This Week at Costco – August 16, 2009

August 22nd, 2009 · 8 Comments

I must admit that I delayed my Costco trip until Tuesday this week, partly because we were working on our bathroom remodel project (will it ever be done?), and partly because I thought we might as well wait for the coupons to be valid.  I finally got some OxiClean with the coupon discount!

By the way, don’t forget to enter the contest to win Costco Cash Cards!  The deadline for entry is midnight CST on August 26th, just a few days away.



OxiClean Stain Remover – Okay, I’m going to try to not yell like the guy on television about how good this is.  But, wow, this gets things like sheets and socks super white.  It’s kind of amazing.  And honestly, I’m not sure that I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen what a big difference it made in my white laundry items.  But laundry is not all that you can clean with it.  You can also scrub your grout to a new level of cleanliness, though be warned that you’re still going to have to put some serious elbow grease into it too.  I was hoping that I would put the water and OxiClean solution on my floor and the grout would suddenly become like-new clean.  That never happened but it did get a lot cleaner with some scrubbing than it had previously when I used other cleaners.  My cousin also says that she uses it in her carpet cleaner.  She dissolves the OxiClean in the hot water, puts it into the cleaner, and then gets her carpet even cleaner than normal.  The packaging lists even more ways that you can use it to get things clean: awnings, patio furniture, siding, decks, and just about any hard surface.  They also give the amounts for these fun cleaning chores.  Primarily, I wanted it for cleaning floors and laundry.  However, I might try it on some other things too.  15 pounds for $13.39 ($17.39 – $4.00 coupon).  Item #: 309892.

Don Miguel's So-So Breakfast Burrito

So-So Breakfast Burritos

Don Miguel Breakfast Burritos – I like a good breakfast burrito but sadly this is not that burrito.  I was really excited when I saw these at Costco because I like the other Don Miguel flautas, burritos, and chimichangas, so I figured I would like these too.  There are a couple of things that neither Dave nor I liked about these.  The first thing is that the green bell pepper is way overpowering.  There doesn’t even seem to be that much in them but it really takes over the whole taste of it.  The next thing is that the bacon is kind of flabby and should have been cooked longer before assembling the burritos originally.  Aside from the green bell pepper and flabby bacon, there’s egg, cheese, and hashbrowns inside the burritos too.  All of this is wrapped in a flour tortilla, that you can warm up either in the oven (which is what we did) or the microwave.  They have nicely wrapped each burrito individually so that you could easily take them to work or even microwave it and eat it on the run.  They’re not the worst breakfast burrito that I’ve ever eaten, but I won’t be buying them again. 6, 7 ounce burritos for $8.69.  Item #: 5345.

Seedless Black Grapes

Seedless Black Grapes

Karondy Black Seedless Grapes – Dave loves grapes whether they are fresh, like this, or in juice or jelly or even just grape flavored candy.  I don’t get it because I’m just a casual grape enjoyer but he doesn’t get why I don’t love grapes, so there you go.  He gets irritated when we go to restaurants and they offer juice for breakfast but not grape juice; there’s never grape juice.  So, each trip to Costco we pick up something grape – either fresh ones or grape juice.  He loves the Kirkland Signature grape juice, if you wanted the opinion of a connoisseur.  He liked these black grapes too but thinks that they aren’t really as flavorful as the green ones that we get most often.  They taste nice to me and like I think a good grape should taste.  They’re certainly sweeter I think than the green grapes.  They have a nice deep sweetness though, that is tempered with a little bit of tart after taste.  Plus, I’ve heard that the black grapes are a little healthier for you than the green; more antioxidants.  We usually just eat our grapes straight from the package but they are also nice added to a summer salad.  And some people swear by freezing them, which I’ve also never tried.  5 pounds for $5.49.  Item #: 17744.

Lightweight Men's Jacket

Lightweight Men's Jacket

Weatherproof Men’s Jacket – Dave was looking for a new lightweight, windbreaker type of jacket and we found this one at Costco.  While it is a nicely made jacket and has that great ‘peachtouch’ material that is soft and feels a bit like really nice silk, the sleeves are a little too short for Dave to be comfortable.  Dave’s pretty tall at 6’4″, so he has this problem sometimes with clothes.  We should have tried it on in the store but luckily for us, Costco will take it back without a hassle.  So, if you’re looking for a lightweight jacket, this one is really nicely made.  Aside from the great fabric, it has a lining of a thick t-shirt like material that is soft and comfortable and maybe provides a little bit more warmth than just the outer shell.  It also has some nice features like an inside breast pocket that is held closed with Velcro, along with 2 outer pockets that zip close.  The other thing I like, is that you can customize the fit at the waist with the adjustable elastic band.  The fabric shell is pretty cool and technical too since it is made from a coated performance fabric that is windproof and water resistant but still manages to keep your body temperature constant.  Maybe we’ll have luck with a bigger size.  $29.99.  Item #: 404343.

