Guest Post: Kitchen Cabinets from All Wood Cabinetry?

January 15th, 2010 · 337 Comments

[This is almost like a guest post, but really more of a guest plea for information or reviews.  Since I don’t have personal experience purchasing cabinetry through Costco’s deal with All Wood Cabinetry, I thought I would put the question to all of you.]

My husband and I have been Costco members for 15 years. We live in Southern California and we are about to remodel our kitchen.  We are seriously considering purchasing our cabinets from All Wood Cabinetry at  We are having a hard time finding any reviews about the product from people who have purchased it from Costco.  We would very much appreciate hearing from any readers on the subject.  Specifically, did the company deliver as it said it would, did the product arrive in good shape, does the quality of the cabinetry match the advertised description?  Any information about the purchase of these cabinets would be useful to us.
Thanks so much,


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  1. 1 m. hall // 2015.04.06 at 4:32 pm

    We are very pleased with the look and the quality of our Tuscan Hills kitchen cabinets sold through Costco. We were also very grateful and impressed with the design assistance and the customer service offered. We chose Tuscan Hills Brookside, Toffee stained, Cherry cabinets from the Ultimo Custom Cabinet line. These cabinets are just beautiful! We did extensive research before we chose Tuscan Hills Cabinetry. We selected their cabinets not only for their appearance and excellent construction, but also for their very economical price tag! We overheard our carpenter who has been in the business for 35 years saying to his assistant that our Tuscan Hills cabinets were constructed better than most of the really expensive high-end cabinets that he had installed. He couldn’t believe it when I told him how inexpensive they were. We were also very delighted and grateful for the incredible design service that was provided. Our designer was a pleasure. She was very friendly, competent and highly professional. She had great ideas, a “can do” positive attitude, and she was very patient with us when we were uncertain and when we changed our minds about various options. She was quick and efficient and she returned all of our calls and emails very promptly. Customer service also did a wonderful job helping us. They were consistently pleasant and polite, and also returned all our many emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. We had to make a few adjustments with our original order and we also purchased more material as the project progressed and their representative was always very helpful and knowledgeable. Our experience with Costco/Tuscan Hill Cabinetry’s product and their service was a very positive one.

  2. 2 RTHkitchen cabinets all wood - RTH // 2014.12.30 at 11:33 pm

    […] Guest post: kitchen cabinets from all wood cabinetry 1 j travis // 2014.07.11 at 2:03 pm . we just finished our kitchen remodel using all wood cabinetry and are very pleased. […]

    • 3 John t // 2016.06.21 at 2:20 am

      Hi RTH,
      We got the 30% discount through Costco.. They periodically put these cabinets on sale at different discounts, 30% is the best we saw and made them irrestible. As for the cabinets themselves, they have held up very well. No issues with their structural integrity. The finish is very durable, they still look like new. No regrets.

  3. 4 J Travis // 2014.07.11 at 2:03 pm

    We just finished our kitchen remodel using All Wood cabinetry and are very pleased with the result.. They are very well built with a high level of craftsmanship. They appear to have a very hard, durable finish. And you can’t beat the price! We got ours on sale at 35% off! Quite a bargain.

    They came in about 10 days of ordering. A lesson we learned was to have your installer lined up when you order. This will reduce your anxiety wondering if you can get someone inboard in time to take delivery. These cabinets are delivered by common carrier to your ‘curbside.” This means YOU are responsible fo getting them inside. Our cabinets came on 5 pallets. That’s- lot of hefting and many of them require 2 persons to carry.

    All Wood provides everything you need for installation. Our designer was Lili and she was outstanding! I recommend you ask for her. The success of our kitchen remodel is due in large part to her. She really knows her job and was incredibly helpful to us providing suggestions on how to resolve design issues. When we started the process, I wasn’t sure how designing a kitchen remotely would work. But Lili cheerfully provided us with many design iterations that were instrumental in helping us envision what our kitchen could be and now it’s a reality. Thank you Lili!

