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January 21st, 2010 · 59 Comments

I’ve been collecting a series of articles about new locations and updates to existing Costco warehouses for a while now.  I keep meaning to add them to the Locations page, but I keep forgetting.  So, I’m finally going to just add them all to a single post here.

First, I’ll start with a cool update that Costco is trying to pull off in San Juan Capistrano, California.  They have apparently made plans to buy their neighbor, a Ford dealership, with an eye to opening a car wash and gas station, as well as expanding the exiting warehouse.  While the dealership and Costco have a verbal agreement, Costco still has to work out getting the permits to carry out the work.  Since Costco is the biggest sales tax generator in the city, it seems like it would be wise to grant them the permits.  Apparently, this also means that Costco would no longer be interested in buying a 15.5 acre lot on Stonehill Drive.

But I know what a lot of you want to hear about where the new locations will be in the upcoming year.  I wish I had something good to tell the people around Oklahoma, but I’ll keep searching the news.  For now though, it looks like the metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin area will be getting their second Costco location on Pewaukee Road, also known as Highway 164.  The Village of Pewaukee’s planning commission have approved an initial plan from Costco to build a new location north of Highway 164 and Capitol Drive.  Apparently, this new location will be just north of an existing Wal-Mart.

There’s also talk of a new Costco location coming to Wheaton, a town near Washington, D.C.  The Montgomery County Council is trying to lure Costco to the area with an offer of a $4 million subsidy to help the Westfield-Wheaton shopping mall, the proposed location, pay for the $50 million project.  This news comes just after an announcement that Costco could be opening a new location in early 2011 at a new shopping area at the corner of New York Avenue and South Dakota Avenue, in the Fort Lincoln neighborhood.   Currently, the closest Costco location is in Pentagon City.

Costco shoppers in Tucson will be happy to hear that a third warehouse is on its way as early as March 2011.  The new location would be on 14 acres near I-10 and South Kino Parkway.  The city recently approved development plans for the site and will be working with the developer, Eastbourne Investments and Retail West, to get all plans approved by this coming March.  The Costco is just a part of a large retail project called “The Bridges”, as well as a new biosciences park developed by the University of Arizona.  In addition, there will be 110 acres for upscale housing.   Since Costco will be considered a “big-box store”, the city of Tucson requires a few additional conditions, such as $2 million towards job training, neighborhood improvements, and economic-improvement grants to area nonprofits.  The money will be matched with $4.5 million from expected construction sales taxes at the site.  This development project should be great for the south side of Tucson, where shopping options are limited.

There’s also news for business shoppers in the Sunnyvale, California area.  Word is that Costco is looking at the Sunnyvale area for one of their new business center stores.   The proposed location for the new Costco Business Center would be the site of the old Sunnyvale Chevrolet at 660 West El Camino Real.   While Costco doesn’t have a formal deal in place for this location, they are looking at available lots in Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Santa Clara.

Now, technically this isn’t a new location that you can go shopping at, but Costco will be setting up a new logistics and distribution center for Taiwan in Taoyuan County at the end of this year.  This should significantly lower the cost of distribution for Costco since that is currently being outsourced.   This new center will facilitate distribution to its various locations around Taiwan, including two new locations.  This is a great area for the new center since it is where the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is located.  In addition to the new distribution center, Costco is also trying to find locations in the same area for two new Costco stores.  This should be great news for Costco shoppers in this area, since they now have to travel to Taipei or Hsinchu to get their Costco shopping fix.


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  1. 1 Simon // 2015.08.01 at 7:50 pm

    Costco in Redmond Washington! Finally (see my comment of January 2011) we have seen progress. Costco has apparently purchased the plot of land and is looking to move forward.

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