This Week at Costco – June 6, 2010

June 12th, 2010 · 6 Comments

This was the first time I have ever had a receipt issue while shopping at Costco.  And sadly, I ddin’t notice it until I was writing this post.  I got charged twice for one of the items I bought, that I really only did buy one of, I promise.  But why didn’t the guy at the door notice?  Oh well, I guess on my next trip I’ll be trying to get them to give me a refund.

Frozen Cod Loins

Frozen Cod Loins

Halieutis North Atlantic Frozen Cod Loins –  I like to have some fish or seafood at least once per week, but we aim for two times per week most of the time.  So, we like to keep the frozen stuff on hand because that way we don’t have to get all uptight about eating fish on a certain day or else it will go bad.  Sometimes now we freeze part of the big salmon fillets that you can get at Costco but a lot of times we just buy the various flash frozen fish they have in the freezer section.  Costco usually has a pretty good variety so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same fish every week.  Recently we picked up these really nice, frozen cod loins.  In the bag you get six good sized pieces of cod that are boneless and skinless and from the nice thick part of the fish.   On the  bag they have a couple of cooking suggestions – bake en papillote, pan fry on top of the stove, or microwave.  My mom swears that microwaving is the way to go because the fish come out very moist and lovely.  I like to mix it up and try different things though.  We had very good luck baking them (without the tin foil wrap, just in a pan) with lemon juice and zest, along with salt, pepper, and a little garlic.  The end result was a really nice piece of fish that was moist with a nice zing of lemon.  The pieces are slightly on the big side I think because I find one of the pieces a little too big but luckily Dave can finish off the rest of mine. 1 kilogram for £10.99 (US: 2.2 pounds for $16.08).  Item #: 0091065.

Aberdeen Angus Meatballs

Aberdeen Angus Meatballs

Aberdeen Angus Meatballs –  Dave loves meatballs, so when we saw these I knew we wouldn’t be passing them by.  These are made with nice, seemingly lean beef because unlike some of the other meatballs we’ve gotten in the freezer section at Costco, these are nowhere nears as greasy.  The only downside is that the only seasonings they have are a little onion powder and white pepper, as a result they’re a little bland.  The next time I make some of these I’ll be adding my own oregano, basil and/or garlic to them so that they have a little more flavor.  Not that they are bad, but you need to make sure that when you are cooking with them that you season appropriately because they bring nothing but meat flavor to the dish.  I find the texture the most interesting part of these though.  They don’t seem to be made from just straight ground beef because the texture is much, much finer than that.  As a result of however they process it, they have a very smooth texture.  I really like it because that also keeps them more tightly formed and less apt to fall apart.  These would be perfect for a sauce because they aren’t all fatty and would really absorb the flavors well.  Last night we had them with some garlic buttered spaghetti with a little bit of fresh grated Parmesan and they were good but could have used a little extra punch.  Luckily, there are 25 meatballs in the pack at Costco so you have a few chances to try them in different recipes.  We ended up freezing most of them so we can have a few meatball centric meals from this one container.  25 – 36 gram meatballs, 900 grams total, for £5.49 (US: 25 – 1.3 ounce meatballs, 2 pounds total, for $8.03).  Item #: 0095276.

Port Salut Cheese Slices

Port Salut Cheese Slices

Port Salut Cheese Slices –  This is a really lovely cheese.  Not just the particular package at Costco, but just in general.  Port Salut is a mild tasting, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a distinctive orange edge.  While I enjoy the mild flavor that goes well with just about everything I pair it with (like the ham below, for instance), I think it is the texture that really makes this cheese stand out for me.  It has such a soft, creamy texture it seems to just melt in your mouth.  Obviously, I’m a fan.  It makes outstanding grilled cheese sandwiches because of the creaminess and the mild flavor.  It’s also great with crackers too.  When you let it stand and fully come to room temperature, as you should with cheese, the texture is at its creamiest and the flavor  becomes a little more pronounced than if you just grab a piece for a quick bite right from the fridge.  Perhaps my favorite way to have this cheese is on a fresh piece of crusty French bread that has been grilled/broiled just long enough for the cheese to get all melty.  Delicious!  Aside from this being a yummy cheese, it is also conveniently packaged at Costco in two separately sealed containers so that you can have one open while the other one is staying freshly sealed up.  Also, the slices are not too wide so they are a good size for most sandwich breads.  560 grams, 28 slices, for £4.25 (US: 1.2 pounds for $6.22).  Item #: 0049350.

