My Top 5 Costco Items Contest

August 27th, 2009 · No Comments

I want to thank everyone that made my first contest such a huge success!  I never expected to get so many responses, but I had hoped!  There were a lot of great responses and it made me get some ideas for new things to try.  What really amazes me, and should make Costco quite proud, is the really enthusiastic response to so many of the Kirkland Signature items.

The contest is officially closed now (well, at midnight last night really) so I will be picking a winner from the 103 people that responded (that includes the people that didn’t answer the question fully and won’t actually be in the drawing).  All in all, those are pretty good odds that if you entered you might be one of the lucky people that wins the cash cards for either $100, $50, or $25.  The winners will be chosen at random and then I’ll notify the winners and post them on here within a couple of days.

Since I never responded with my top five items, I’m going to list them here, because I’ve been thinking about this since before I even started the contest.  Out of all of the Costco products I purchase and love, which ones are my favorites, or things I would only buy at Costco.  Well, obviously, there are way more than just five on that list.  So, whittling it down has proven quite challenging.  But I think I’ve come up with a list…at least for now.

  1. Electronics – I know that this is a very broad and general category, but I really can’t narrow it down to just one item.  We buy a lot of stuff like this at Costco because the prices are so good (except for those SDHC cards), mainly.  But also, you can’t deny the power of the no-hassle Costco return policy.  Even now that they have changed it to just 90 days for electronics, it is still better than most places and they won’t give you attitude, or make you pay a restocking fee.  Just some of the stuff that we’ve bought in this category:  televisions, portable hard drives, software, cameras, DVD players, TiVo DVR, remote controls, computer accessories, printers, battery backup units, and probably some other things that I can’t remember.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are a little geeky and live in the house of electronics.  I usually do a good amount of price comparison for larger purchases but sometimes, for smaller priced purchases, we’ll just pick something up.  While we have bought electronics at places other than Costco, they are the default choice because of their prices and awesome return policy.
  2. Primo Thin Crust Pizzas -We love these pizzas.  It’s great to have something like this that we can quickly cook up for lunch or dinner when we’re feeling lazy.  The crust is super thin so it gets really great and crunchy.  We usually get the pepperoni but also like the Margherita one too.  You get three pizzas in the box for just $9.99.  And that is really reasonable if you’ve compared frozen pizzas from the grocery store.  I also like that they are ready in about 10 minutes.  The one thing that I will say is that the pepperoni is a little on the oily side, so we always use some paper towels to soak up the excess before eating it.  Despite that, we still really like them.  We had never tried these before getting them at Costco after a suggestion from my mom.
  3. Fattorie Garofalo Bufala Mozzarella – Of all the cheese that we’ve bought from Costco, I do think that this one is my favorite.  I love all cheese but there’s a special place in my heart for this fresh mozzarella.  For me, it’s all about that deliciously creamy, soft texture and the subtle taste.  It’s great in slices with fresh herbs and some tomato or red peppers (for those of us that don’t eat tomato).  However, it is also tasty on some toasty bread or with olives or on a pizza.  Okay, I could go on but you get the picture.  Sometimes I just have a slice of it all on its own because I like it that much.  In general, Costco is pretty much the only place I buy cheese because they have a nice variety of quality cheeses at prices that are way lower than you’d find anyplace else.  While we’ve bought cheese, and certainly fresh mozzarella, at other stores, there’s no way that I would buy it as often and I never saw this particular brand before Costco.
  4. Kirkland Signature Frozen Sea Scallops – This is one of those staples that we always have in our freezer.  They are a nice size and have a great flavor, as well.  It’s nice to have them always on hand to add to salads or pasta.  Those are my favorite things to pair them with for use, though we have had them as the main item where they aren’t added to anything.  I usually cook them on the stove top but I have baked them sometimes too.  If you’re searing them, this is only going to take about a minute and a half per side; if baking (375 F), it’s about 12 minutes. I would suggest that you let them thaw in the fridge, and don’t try to force them to thaw using the cold water method; that changes the texture and not for the better.  I would never be able to have the continual supply of scallops if I were buying these someplace else because they are just too pricey.  To get similar quality scallops at a regular store you’re probably going to pay about twice the price.
  5. M & Ms – These are probably our favorite candy item, though Snickers are a close second.  You can get that big 56 ounce bag (a blessing and a curse) of either plain or peanut M&Ms. You can have a little handful and not feel too guilty but you’ll still get your chocolate fix.  If you need to do your own portion control, it is easy enough to parcel them out.  We usually don’t bother and just try to exert some self-control; sometimes we’re even successful with that.  Occasionally they even have a coupon that makes them more of a bargain.  We bought M&Ms before shopping at Costco, but we don’t buy them anywhere else now.  They are so much less expensive at Costco that I can deal with the big bag for the savings.

Of course, there are many other things that I buy, and love, at Costco or else I wouldn’t be able to have this blog.  But I think that this is my favorite five.  Of course, that could change the next time I’m there and realize that I really love the prices on books, or the great Kirkland Signtature men’s dress shirts, or the fabulous prices that they have on prime steaks.  I could definitely keep going on and on but I’ve got to stop.


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