This Week at Costco – April 4, 2010

April 10th, 2010 · 4 Comments

I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually go to Costco this week.  First, Sunday was Easter and they were closed.  Secondly, I was in Brussels enjoying delicious chocolate and warm fries (though not at the same time, that would just be too much).  So, this is really a continuation of last week’s post.  In the UK, this is the last weekend for the current coupon book.  In the US, you can expect a post next week about the upcoming coupon book which will run from April 15 – May 9, 2010.

Costco Deli Chicken Enchiladas – I’ll apologize right now for not having a picture of this item.  Since we weren’t able to get a hot dog for lunch at Costco because we were out of time, we rushed home and started eating the enchiladas before I realized I didn’t have a picture.  The most amazing things about these enchiladas is the sheer size of them.  They are huge!  They put two of them in the standard black plastic container that most of their deli items come in, and they are really filling the entire space available.  I’d say they are like 9 or 10 inches long and 4 or so inches wide.  They are made with white flour tortillas and packed with chicken, the rotisserie chicken, along with some other things like cheese.  But the real star is the chicken, of course.  That rotisserie chicken is awesome and moist and can be made into just about anything.  Since there is really nothing good around London in the Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurant area, this is as close as we’re going to get unless we make it ourselves.  For me, one of these enchiladas is dinner and lunch the next day; for Dave its just one meal.  So, if I think about these being 3 meals, it really is a great deal.  Of course, they are pretty tasty too.  Sure, it’s not in any way authentic Mexican food, but it tastes good and that is the most important thing.  2 enchiladas for £7.48 or US $11.93.  Item #: 0080245.

Mini Cheese Variety Pack

Mini Cheese Variety Pack

Mini Cheese Variety Pack – My love of cheese continues and Costco is still my biggest enabler.  This is a great variety pack of 18 little cheeses of various flavors and types.  There are three cheeses of each of the six different types:  Mini Babybel original, Mini Babybel cheddar, Mini Bonbel, Cantadou with garlic and herbs, Laughing Cow Cheese Spread, and Port Salut.  I like the little Babybel and Bonbel rounds because they are the perfect size for a lunchtime or afternoon snack nibble of cheese.  They go great with crackers too, though that is more a bite of cheese, bite of cracker kind of setup.  The Cantadou is a creamy spreadable cheese that is very flavorful.  With all the garlic flavor of in the cheese it is great for a baked potato, roasted vegetables, or bread.  I didn’t try it, but I think it would also be good thrown in with hot pasta, since it would add flavor and as it melted it would make it’s own little pasta sauce.  The spreadable Laughing Cow cheese is perfect for crackers since it has a very mild flavor, almost like cream cheese.  I will admit though that I think the Port Salut is probably my favorite in this little pack though.  It’s got a semi-soft texture that makes it very creamy in your mouth, and the flavor is mild but ever so slightly tangy.  It’s a very nice cheese that goes perfectly with crackers or bread, or just by itself.  I really liked having the variety pack though because the cheeses are small, so they are perfect for a little taste, and since there is the variety you don’t get sick of having the same cheese day after day until it’s gone.  18 mini cheeses, 356 grams, for £3.49 or US $5.31.  Item #: 0039885.

Heat & Serve Plain Naan

Heat & Serve Plain Naan

Honeytop Select Plain Naan – This is another great idea is heat and serve bread.   We love this stuff!  It’s really quick and easy to prepare since it’s really already cooked and all we’re actually doing is heating it up.  So, you just sprinkle some water on it and put it n the oven for five minutes.  I kind of like it better when it is broiled or grilled though.  Either way, it comes out piping hot and if you add a little butter it is outstanding.  Certainly as good as some of the restaurants I’ve been too, I might add.  On the package it states that the naan is hand shaped and flame baked in a clay lined tandoor oven; just as it should be.  So, even though it is heat and serve, it has some bit of authenticity.  We usually choose to have this with Indian food that we’ve picked up from somewhere else because take away naan usually loses something on the walk home.  However, I have had this just for lunch without any Indian food in sight.  I think you could use them like a pita too probably or use them to make a sandwich.  It’s best just pulled from the oven with a nice amount of butter though.  Can you really beat warm bread, of any kind, and melty butter?  Luckily at Costco you get four packages of 2 naans together, which is enough to get us through a week or two.  If you think it will take you longer to eat them though, you can freeze them too.  4 pack of 2 naans each (8 naan) for £2.35 or US $3.58.  Item #: 0099756.

Mistoliva Green & Black Olives

Mistoliva Green & Black Olives

Mistoliva Marinated Green and Black Olives – I love olives with some fresh bread and a nice cheese, so we were pleased to see these at Costco.  It’s a mix of plump green and black (pitted) olives, in a nice marinade of garlic, sweet peppers, hot chilli, and a mix of sunflower and olive oil.  These olives are really yummy!  They have the perfect blend of flavors to give them a little zip and they are great on their own or with some bread and cheese.  When I’m looking for a bit of a snack, I like to eat some of these just plain.  For some reason, olives are nicely filling and you don’t even have to eat a ton of them.  I think these would be really good as a topping for your spaghetti too.  I haven’t made anything like that recently, but really you just need to heat them to take the chill of the fridge off, and they go perfectly with buttered spaghetti.  My only complaint about these olives is that the marinade is a little heavy on the vinegar.  I think a little of that goes a long way in something like this, so they could afford to cut back a little.  1000 grams for £3.99 or US $6.07.  Item #: 0104195.


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  1. 1 Casey // 2010.04.14 at 5:58 pm

    I live in Kennewick, Washington (the state where Costco was born and is headquartered, but I’m around 4-4 1/2 hours away from their headquarters), USA.
    I love my local Costco. It’s only around almost 10 or so inter-city miles.
    I have never been to Disneyland, Disneyworld, or Six Flags, so I always call my local Costco “the happiest place on earth”, much to the disappointment of my sister, who absolutely hates Costco.

  2. 2 Lottie Tannenbaum // 2010.04.14 at 4:52 pm

    I live in the mountains of North Carolina and we have to drive 170 miles to the nearest Costco! They cluster their stores (such as Durham, Raleigh and Apex) around the country. I lived in Chicago and there were TONS of Costcos!

    Please! We need Costco here in the mountains! It would improve the economy with jobs and tax revenues. There’s a lot of wealthy folks retiring in this region and that brings money. There’s not a lack of money or population in this area and we LOVE Costco! Help! Costco to Western North Carolina! Stat!!!

  3. 3 Kimberly // 2010.04.13 at 5:44 am

    Ah, don’t fear Costco, they are very friendly. 🙂 Friendly return policy and customer service and they don’t have as many products to be overwhelmed by like at Walmart and the big grocery store chains. And I would think they’d be great for a vegetarian because they have some really nice produce at great prices, plus lots of organic items now too. If you have never been, or haven’t been in a long time, I would suggest you just stop by and take a look at one, just to see if it would work for you. You can be a guest and just look around, like a tourist.

  4. 4 XUP // 2010.04.12 at 8:43 am

    I still can’t get over the fact that you manage an entire blog about Costco. I wish I could comment more often, but I never go to Costco. Costco scares me.

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