Sliced Honey Roast Ham

Sliced Honey Roast Ham

Sliced Honey Roast Ham – Since I eat lunch at home most everyday during the week, I like to find things that I can quickly make for lunch.  And sandwiches are the ultimate in easy, aren’t they?  This week we picked up this big package of sliced ham because it wasn’t the typical lunch meat ham.  Mostly the big difference is the thick slices, like you would have if you made a ham at home and were cutting it up yourself.  There’s no use in having a ham sandwich if you have to use a whole package of lunch meat to get a hint of ham flavor, and these big thick slices don’t have that problem.  I find that two of these slices is plenty on a regular piece of thick bread.  On typical sandwich bread, you could possibly get away with just one (but go ahead and live dangerously and have two).  My perfect ham sandwich is some good cheese, like the Port Salut above, some spicy mustard, a smidge of mayo, and a couple of nice pieces of lettuce; nothing too fancy.  The other delicious way to pair ham with bread is through the application of heat, such as a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Luckily, Dave likes ham sandwiches as much as I do and we should be able to get through this big package, though it probably would be wisest for us to freeze some of it.  1.5 kilograms for £10.89 (US: 3.3 pounds for $15.93).  Item #: 0026530.

Tenderstem Broccoli Spears

Tenderstem Broccoli Spears

Tenderstem Broccoli Spears – We’re not all just protein, protein, protein here, we eat vegetables too!  We decided to give the tenderstem broccoli a try this week because we haven’t had it and we like to try new things sometimes.  Basically, it tastes similar to regular broccoli but way more mild, and in some ways reminds me more of asparagus, probably due to the much more tender texture of the stems and end bits.  You can steam it, like you would with regular broccoli, or you can saute or stir fry it like I did.  The stir fry method is good because you can introduce some flavor to it like garlic or whatever your seasoning of choice is, however, it probably isn’t as quick as steaming.  It took me around 10 minutes to stir fry mine and it was still a little on the crunchy side when I took it out of the pan.  Perhaps it was my own fault for putting too much in the pan at once, I don’t know.  Or maybe I should have covered the pan for a bit to steam it a bit.  In any case, the extra crunch didn’t really bother us and the taste was really good.  I had added some fresh garlic to the pan so there was a nice garlicky flavor that went really well with the more mild broccoli taste.  Of course, if I can’t think of how to cook it next time, I can go to this website that is all about the tenderstem broccoli.  I’m looking forward to getting this again though because I liked it quite a bit.  400 grams for £2.99 (US: 14 ounces for $4.37).  Item #: 01009903.


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  1. 1 Elle // 2010.06.17 at 1:12 am

    We’ve had 2 recent issues at our Costco (within 2 weeks), but unfortunately did not realize it until we arrived home. First, we were charged twice for an item. Next time, I was careful to watch as they scanned my items so as to avoid a double scan and even looked over the receipt carefully while still at the check stand. When I arrived home and unpacked everything from the box, I noticed two items on the receipt were not in the box. Very disappointing!

  2. 2 GregLeg // 2010.06.13 at 10:42 am

    Interesting — the checkers at my Costco are more on the ball. One time the checkout guy at the register forgot to scan an item and put it in my cart. Neither of us noticed, but the checker at the door caught the mismatch in item count right away.

    • 3 Kimberly // 2010.06.15 at 6:01 am

      Greg, I would have thought they would have caught it at the door too. But I guess the onslaught of people trying to escape the store overwhelmed the door guy for a second. And normally I would have noticed this right away but I was just wanting to leave and didn’t look at the receipt well enough. We had bought like 30 items, so it was quite a bit of stuff thrown in the cart. Oh well, I’m sure Costco will be good about giving me a refund because it clearly seems like a double scan on the receipt.

  3. 4 Nabeela // 2010.06.12 at 6:34 pm

    I’ve had errors on my receipts twice at Costco, but I noticed them right away and got it fixed before we left (this is because I am always paranoid and check my receipt to see if they’re overcharging me). But both times, they were gracious enough to give me back a refund right away. However, that could have been because they could see I couldn’t have hidden the item in my purse (the items we were double charged for were HUGE).
    I don’t know how they’d react if I went back the next day or even the same day to claim I was overcharged.
    As for tender stem broccoli, is that the same as broccolini? I’m getting a lot of those in my CSA and enjoying them. I don’t know about your tender stem broccoli, but broccolini does need to be blanched a little before stir frying.

    • 5 Kimberly // 2010.06.15 at 6:04 am

      Nabeela, I think is is like broccolini. At least to me it looks the same. I probably should have blanched it or steamed it briefly before stir frying it. It was still really tasty and since it was just us having it for dinner we could deal with the little extra crunch. I mean, it wasn’t like it was crunchy like it was raw, it just wasn’t quite as soft as I think it should have been. But now I’ll know for next time.

  4. 6 Gehrig // 2010.06.12 at 3:44 pm

    I had the same thing happen to me. (Double scanned an item). When the checker at the door approved my receipt and handed me back my receipt, I noticed that I was charged twice for an item. So I pointed this out to the checker and I received a cash refund right away. Now I can understand if I had a zillion things in my shopping cart, but I only purchase about 2-7 items on my trips to Costco, so I can’t understand how they can miss count any of my purchases……
    Ever since that happened, I always look at my receipt during my walk to the exit, just to be sure it’s correct.
    (been about 1.5 years and no additional error’s found on my receipts. I go to Costco about 1-2 times a week)

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