This Week at Costco – March 28, 2010

April 3rd, 2010 · 8 Comments

Another fun filled week at Costco UK.  I’m almost getting used to driving on the other side of the road even.  We were obviously feeling in a healthy mood this week, because a lot of what we got was fruit and veggies.  Though we did get a few things that were perhaps less than healthy.  I tried to scan my UK coupon book this week, but here’s the problem: UK ink cartridges won’t work in my US printer!  Who knew?  So, tip for anyone planning to move and take their printer with them, either don’t or bring replacement ink cartridges.  So, we’re working on resolving this issue and I hope I’ll be able to scan and print in the near future.

Abraham Original Black Forest Ham

Abraham Original Black Forest Ham

Abraham Original Black Forest Ham – We fell for the smoky flavor of the Black Forest Ham when we were in Germany last summer.  Sadly, we couldn’t ever find it when we were in the US, however, they have it at the Costco here!  We were both really excited to see it the first time we went to Costco.  So, we finally picked some up; I don’t know what we were waiting for.  The pack at Costco is actually a 2 pack of 300 gram containers.  The two separate containers are nice because you can keep one fresh while you munch your way through the other one.  The thing with Black Forest Ham is that it can only be made in the Black Forest region of Germany, and must adhere to really strict regional guidelines.  The Abraham company is based in Germany and they salt and season the meat by hand according to a recipe dating back more than 100 years. It takes four to six weeks to salt the leg and then the ham is air-dried before being smoked gently over fir wood. The best feature, in my opinion, of the Black Forest Ham is the yummy, smoky flavor.  It is so delicious!  It practically melts in your mouth.  I think this ham seems to be slightly thicker slices than some of the stuff we had in Germany.  The slices are great to eat just by themselves, as an appetizer type thing.  You could even wrap it around asparagus, like prosciutto.  But it is also great on a sandwich.  I’ve been thinking about trying it on a grilled cheese sandwich too, because you know, everything can be made yummier with cheese.  It seems like this is an item that they always stock at our Costco; which makes us both happy.  2, 300 gram for £4.85 or 2, 10.6 ounce packages for US $7.22.  Item #: 0076976.

McVitie's Biscuit 5 Pack

McVitie's Biscuit 5 Pack

McVitie’s Everyday Selection Biscuit Five Pack –  In this five pack you mostly get a selection of the McVitie’s digestives biscuits – 1 pack of original flavored, 2 milk chocolate digestives, and 1 pack of dark chocolate digestives.  The remaining pack is rich tea biscuits.  If you’re not familiar with the ‘digestives’ type of cookies, I’ll try to explain.  The cookies are made with wheat and wholemeal, so they are really crunchy and filling.  Apparently, the term of ‘digestives’ comes from its high content of baking soda that functions as an aid to food digestion.  I’m sure from the description I made you’re thinking these wouldn’t be good, but they are really good.  The first time we tried these we were in Iceland and have been big fans ever since then.  In this container there are three chocolate covered packs; chocolate covers one side fully but the other side looks healthy and whole grain still.  They are good with a cup of tea or a glass of milk, but they’re also just good by themselves following a meal.  I’m pretty sure that as far as cookies go, these have got to be the healthiest choice you could make.  And certainly, they are the healthiest that you would want to eat.  They are actually really good, despite being healthy!  And here’s a fun McVitie’s fact:  Over 71 million packets of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives are eaten in the UK each year – that’s an astounding 52 biscuits per second!  5 individual packs for £3.49  or US $5.20.  Item #: 0038843.

