This Week at Costco – September 27, 2009

October 3rd, 2009 · 7 Comments

The only thing we used a coupon for this week was the pumpkin pie.  If you haven’t had one of them, you really need to get one.  We bought some good, non-food stuff this week and I even got a couple of books to keep me entertained too.

Plush Robe made from Bamboo

Plush Robe made from Bamboo

Colorado Clothing Plush Chenille Robe – The thing that makes this robe so wonderfully soft is the fabric, of course.  And even better is that it is made with bamboo fibers.  So, the whole robe is naturally antimicrobial, 100% biodegradable, and has excellent air ventilation and thermal regulating properties.  But seriously, this is the softest robe ever and feels very light on but provides the perfect amount of warmth and coziness.  My only complaint is that I would like it to be a little bit longer than the 41″ (for a large it is 41″ but length varies by size from 38″ – 42″) which hits me right around my the top of my knee.  But maybe the length makes it a little easier to lounge in without it getting all bunched up and such.  Unfortunately for the men, these ultra-soft robes are just for the ladies.  (Though I did noticed some really nice men’s robes last time we were at Costco.)  If you haven’t had any of the clothing made with bamboo before you might worry that something so soft would get worn and tatty looking very quickly.  However, I have not found that to be the case with my other plushy bamboo fiber items (socks and a hoodie), it stays looking and feeling soft and nice for quite some time, though I do always wash on the gentle cycle.  $18.99.  Item #: 417984.

Potato Rosemary Bread

Potato Rosemary Bread

Potato Rosemary Bread – We bought these two loaves, fresh in the Costco bakery area and I really wanted to like it.  But it wasn’t all that flavorful and the texture wasn’t great either.  It wasn’t something that I need to buy again, I think.  We tried making it into bruschetta on the grill but even that didn’t help because it kind of had this weird thing where it got a little gummy, which I’ve never had happen before.  I will say that it was a good side-kick to the chipotle hummus though.  So, if you’re just looking for a delivery vehicle for your favorite spread, then this would probably be okay.  This did make me wish, all over again, that Costco would start carrying some bread in their bakery area that was fresh and more like a French or Italian style bread, and not made with sour dough (which I’m also not a huge fan of).  2, 1 pound loaves for $4.49.  Item #: 38186.

New Pumpkin Pie Container

New Pumpkin Pie Container

Costco Pumpkin Pie – I write about this probably too often because now everyone knows that Dave and I have a little bit of difficulty resisting these.  I make a nice pumpkin pie, but it takes some time to make your own pie crust and assemble everything and then cook it for an hour.  So, I *love* the fact that Costco has this wonderful, as good as homemade, pumpkin pie every fall.  Pumpkin pie is probably my favorite pie too, so we really do get them often (too often maybe?) when they are in season; you don’t have to just wait for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to include this again though, because they have changed the container that the pie comes in.  It used to come in a cardboard box that was covered with plastic wrap.  This was great for taking the pie home without it getting bumped and broken but it wasn’t so great for storing once you had opened it.  The new container is a little more interesting and I’m curious why Costco made the change.  In any case, the new container is made of a plastic bottom that is round and just slightly bigger in diameter than the pie itself.  Then, the top is another piece of plastic that does pop off and you can use as a lid…sort of.  The top does not have a piece of plastic or anything in the center to actually cover the pie.  We thought at first that we could use a piece of plastic wrap in there and then put the lid on and all would be good.  But our plastic wrap was too narrow and definitely not sturdy enough.  But we were finally able to get a piece of our extra wide tinfoil to work quite well.  And you use a lot less space with the round container than with the previous box.  But I imagine that for Costco, this makes the pies easier to stack, which is the draw.  Oh yes, and don’t forget that right now you can get this super great pumpkin pie, which is also super reasonably priced for a $1.00 less with the coupon that is good through Sunday.  $4.99 ($5.99 – $1.00 off).  Item #: 60809.