SanDisk SDHC Cards

SanDisk SDHC Cards

SanDisk Ultra II SDHC Cards – In this package of SDHC cards, you get 2, 8 GB cards that are rated at 15 MB/s transfer speeds.  This is enough to store a whole lot of still photos – 3,814 for a 12 MP camera all the way to a whopping 7,629 for a 6MP camera.  The packaging actually says that they are class 4 but they seem to have similar transfer speeds to class 6 cards that I found online, so it is hard to compare it quickly to other cards.  We weren’t really looking to buy these, they were something we knew we needed but when we saw them having a $11.00 instant rebate we thought we should pick them up. We were buying them for our JVC Everio HD camcorder.  Class 6 SDHC cars are recommended by most users online for the best movie capture mode.  Since  we were unprepared with the class 6 numbers in our heads, we went ahead and got them.  When we got home we realized that these do seem to be comparable to the transfer speeds that are listed for other cards like the Transcend 16GB Class 6.  However, these say ‘up to’ 15 MB/s, whereas the other cards that are rated as class 6 must have guaranteed and continual transfer speeds of 6 MB/s, though most of them seem higher.  But we also noticed that these are really expensive compared to other brands from Amazon and other online retailers.  Now, granted, if you are a SanDisk loyalist, and only want their cards, this might not be a bad deal for you to immediately get the cards, though you can get them for less through Amazon.  But for the rest of us that just want a reliable card, you can find cheaper options at Amazon, NewEgg, or  I was honestly floored when I saw how much cheaper the cards actually were at other places online, even for SanDisk.  It seems really out of line with what I normally find when I do Costco price comparisons.  In any case, we’ll be returning these.  2, 8GB SHDC 15 MB/s cards for $48.99 ($59.99 – $11.00 instant rebate).


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  1. 1 Mel // 2009.08.28 at 1:47 pm

    I remember 30 years or so ago that Baskin-Robbins used to make a “Grape Ice” flavor, I remember it as grape ice cream with little chunks of ice in it…

  2. 2 Dave // 2009.08.24 at 6:05 pm

    Grape flavored ice cream — what an idea! That sounds *WONDERFUL* to me!

  3. 3 Pat P. // 2009.08.24 at 2:49 pm

    I went to Costco last Friday and was happy to pick up Oxiclean too. Besides getting the clothes cleaner, I find it good to use to help disinfect the shared washers like at a laundromat or laundry room, because you can’t use bleach in the colored clothes load. I also picked up SmartWater. I read really good things about it and can’t wait to put it to the test on the tennis court. Lastly, I was super excited about a new Stila complexion set that I did not hesitate to grab. It left me smiling the rest of the weekend. In case there are other cosmetic junkies out there, the set includes all full size: oil-free tinted moisturizer SPF30, sheer pressed powder (the compact is refillable), illuminating finishing powder, and a #24a powder brush. You have 2 choices: “light” or “medium” set. All of those goodies for only $16-17 (don’t remember); the tinted moisturizer alone retails for $36.

    I love grape-flavored anything, but not so much real grapes. The other day I was just thinking…why is there no grape ice cream?

  4. 4 Kimberly // 2009.08.24 at 8:40 am

    Tiff – it’s funny you mention Rudy’s because they are my yardstick for the perfect breakfast taco/burrito too! I almost mentioned them in my post but figured most of my readers aren’t from Austin and would not get the reference. 🙂 I haven’t found any alternative to the Rudy’s breakfast tacos; it’s that delicious bacon, you just don’t get that in a prepared product I guess. I mean, they could do it but for some reason they don’t.

    I’ll have to try the bagel idea. I’ve also thought of just making my own and freezing them in the hopes that that would work too.

  5. 5 Kimberly // 2009.08.24 at 8:37 am

    The coupon books are sent out in the mail to the main member on the account. If you haven’t received yours, and you’ve been a member for more than 2 months, you should check with the Membership desk at your local Costco to make sure that your mailing address is correct and that you’re membership account is setup to receive this type of mail from Costco (on the “PMO” sub-screen in your membership file).

  6. 6 Tiff // 2009.08.23 at 11:08 pm

    I can’t thank you enough for the reviews. Being from TX (Austin to be exact, like you) I understand the love for breakfast tacos/burritos. How I wish I could find a good frozen equivalent to the Rudy’s breakfast taco, so I don’t have to waste time stopping there. Instead of buying these burritos however, I will try some other alternatives. Lately the alternatives have been costco bagels with eggs and read-cooked bacon and cheese – they have been a great fill-in but ultimately, I would have a breakfast burrito/taco every day if I could. Hopefully a new brand of breakfast will burrito will show up and you can tell us how that is 🙂

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  8. 8 Jeannette // 2009.08.23 at 2:03 pm

    Where do you get the coupon book?

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