are, they have a special Broadway selection that includes show tickets, hotels, and restaurants.  They offer similar package deals for Las Vegas it looks like too.

If you have looked through the whole list and can’t seem to find the event you’re looking for, you can always set up an Events Preference alert.  They’ll tell you when the type of events you are interested in or any events in your area become available.  You can get alerts via IM, RSS, email, or SMS.  Very handy.  This is especially useful because most of us are left out of the ticket bonanza since they only have tickets for events in a handful of places at the moment.  Of course, they get new events at different times.  For instance, I know I’ve seen discounted tickets to special museum exhibits on here too but there arenn’t any at the moment.

When you are going to purchase your tickets you will need your Costco membership number.  There seem to be limits to how many tickets to a specific event you can purchase, and this varies by event.  Next, you will get to pick the dates and seating (if required) that you would like.  After that, you’ll get to see how much the tickets are going to cost you.  If they are too much or you don’t like the seats, you can always look for a new set of seats.  One thing to note, they do put a countdown on you for purchasing the tickets once you have seen the seats and price; so you only get 3 minutes to debate about it.

As an easy point of comparisson, I decided to see how much it would cost for me to actually attend the Medieval Times in Dallas at the end of July.  Turns out it would be a whopping $43.55 for each adult ticket.  But how does that compare to buying the tickets someplace else?  Well, if you buy your tickets through the Medieval Times website, you’ll pay $56.95 for each adult ticket.  My assumption here is that the tickets you get through Costco are the ‘regular’ package, not one of the others that they have that cost more.  So, you’re saving $13.40 on each adult ticket, which isn’t bad.

Obviously, you’ll save varying amounts depending on what event you’re buying tickets for, but any bit of savings is better than none, I think.  You can use your ticket savings to buy a souvenir or something instead.


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