    • 5 SJ // 2016.06.20 at 8:02 pm

      Hi J,
      Do you happen to remember how you got 30% off your AllWood cabinets? and, a few years later, do you still like them? They’ve held up well?
      Thanks so much,

  4. 6 Melissa Smith // 2014.04.17 at 8:38 pm

    What an amazing, great experience with All Wood Fast [AWF] Cabinetry. The service [thxu Jessica], experience, quality of cabinets “real wood”, delivery and unbeatable price is beyond what an other cabinet place can do. I was quoted $$$ in home builder store and AWF was so much less. I dealt with Jessica through my design. She was patient with my many questions and revisions. She was knowledgeable to give advice and provide many options. I am so hooked…I need to find other projects at home to get more of these cabinets. Thank you very much…a very satisfied customer in Dallas, TX.

  5. 7 D MacLennan // 2014.04.08 at 10:35 am

    I just purchased $12K of Costco AllWood cabinets (Nantucket Polar White). We have not installed them yet, but we unpacked about 1/3 of them and wanted to post something to inform others. I am a homeowner with skills but never been in construction as a profession. A contractor is installing them.

    First, the purchase experience was excellent. The designer person returned my phone calls promptly and updated the design drawings very quickly. They even extended a discount period for me. You have to be careful and double check everything they do. For example, they had a 72 inch run on on their drawing but filled it with 36 in and 30 in cabinets, 6″ short. The CAD drawings covered this up and we did not notice it. We will make it work and not return the cabinets. Also, they provided a microwave shelf but the shelf is only 12″ wide, impossible to use with any normal size microwave. There are limits to how much they will think for you. If you have a cabinet run that is unusual YOU will have to think it through – do not rely on them to do it for you.

    One of the main advantages with AllWood is their speed. We received our cabinets within 2 weeks of ordering them. Home Depot in contrast told us 2 months at the earliest and that we could not count on getting them within any period less than 3 months.

    Now here is the bad part and why I may not recommend them (I’ll post a final review after they are all installed and we have used them a couple of weeks). The construction in terms of quality checks is very poor. It’s as if they send them out with no one even looking at them. Here’s what we have found so far:
    – The “stiles” on the face of the cabinet drawers are attached with a gap showing, that is, they are not glued down flush. This creates a terrible look. Filling it with caulk will be problematic since the caulk will not match and may require the entire cabinet face be repainted.
    – The cabinet sides fit into a groove on the cabinet front, but they were not seated properly in many of the cabinets, leaving a gap. This cannot be fixed and reglued as clamping it may crack the face of the cabinet. This creates problems in the squareness of the cabinet and the cabinet front is slightly “squishy”.
    – Some of the sides of the cabinets are visibly warped.
    – The screw holes for the hinges were not centered (way off), so the cabinet doors are way off square. My contractor says it cannot be adjusted this much and the hinge screw will have to be redrilled, but this will require epoxy since there is a split in the plywood there (another problem) and due to the proximity of the other hole. This one is truly unbelievable since it is so obvious something was wrong with the cabinet. There are more than one like this.
    – The plywood in some cabinets have layers that are separating.

    All of the above are easily visible errors that should have been caught before shipping. It appears to me that they do not check at all for quality. The trouble is, I suppose we could return 10 of our 20 cabinets, but who wants that hassle? To keep the project moving we will just make repairs and make do with these.

    • 8 Donny // 2014.04.08 at 5:09 pm

      Sounds like a lot of money for what you got. I would be hesitant to buy from them with all the problems you had. My neighbor bought cabinets from All Wood Cabinets but his were nice, no problems looked beautiful and well constructed, he had to put his together maybe that’s the difference . I know he did not pay near 12K for his cabinets and he had large kitchen.

