Guest Post: International Traveller Split-Case Rolling Duffel

March 19th, 2010 · 4 Comments

[This guest post is courtesy of one of my long time readers, Stella.  She does her shopping at a couple different Costco locations around Kansas City.  This is her second guest post!  She spends a lot of time traveling for business, so she’s been able to give this piece of luggage a full trial period.]

International Traveller Rolling Duffel

International Traveller Rolling Duffel

I bought this new suitcase, the International Traveller Split-Case Rolling Duffel, at Costco around the middle of February.  Since then I’ve used it on a few business trips and I love it!  The canvas is a black and blue steel two-tone color scheme.  And this bag looks indestructible, even for the frequent traveler who stuffs her bag.  It is made well and it can be stuffed with lots of extra shoes, suits and purses, not to mention business binders and stuff that you buy while traveling.

It is HUGE and accomodates alot of packing.  I love the fact that you can put shoes and similar items on the bottom and put your clothes in the “duffle-bag” portion.  My FAVORITE part is that the bottom zips from the outside and you can put your used or soiled garments in its own pouch.  I love this!  I always have a couple of bags from the hotels that hold these items and this is like a secret compartment.  I just thought it was a unique and thoughtful idea to include in a suitcase.

Then, and this is goofy for a girl, but I love the wheels, they are like little chrome “spinners”!  They just add something for the guy traveler, I think.  Finally, the only negative remark, is that there are so many compartments, it can take me several attempts to find the area I am looking for.  This is annoying if I’m in a hurry.  Otherwise, this is probably one of my best buys at Costco and many friends already want one based on mine.  And the price is just $39.99, which is really a steal for what a good bag this is.

International Traveller – Split-Case Rolling Duffel 1138 includes:

    Loads of space inside

    Loads of space inside

  • 1680D Nylon Construction
  • expander, allowing up to 2.5 inches of additional depth
  • wet pocket and base section
  • 7-inch deep zippered drop bottom section with divider
  • removable PVC wet pocket
  • Neoprene top zippered pocket for additional packing space
  • Exterior mesh hold down for jackets
  • telescopic, locking mono handle
  • ball bearing wheel system with corner wheels for stability
  • heavy duty zippers
  • fully lined
  • Dimensions: 30 in x14.9 in x14.5 in  / 76.2cm x 37.8 cm x 36.8 cm

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  1. 1 Rolling Duffle Bag // 2010.04.05 at 6:09 pm

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  2. 2 Stella // 2010.03.23 at 9:53 am

    Hi everyone – I am happy to see interests and purchases of this suitcase. In response to Kevin – this bag is probably at 8lbs empty. On one occasion It was packed pretty tight with shoes, souvenirs and large binders for work and I did not go over 40lbs, even though it felt really heavy to me, realistically I think it was still at 33lbs.
    Ben – I am glad you and the family appreciate the bag as well. I think the airlines really have some gorillas that throw the bags, jump on them and roll them around while in-flight? I have gotten my bag off of the conveyor and it looked like it had been through war. This bag has held up well so far. However, I think if you are a light packer this is not the bag, it is large and holds alot of stuff. If you are a business traveler and are requiring four suits, couple pairs of shoes, change of clothes for evening, workout clothes and all accessories, this is the perfect bag. There is still room for things you buy, work materials and books/magazines you brought along. At $39 this is the purchase of the year. I usually shop at Marshalls and they have great “name brand” bags, but by no means compare to this great price, with a good look to it and all the compartments.

  3. 3 Ben // 2010.03.20 at 4:54 am

    Good call on highlighting this item. I had my parents and a girlfriend both end up with damaged baggage after flying into LAX over the holidays, and one trip to Costco later they were each the proud new owners of this duffel. It had enough room for all their newly acquired souvenirs (even fitting in the damaged original bag in the girlfriend’s case) and I’ve heard only good things about their performance since then.

    I personally have been eyeing the KS Expandable Carry-On, since I’m a light packer and might need something beefier than my trusty three-night bag. Any stories about it?

  4. 4 Kevin // 2010.03.19 at 2:42 pm

    How heavy is the bag when empty? A year ago, I was at Costco deciding between a rolling split duffel and a regular rolling duffel, the split bag was heavier because of the lower, stiffer portion, thicker handle and cloth material, and larger wheels. I bought both to test and measured 3 pounds for the non-split and 8 pounds for the split duffel, and those extra 5 pounds may matter when it can cost $50 for overweight luggage. I ended up getting the lighter non-split duffel (by Skyway, I think).

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