Fresh Courgettes

Fresh Courgettes

Fresh Courgettes (aka Zucchini) – Dave and I love these little summer squash, no matter if we call them ‘courgettes’ or ‘zucchini’.  They are really easy to prepare as a great veggie side to dinner.  I like to saute sliced courgettes with a little garlic and olive oil, when I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw in some capers too.  I’ve also made a neat looking veggie dish with them by slicing them long-ways but not all the way through, so that you can kind of fan it out.  Then you dip them in a little egg and then seasoned bread crumbs.  After that you bake them until the squash is tender.  They look really impressive but are easy to make.  I like zucchini raw too, but Dave is not a fan.  I think they make a great addition to a salad or just on their own.  You can either slice them into little rounds or make matchstick slices too.  So, because of how much we both like them, I was thrilled to see them selling a nice sized bag of these at Costco.  It’s a 1.2 kilogram bag, which had six nice sized courgettes in it.  And they even come in a handy zip top bag with little holes so you can keep them  in your fridge and don’t have to worry about them getting mushy or having a condensation issue.  1.2 kilograms for £2.99 or 2.6 pounds for $4.45.  Item #: 0001929.

Seedless Green Grapes

Seedless Green Grapes

Fresh Seedless Green Grapes – Dave loves his grapes, and I like them but only if they are seedless.  Luckily for us, Costco sells these delicious seedless green grapes.  They also have red seedless grapes, but we both prefer the green ones.  This is a big container, there’s no way around that, at 1.8 kilograms (that’s 4 pounds) that’s a whole lot of grapes.  If we eat some everyday, we can get through this in a little over a week.  And these grapes are so fresh, they will easily last that long.  It’s been five days now and they still look nice and fresh.  They have a really nice, crisp texture and a sweet juicy flavor.  Plus, there’s the whole no seeds thing.  I don’t ever do anything all that exciting with my grapes, I just eat them plain.  I guess I could be enterprising and make my own raisins, but honestly, I don’t see that happening.  So, for now, I’ll just stick to eating them straight from the package.  Though I could freeze them I guess, as has been suggested here before.  1.8 kilograms for £4.79 or 4 pounds for $7.13.  Item #: 0083333.


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  1. 1 Joe // 2010.04.15 at 6:55 am

    Hey Bubba X, we have the KS Stir Fry Frozen vegetables in California. All of the warehouses in the bay area region have them anyway. Every time you go in your local store, write a request for that item and drop it in the “Tell us what you think” box.

  2. 2 Bubba X // 2010.04.09 at 9:31 am

    Wondering if anyone has any word on Kirkland Stir-Fry Frozen vegetables? I was at my local (Clackamas, OR) Costco today and they tell me they haven’t seen any in “a while”. These used to be a staple and are one of my foundation foods…

  3. 3 Robin // 2010.04.08 at 12:00 am

    “They are good with a cup of tea or a glass of milk”

    Or if you are Jewish, a nice glass of tea. 😉

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the Digestives in the grocery store here in Orlando, due to the large number of Brits living in the area. I should give them a try.

    Maybe our Costco should talk to your Costco about getting in more British food.

    • 4 Kimberly // 2010.04.08 at 2:22 am

      I definitely think there are quite a few things here that people in the US would like and buy. And vice versa. I really like the idea of the bread that you can finish baking at home and think that would be a big seller anywhere. And of course, the shortbread with the Belgian chocolate chunks from the Costco bakery is not going to languish on the shelves in the US, I just have a feeling.

      I think the only place we might have spotted the digestives or similar things was at Cost Plus World Market because they sell all kinds of import food items, but we definitely didn’t see them at the regular grocery stores.

  4. 5 Bob // 2010.04.05 at 11:19 am

    Have you tried the Food Court Hot Dog? If so, how is it? Can you post a picture of the food court sign and what the hot dog looks like? Here in the U.S., I’m a big fan! Thank you.

    • 6 Kimberly // 2010.04.08 at 2:24 am

      Bob, I haven’t had a chance to try the hot dogs here…yet. But I will. Every time we have gone to Costco the store and the Food Court have been so packed that we were running out of time to get our Zipcar back. But I did take pictures and will post about it soon (maybe today).

  5. 7 Danita // 2010.04.04 at 12:15 pm

    The baked Zucchini recipe sounds good. I’ll have to try it. We grill Zucchini quite often when it’s in season. I wish we could get the bisquits or the shortbread from your last posting here. They sound good.

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