    • 9 Ann // 2014.04.08 at 10:41 pm

      D. Maclennan,
      You can call up designer at Allwood and they will work with you if you have any issues. We had a bit of a issue with some doors and they were taken care of immediately. I had my contractor look over the plans & made sure it was correct before I placed my order.

      I am extremely happy with the real wood boxes from Allwood. We looked at a lot of cabinets and they were still made in China:)!

      • 10 D MacLennan // 2014.04.09 at 12:34 am

        @ Ann: I did not make it clear perhaps that I am reserving final judgment on the cabinets until we have them all installed. In the end I know it is all a cost-benefit analysis. I believe they were very competitively priced for all-wood cabinets. They were very speedy which was important for our project. We will definitely ask for replacement drawers for the ones that have messed up face moulding. Again, I plan to post something in a couple of weeks after we have them all installed.

    • 11 D MacLennan // 2014.04.09 at 4:29 pm

      Correction to my post above: AllWood did provide a proper Microwave shelf (actually it is a cabinet of sorts without doors), so my bad for the above statement.

    • 12 Frank // 2014.09.21 at 9:19 am

      I am glad that a homeowner has written an honest review of the cabinets. I commend you on your honesty.
      It is obvious that a lot of the written reviews on this site are from the cabinet company.

  6. 13 Lori // 2013.12.10 at 9:21 am

    I would like to share my opinion on plywood, particle board and MDF. I am a commercial interior architect with more than 30 years experience designing everything from office to airports, and all had custom millwork. There is place for each, but not many for particle board. Basically, this product makes substandard cabinets: we only used it on cabinets that were to last only thru a 3 year office lease. Screws pull out and water around a sink will swell the material almost immediately.
    But MDF and particle are NOT the same thing. While MDF is not great with screws either, it is vary stable in water, better than plywood. NEVER use less than 3/4″ on any horizontal, but that goes for plywood too. And is you want a slick finish, you cannot beat MDF.
    So inspect the cabinet inside and out before you buy. Check NOT only the materials but the thickness of those materials, especially at the connectors.
    I hope this helps.

  7. 14 N.Franco // 2013.11.24 at 4:02 pm

    Allwood cabinets are nothing more than China made cabinets imported and assembled here in the USA allowing them to be labled as “Built in the USA”. Remember that you pay for what you get. Do your homework before you buy.

    • 15 SSS // 2013.11.24 at 10:01 pm

      Have been studying cabinets for about a year — reading everything I can, interviewing distributors, dealers and even cabinet manufacturers. I began to see some patterns in terms of supply and availability. For example, domestically manufactured cabinets generally have lead times of 3-4 weeks where as Chinese manufacturers need a lead time of at least 6 weeks to allow for trans-national shipping. Also, there are a lot of “distributors” who stock cabinet components from Chinese manufacturers for assembly here, cutting the lead times to 2 – 4 weeks. Assembled in the USA is not the same as “manufactured in the USA.”

      Some very well known brands that don’t specifically declare their products are imported are actually Chinese cabinets assembled here….

    • 16 Wil // 2013.11.25 at 7:29 am

      I would say 90% of the cabinets you buy are made in China, no matter who you get them from. Masterbrand gets almost all of their doors from China and probably most of their plywood. Very few things are made in the US from cabinets to medical equipment it is Made in China. You can thank your politician (and big corporations) for that.

      • 17 Gerald // 2013.11.25 at 8:11 am

        In reponse to the person who wrote that 90% of cabinets or cabinet parts are from China, this is false. Many companies today purchase parts and pieces from China however Many more do not including Masterbrands.

  8. 18 Walter // 2013.11.24 at 3:51 pm

    Just received my cabinets in Fulton Mocha. The design process went great. The cabinets shipped very quickly.

    Now I have opened them up and I am very disappointed. The stain is very inconstant on the door ad drawer fronts. The finished-end skin is not applied properly. They use hot glue to assemble rather than wood glue, nails and staples. This presents a lot of problems. They are all going back.