Austen with a side of Zombies and Vampyres

Austen with a side of Zombies and Vampyres

Books – I had read a review a while back that covered both Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, as well as Mr. Darcy, Vampyre.  The reviewer talked about how funny both were and how great it was to have a twist on an Austen classic.  So, I was intrigued and when I saw these at Costco I decided I had to get them.  Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to read them both yet.  I think if you read the original story (Pride and Prejudice) and enjoyed it, but maybe aren’t an obsessive Austen fan or overly snobby literature person, you’ll really enjoy these books.  I’ve read some little pieces of them, and the reviews over at Amazon, and I think I agree:  they’re tongue in cheek for sure, but a little levity is a good thing sometimes in your reading.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, is the better and probably more appealing of the two from what I can sense from the parts I’ve read and the reviews.  But I liked the original Austen story, and I’m looking forward to reading both of these. And if you haven’t read any Austen stories you might still enjoy these, but you can at various times pick up all or part of Jane Austen’s works.  To find out about the plots and read some reviews, check out the info on these books at Amazon:  Pride, and Prejudice and Zombies or Mr. Darcy, Vampyre.  Both of these books are $8.49 at Costco, whereas they are both $10.15 at Amazon.  $8.49.

Costco Coupon Book

Coupons – Don’t forget that this is the last weekend to use the coupons from the latest Costco Coupon Book since it expires after Sunday.  There are some good deals in there, especially that pumpkin pie!  If you didn’t get your book or you just want to browse through the coupons, you should check out my coupon post.


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  1. 1 Karen Porter // 2015.12.27 at 6:20 am

  2. 2 Karen Porter // 2015.12.27 at 6:19 am

    There is a video on youtube showing how to use the costco pie container. The part with the “hole” is the bottom and the other part that used to be the bottom becomes the top.

  3. 3 Nathanael Troup // 2010.02.16 at 5:18 pm

    out some more later ..

  4. 4 Mary // 2009.11.06 at 8:19 pm

    In other pumpkin related crazes, our family inhaled a treat from the bakery called Coffee House Frosted Pumpkin Bread. It was from Arizona, I can’t remember the company. I tried to get more information about it from the bakery, but the only comment I could get was “it must have been from a distributor’. It came super-moist, huge slices, with cream cheese frosting. Fantastic. That will teach me to think items will be at Costco next time I come back. I should have eaten a slice in the parking lot, then gone back in for several more loaves.

  5. 5 fiona // 2009.10.04 at 11:17 am

    I read the same article and saw the video. See video at 5.33 to hear about Costo’s grinding procedure. Costco apparently has a plant where it grinds its own meat instead of shipping it to a third party for safety reasons.

    I’m not sure I want to eat another burger unless I know it came from Costco.

  6. 6 EFroh // 2009.10.04 at 8:29 am

    Bleagh, the block quote cite didn’t come through:

    The retail giant Costco is one of the few big producers that tests trimmings for E. coli before grinding, a practice it adopted after a New York woman was sickened in 1998 by its hamburger meat, prompting a recall.

    Craig Wilson, Costco’s food safety director, said the company decided it could not rely on its suppliers alone. “It’s incumbent upon us,” he said. “If you say, ‘Craig, this is what we’ve done,’ I should be able to go, ‘Cool, I believe you.’ But I’m going to check.”

    Costco said it had found E. coli in foreign and domestic beef trimmings and pressured suppliers to fix the problem. But even Costco, with its huge buying power, said it had met resistance from some big slaughterhouses. “Tyson will not supply us,” Mr. Wilson said. “They don’t want us to test.”

    A Tyson spokesman, Gary Mickelson, would not respond to Costco’s accusation, but said, “We do not and cannot” prohibit grinders from testing ingredients. He added that since Tyson tests samples of its trimmings, “we don’t believe secondary testing by grinders is a necessity.”

  7. 7 EFroh // 2009.10.04 at 8:28 am

    Thought this was interesting:

    from this article.

    Of course the only safe way to eat hamburgers is to grind them yourself, using whole cuts from a supplier you know you can trust. But I still really appreciate Costco’s testing of its meat.

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