This Week at Costco – August 1, 2010

August 7th, 2010 · 8 Comments

I’m afraid most of my reviews aren’t for the healthiest items that Costco carries, but they are are still tasty.  But the best find was definitely the Supima cotton towels.  They’re some of the softest towels I’ve ever used.  Hopefully, they won’t be all out before we can get back to pick up the rest of the set or even some more towels.

Also, I wanted to mention to all the US shoppers that the latest US Costco Coupon Book is set to expire on Sunday,the 8th, so this is the last weekend to use any of those coupons!

LambWeston Seasoned Twisters

LambWeston Seasoned Twisters

LambWeston Seasoned Twister Fries –  I totally caved in and we got the enormous bag of frozen fries.  The Costco sample people foiled all hope of getting out of there without one though.  They were handing out samples and as soon as Dave tried them he practically ran to the freezer section to get a bag of his own.  If you couldn’t tell from the name these are curly fries.  They are really quite tasty and are able to get fairly crunchy on the outside, without burning, but still retain soft, fluffy potato goodness on the inside.  They aren’t heavily seasoned, and appear to have very little salt on them as well, so you can control this yourself.  But a handful with a homemade burger seems better than getting fries at a restaurant.  Dave’s a big fan of the curly fries and seems to prefer these over regular, straight fries for whatever reason.  Sometimes I like to toss the frozen fries with some red pepper or ground jalapeno and garlic to make my own seasoned fries.  If you’re going to do this you either need to let them thaw out a bit before trying to season them or you can also do it after you’ve cooked them partially.  But you need them to be a little more pliable and wet than they are when you get them straight out of the freezer.  Also, if you want to add some salt, I’ve found that popcorn salt is the best bet because it is much finer, it sticks and doesn’t just bounce off the way table or kosher salt does.  The biggest downfall with this purchase is the sheer size of the bag: it is huge at 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds).  It has to have its own dedicated drawer in our freezer (and there are only 4!).  2.5 kg for £2.99 (US: $4.75).  Item #: 0108028.

Premium Salad Potatoes

Premium Salad Potatoes

Premium Salad Potatoes –  It was apparently a potato kind of day because we also got these nice little salad potatoes.  If you’re not wanting to make a classic baked potato (obviously), these are a great little potato.  Since the skin on them is thin you don’t really need to bother with peeling them and they are a good size to either cook whole or cut in half  for roasting or steaming.  I like the little prep time needed to get these in the oven.  I really like to roast them because they can get almost crunchy if you cut them in half (or smaller) and they turn a lovely golden brown color; they look perfect every time.  Plus, given the small size they don’t take forever to cook.  They’re also a nice potato for making potato salad because they don’t just fall apart and turn to potato mash salad.  They have a very fine texture, so they hold their shape quite well.  The texture also makes them great for slicing and sautéing.  But they’re also not bad for mashed potatoes either, though if I do that I need to peel them first.  But no matter how you like to cook your potatoes, this bag is big enough that you can try out a few recipes, probably before you even start getting low.  I like having potatoes on hand because they go with pretty much anything and there are a ton of ways that you can cook them.  Thanks to Costco, I rarely have to worry about being out of them too.  2 kg for £1.99 (US: $3.16).  Item #: 0035710.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies –  I think I mentioned a while ago that Dave really loves Rice Krispie treats, and aside from the marshmallows (that I wrote about previously), the other main ingredient is Rice Krispies.  So, we are now the proud owners of a 2 pack of giant boxes of Rice Krispies.  We could be making the treats on a continual basis and be good for quite some time I think.  Luckily, they also are not a bad breakfast cereal.  I imagine you could find other uses for them too if you crushed them up for instance they would probably work to make a nice crunchy breading for things.  But honestly, it’s all about the Rice Krispie treats or me sneaking a bowl for breakfast.  The only problem with them as a breakfast cereal is that they get soggy very quickly, and once that happens, they just aren’t that tasty anymore.  Plus, they’re not a tremendous store of nutrition, though they do provide you with a bit of your RDA for B vitamins, like thiamin and riboflavin, as well as folic acid, niacin, and iron.  Shockingly, the boxes here do not have the recipe for Rice Krispies Treats on them.  Luckily though, you can get that from the Kellogg’s website.  Of course, it really is just dump some butter and marshmallows in pan and melt together until they form a sticky gooey mess.  At that point, add Rice Krispies and incorporate.  Let set until somewhat less sticky and messy.  And nicely, the Kellogg’s website, gives you the nutrition information for your completed treats, so then you’ll be afraid to eat them after you’ve made them.  2, 600 gram boxes for £4.99 (US: $7.92).  Item #: 0087849.

Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter

Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter

Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter –  One of the other key ingredients in the Rice Krispies Treats is butter.  And well, there’s always a million ways to use butter, so I always buy it in the big size at Costco.  We eat butter, instead of margarine or other spreads, because I feel like I use less of it because it actually tastes like butter not something trying to taste like butter.  Plus, if you don’t use a ton of  it all the time, butter isn’t that horrible.  Anyway, enough of me trying to justify my enjoyment of butter.  Lurpak is the brand of choice at Costco since they don’t seem to have the Kirkland Signature butter, like in the US.  The Lurpak people make a nice butter too, with a lovely, light flavor.  I especially like the level of salt in it, not really enough that you can taste it but just a teeny-tiny smidge to liven up flavors.  And the other good thing, the price is less than if I bought it at the local grocery store.  Lurpak is actually not just one single dairy, it is a dairy consortium of sorts, for all Danish butters created in 1901.  They started this to ensure that other inferior brands couldn’t go around posing as Danish butter, since they were known for their superior quality and taste (who knew?).  Today, participating dairies must have samples of their butter tested each week by a panel of experts.  Each week!  That’s how they have such great and consistently high quality butter though.  Another interesting fact from the Lurpak website:  the cultures in Lurpak tend to keep it fresher for longer and create a lower moisture content, making it superior for cooking.  500 g for £2.19 (US: $3.48).  Item #: 0050402.

Supima Cotton Bath Sheets

Supima Cotton Bath Sheets

Supima Cotton Bath Sheets, 2 pack –  These are so soft and fluffy, we just love them!  But they don’t weigh a ton, so they are easy to use too.  But the softness is really what made us pick these up.  I really can’t adequately put into words how super-soft they are, you just need to go feel them for yourself.  And they actually still feel as soft after washing them even.  Our current towels, are some super thick and lovely Kirkland Signature towels made of Turkish cotton that we got in the US a few years ago (5 or 6 probably).  And while they are still in incredibly good shape, just like new really, you can always use another set of towels.  Especially ones that are so wonderful feeling.  Plus, I really love the crisp look of white towels and don’t have any currently.  At Costco, they are selling two packs of these bath sheets, with no wash cloths or face towels, though they did have a set of those but the towels were not bath sheets and were smaller.  So, to start with we just picked up a two pack of the bath sheets, but we’ll definitely be getting the rest of the set.  I really did think that once we washed them they wouldn’t seem as great or wouldn’t be very absorbent.  But I was proven wrong.  After washing, they are still very soft and fluffy, and do their job of drying you off.  Right now, they are still kind of linty, but I think that will dissipate after a couple of more turns in the washer.  And if white isn’t your towel color of preference, they have several other colors: a pale, watery aqua color and brown I definitely remember but there were like 5 other colors besides white, I believe.  Oh yeah, the bath sheets are 90 x 150 cm (35.4 x 59 inches).  2 bath sheets for £21.99 (US: $34.91).  Item #: 0099897.


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    […] Signature Turkish Spa 4 Piece Set – Since we bought the lovely white bath sheets a few weeks ago, we needed some white wash cloths and hand towels to make a whole set.  They […]

  2. 2 Clue // 2010.08.09 at 8:35 pm

    Carla, purchases made on DO count for your 2% Executive card award.

    However, that does NOT include “…transactions done on or through Web sites not hosted by Costco even if accessed through, including all business, consumer, and insurance services, the online photo center, Costco Travel, and the My Publisher website;…”

    Source:s Page 5 of the June 2010 Costco Member Benefits & Costco Services directory; and

  3. 3 matsugirl // 2010.08.09 at 2:01 am

    Hi Kimberly,

    I have been wondering, have you read Sig Hansen’s book? Did you like it, recommend it?

    Because of your post last May about Deadliest Catch, my dh downloaded past seasons and we have finally caught up to present season. Thanks to you we have a new reality show we like to watch. 🙂

    • 4 Kimberly // 2010.08.10 at 5:07 am

      @Matsugirl, I haven’t gotten a copy of Sig’s book yet but I heard from a friend that it was a good read, so I am planning on getting a copy. I love the tv show and am glad that I could get you both hooked on it too. This was a sad year on the show because of Captain Phil passing away, but the show is just totally riveting. It’s all that excitement, danger & the humor – it’s just a good mix.

      I’ll be sure to post something once I read the book.

  4. 5 Carla // 2010.08.07 at 8:14 pm

    Question… do purchases made at count towards my yearly purchases on my Executive card?

  5. 6 Si Man // 2010.08.07 at 12:51 pm

    Wow, you even remind us the expiry of the coupon book in the U.S. Thanks ! I just used them to buy “something” (well….full of my shopping cart even the bottom). The towels that you bought are not sold at stores in the U.S. but I used the US$4.00 coupon to buy a 6-piece pack towel (original price US$19.99). No store can beat this kind of quality with this price. It’s not as soft as what you bought but I will use softener to keep them being soft and fluffy =)

    • 7 Kimberly // 2010.08.10 at 5:14 am

      @Si Man, it’s amazing how quickly you can get your cart piled high with stuff isn’t it? 🙂 Are the towels you got the Kirkland Signature kind? Because those are very nice too. I can’t remember exactly what was in the coupon book this time.

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