  9. 19 Lilly // 2013.10.14 at 3:03 pm

    M Ramos, you said that Allwood Cabinet’s white doors are MDF? I was looking at the Haven Biscot one and was wondering if was also MDF? thanks.

    • 20 MRamos // 2013.10.14 at 3:40 pm

      Well partially, the center panel is MDF. The rest is solid wood painted.

  10. 21 Wood-A-Holic // 2013.10.13 at 1:52 pm

    This is my second kitchen from All Wood Cabinets. My first kitchen was purchased a few years ago and went in a second home I own in the mountains. We were so impressed with the way things went we decided to look at Costco for a kitchen for my newly married son. Once again the team at All Wood did a great design and shipped the cabinets in days. Everything arrived quickly and completely. I wish I owned stock in that company as they did a great job

    • 22 Ann // 2014.01.14 at 9:12 am

      I bought a Allwood kitchen and bathroom cabinets 2 years ago and I am extremely happy. I went to all the other cabinet companies and big box stores and compared the quality and price. You can’t beat the price or quality from Costco! Travis from Allwood was extremely pleasant, patient and helpful during the process from beginning to the end. I would not hesitate to order again. I loved the quality of the material and the softclose doors. You should order sample doors from Costco before you make your final decision (do this in first so you can use the sample also to help pick out your countertops). After you are done with the samples you can return it to Costco and get a refund.I had a referral from Allwood that will come out and measure out your kitchen for you before you order (I think it costs less than $100 so it was worth it). It was a a great experience, thank you Costco & Allwood!

  11. 23 Crack Head // 2013.09.14 at 5:10 am

    Great cabinets, Got them in record time. Well built, great value, good service. Driver even offered to help me unload even though he wasn’t obligated. All Wood even followed up to make sure I was happy, that was a surprise.

  12. 24 JW // 2013.08.17 at 8:14 pm

    I’m a finish carpenter and general contractor with over thirty years hands-on experience. When my in-laws wanted a new kitchen, they asked me to find out about Costco’s cabinets. Although I build cabinets myself, I know good results can be gotten with off-the-shelf cabinets, especially in a room without tight space restrictions or odd wall conditions.

    I’m with Rusty Nail in regards to particle board and MDF. a leak of any kind will cause particle board to swell like dry sponge, only it won’t un-swell.

    It’s been a year since I installed their All Wood cabinets, and I can’t remember all the things that ticked me off about them, but here are a few things I can remember, in addition to today’s discovery on this board that they’re not made in USA as I thought.

    I ordered the sink front tilt-outs and they sent the wrong size stainless trays. I had begun to install the hardware when I saw that the trays were too long, so I stopped. All Wood said they would send out the right size trays, but that I had to send the others back first, which I did. Unfortunately, the screw holes to attach the hinge to the drawer front line up in the thinnest part of the raised panel and cannot be attached without splitting and/or poking out the front; same with the tray. I have a shop and some hi grade 1/4′ birch ply that I was able to glue and hold in place with the cabinet screws (cut and filed to fit) and was able to make the whole thing work. They should not offer this option.

    Other than that, they got the handing wrong on a pair of uppers; easy to flip the door if you don’t mind extra holes, and buying a new soft closer.
    Some of the cabinets had been damaged (before packaging)—enough to be a bummer but not enough to go through their ludicrous return dance.
    Out of only three doors, one of the undermount slides would not operate correctly. No such problems with the Blum units from Austria, which I switched in for another $40.

    On a job for clients, I’d of lost my **s.

    There are more, but suffice it to say that I haven’t recommended them to anyone.

    Why am I posting NOW? Because today I spent my Saturday doing the trick with the tilt-outs that I’d put off for a year.


