This Week at Costco – December 6, 2009

December 12th, 2009 · 9 Comments

It seems like forever since I’ve done my Saturday morning round-up of Costco buys.  Sorry for that!  But I do have some great things to write about this week, including the yummy panko crusted shrimp from the coupon book.  And we got a terrific buy on a sport coat for Dave from a roadshow event.  So much good stuff to write about.

Don’t forget you’ve only got two weekends left to take advantage of the latest Costco Coupon Book!

Golden Grill Russett Hashbrown Potatoes

Golden Grill Russett Hashbrown Potatoes

Golden Grill Russet Hashbrown Potatoes – This is something that my mom picked up for me at her Kansas City Costco when I was up there for Thanksgiving.  Technically, not last week, but I wanted to make sure that I wrote about them.  She’s bought these for me before, that’s how much I like them.  Unfortunately, my Costco has never, ever had them.  What these are, is a little box of dehydrated shredded potato that are all ready to be nice, delicious hashbrowns; you just need to add a little water to them first.  So, you add water to the little milk carton looking box and wait 10 minutes and then you have nice shredded potatoes.  To make them into hashbrowns we add a little oil to a non-stick pan (so not as much oil as they suggest on the box) and fry them up.  They do take a while to cook, just like normal potatoes, but once you get them done and they are crunchy and delicious you’d never know they were ever dehydrated.  Each box makes 6, 1/2 cup servings, so there is plenty for a a family.  Because of the fact that they are dehydrated, they are great to take on a camping trip; you can have great hashbrowns without as much mess and cleanup or dragging heavy potatoes with you.  Also, you can use them for anything you’d use shredded potatoes for, not just necessarily hashbrowns.  I’ve even used them in soup before to add a little starch and potatoey goodness.  8, 4.2 ounce boxes (or 48, 1/2 cup servings) for $6.89.  Item #: 211769.

KS Panko Crusted Shrimp

KS Panko Crusted Shrimp

Kirkland Signature Panko Breaded Shrimp –  I know there must discussion about needing to fry these or not on the coupon book post.  So, if you missed my reply, these are not the ones that require you to fry them.  All of their cooking instructions are for baking, which is great because I really hate frying stuff.  The baking is much easier and takes 12 – 15 minutes for them to come out delicious.  My one and only complaint is that they are a little oily still.  But just a smidge, and probably if we put them on a paper towel after we took them out of the oven we wouldn’t notice it at all.  But they do bake up to have a very crunchy outer crust, while somehow the shrimp remain tender and perfectly done on the inside.  Just writing this, makes me want to have some but breakfast doesn’t seem a shrimp occasion.  There are around 48 shrimp in the box and they would make a great little finger food item at a party.  Or, you can just eat them for dinner, like we did.  They are so good on their own, they don’t even need anything like cocktail sauce or something to dip them in either.  If you were on the fence about trying them, I suggest you take the coupon opportunity to give them a shot.  And if you had tried the other brand that required frying, you should definitely try these from Kirkland Signature.  2.5 pounds for $14.49 ($17.99 – $3.50 coupon).  Item #: 323894.

Chocolate Fudge Mint Cookies

Chocolate Fudge Mint Cookies

Premium Select Chocolate Fudge Mint Cookies – These are one of Dave’s favorite Christmastime items from Costco.  The cookies are crisp chocolate wafers that are enrobed in a layer of mint and this really nice chocolate; they’re crisp and chocolaty with just the right amount of mint taste.  Unfortunately, they are only around at Costco this time of year.  The bad thing is that it is a 2 pound box, but at least they are good enough to distribute that across 4 individually packaged containers of cookies.  I will admit that these have such a nice flavor that even someone that isn’t a fan of mint, like me, can eat these.  I don’t know how they keep the mint in check but it really goes nicely with the chocolate in these cookies.  They are nice with a cup of hot cocoa too or probably coffee (but I don’t drink that so I’m just speculating).  2 pounds for $7.99.  Item #: 297687.

Wool-Silk-Cashmere Sport Coat

Wool-Silk-Cashmere Sport Coat

Chereskin Sport Coat – This was certainly a great clothing find for us at Costco, I think.  They were having a roadshow event of sport coats and we stopped to browse through and decided on a nice black one for Dave.  We also would have liked to pick up one they had in a kind of gray tweed fabric, but they didn’t have the right size for him.  So, you might be wondering what makes this such a great buy.  Well, first it is a beautiful 72% wool, 20% silk, 8% cashmere blend and feels so soft and wonderful.  Plus, it is cut beautifully and looked great on everyone that was trying them on, including Dave.  It is fully lined as well, with 3 interior drop-in pockets.  And amazingly, it was only $74.99.  You just don’t find great looking sport coats like this for men, for this little money, especially not if they are normal colors and fabrics.  At least, I don’t.  I think these are definitely comparable to the things we have seen at men’s stores for more like $200.00 plus.  In any case, it looks great on Dave and was a nice price, so we’re happy.  $74.99.


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  1. 1 Sharon Graff // 2011.12.28 at 9:14 pm

    My sister served the Golden Grill Hash Browns dehydrated product that she had purchased at the Honolulu Costco during my Christmas visit. It is a great product. How do we campaign to get the product in Silicon Valley Costco stores?

  2. 2 kevin fairlane // 2009.12.26 at 5:34 pm

    Costco Canadas used bike program is a scam. Sending defective bicycles back to China and repainting them (Still defective?) and selling them the next year as new is illegal and JUST WRONG! Amyone injured on a costco bike should get a lawyer. Someone knows this is happening. The bikes are ridden by you … the customer and returned for a refund sent to china and returned after cleaning the dirt and grease off of the components. Class action lawsuit sounds good! My new bike was from a 2006 model that was repainted and sold as a 2007 model. Read the code under the bike. It has the manufacturing date
    The frame was welded in Jan 2006 and sold to me as a brand new model July 2007. I wondered why some parts seemed dirty. and different than some other display models in the store. Research shows that this exact bike was sold the year before under a different name with different colors.

  3. 3 This Week at Costco – December 13, 2009 | Addicted To Costco! // 2009.12.19 at 9:33 am

    […] picked up a few more coupon items this week and we liked the sport coat we got Dave last week that we bought him another one this week. It seems like this was the week of frozen Mexican or […]

  4. 4 Jan // 2009.12.14 at 10:20 pm

    So happy to hear there is no frying of shrimp required. 🙂 Hubby will be thrilled.
    I”ll have to give those hash browns a try. They sound like something nice to have in the pantry for those times when potatoes are pricey.

  5. 5 Eug // 2009.12.14 at 10:55 am

    Those has browns are awesome. We bought some at our local Costco years ago and then they went away.

  6. 6 Kimberly // 2009.12.14 at 7:44 am

    Depending on what you were having with the shrimp I’d say somewhere between 10 to 15 shrimp would make a dinner sized portion, easily. Though, Dave might disagree with my numbers. 🙂 The shrimp aren’t huge but the breading does seem to be pretty filling. I could eat a lot of shrimp of this size without breading, but really 10 – 12 would be all I could manage with the breading.

  7. 7 Kimberly // 2009.12.14 at 7:41 am

    I’m not positive when the next coupon book will be out. But my guess is, sometime right after the new year.

  8. 8 RickieM // 2009.12.14 at 12:27 am

    So out of curiosity, how many panko-breaded shrimp would you say make for a dinner-sized serving?

  9. 9 Gay Ayyagari // 2009.12.13 at 3:09 pm

    looking ahead–when does next coupon book come out after the current one expires on the 20th?

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