    • 25 Judy // 2013.09.23 at 1:10 am

      Hi JW,
      Sounds like you have a ton of experience, I was wondering if you could give some advice on kitchen cabinets to me. My husband and I are about to do a remodel on our kitchen. Having never done anything like this before we are completely lost as to what are good quality cabinets out there, as we have no idea where to even start looking. Could you suggest any companies or manufactures of cabinets the are of sound quality. We live in the north bay (San Francisco) area and would be so appreciative of any help from an experienced professional like yourself.

      • 26 JW // 2013.09.23 at 5:33 pm

        Hi Judy—

        It’s critically important to work with someone who knows how to order a pre-manufactured kitchen for your space. Ordering wasn’t the problem with AllWood.

        I generally install my own cabinets, but I have installed kitchen and bath cabinets from several manufacturers that I can recall.
        Decora were good, as were Thomasville and I think Kraft Maid and maybe American Woodmark. I’m not shilling for Big Orange, but I think they’re available there and probably at Lowe’s and elsewhere.. The Decora were ordered from a local kitchen design place.
        I think all of them have about the same range of custom options that the AllWoods have. I visited Amer. Woodmark’s site before I answered, to be sure of this, but they claim to be built domestically.
        There are many fine imported products, so my beef with AllWood is not about their country of origin. It appears that they keep their prices low by importing huge lots. If they run out of an item, you have to wait for the next container to arrive in Florida from wherever it is they’re made. If they don’t gave the goods, all the customer service in the world won’t get you the parts you need to complete your kitchen. That’s fine if you can plan for it. If you have your own barn or warehouse where you can unpack and inspect your order for condition and completeness before you tear out your old kitchen, you’re in luck.
        Otherwise, I’d deal with a domestic manufacturer and supplier and not a warehouse store like Costco for this. For the record, I’m a big fan of Costco. I wish all American businesses treated their employers and customers as well.

        Good Luck,


        • 27 Judy // 2013.09.23 at 7:07 pm

          I was pleased to see that you responded, thanks so much, you are so nice! I am so grateful for the advice, now I feel that I have some confidence to begin our search for cabinets. We have a contractor coming by in a few hours to give us an estimate on demo, something else we’ve never done, haha
          But from what I can gather, we should wait until we have cabinets, hardware, countertops, sink, and all that picked out and ready to go before we have him take a sledge hammer to the kitchen. Again thank you for your time and advice, I really appreciate the help!

          • 28 JW // 2013.09.23 at 8:06 pm


            Good planning is good for all the trades and good for you.

            Have fun—


    • 29 Cynthia // 2013.12.13 at 3:55 pm

      How is the quality of the cabinets, doors, drawers, pullouts, etc? What you describe sounds like they have some quality control problems. Aside from the QC problems, what do you think about the quality of the cabinets and their durability? thanks for your input.

  13. 30 rusty nail // 2013.08.03 at 12:07 pm

    Hi, as I said from 30 years experience stay away from PB or MDF cabinets. I have seen shelves made from particle board bend and warp in less than a year. Don’t forget I said there is a place for MDF and that is usually on painted doors because of the expansion and contraction, cracks are less likely to show on joints as a matter a fact I prefer painted MDF doors over wood. Chinese plywood is just the same as American plywood I can tell no difference in construction or quality, Plywood is rated in the number of layers of veneer wood used, 3 ply is not as strong a 5 ply. if you have any question email krpros(at)

  14. 31 Patty // 2013.08.03 at 11:02 am

    I’ve researched all lines of cabintry and still not sure whether a plywood box construction is better than a particle board one. I’ve been told particle board has improved and is much stronger and doesn’t get warped over time. Not sure if Chinese import assembled in USA is any different than USA made cabintry. Please advise .. Going crazy and want to get started on kitchen Remolding…,. Very, very stressed!!!!:(

    • 32 M Ramos // 2013.09.12 at 8:49 pm

      Allwood cabinets are a great quality. they are built well and sound. They are all plywood and hardwood fronts except the white doors those are MDF. If you need more help email me at puravidamichelle (at) I know their cabinets inside and out.

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