This Week at Costco – October 24, 2010

October 30th, 2010 · 3 Comments

I did actually remember to take back the down pillows that I had bought in August.  Finally.  As usual, they were very nice about it and didn’t give me a problem.  Possibly because you could kind of smell them, even through the plastic container that they came in.  I also noticed when we were there that I somehow missed the last coupon book here in the UK.  It is good from October 11 – October 31 (so, tomorrow).   But it was our lucky week because they had the projection alarm clocks that we’ve been looking for since we moved here.

Oregon Scientific Projection Clock

Oregon Scientific Projection Clock

Oregon Scientific Slim Projection Clock –  We have been looking for projection alarm clocks since we moved here, and I’m not even exaggerating by a bit.  It was one of the first things we started looking for but couldn’t really find one that worked for us.  We tried one from John Lewis (local version of Macy’s) but it had lots of issues, chief amongst them was that blue projection and numbers on the face.  It lit up the whole corner of the room it was so bright; it made it hard to fall asleep since we don’t sleep with night lights anymore since we’re both adults.  Turns out every single projection clock we could find had a blue projection display.  So, we had decided we were going to get one when we are home in the US next month.  But then today, as if the Costco gods were smiling on me, we saw this clock!  It has the much-wanted and necessary red projection; the main criteria.  It is also radio controlled so we don’t have to worry about setting the clock back tonight for the time chance here in the UK.  It also has two alarms, and projects the alarm status (on or not), and has an eight minute snooze.  If you plug it into the wall, it projects continuously, if you run it off of the back-up batteries, it only projects when you hit a button.  And the fancy new design makes it the world’s thinnest projection clock; just 10 mm thick!  The case is also a more modern white.  We were so excited to finally see a red projection clock that we ended up buying two; one for each bedroom.  £22.99.  Item #: 0109848.

Dirt Control Entrance Mat

Dirt Control Entrance Mat

Entrance Mat – It’s beginning to be the time of year here when it rains…a lot.  And so far we have just been trying to be careful about wet shoes on the carpet in our flat entrance hall, but I’ve really been wanting a mat.  Sure, we have a mat at the doorway to the building, but I know my shoes are sometimes still moist and dirty when I get up to our flat, hence the need for another mat.  Plus, I felt like the odd ones out because it seems like everyone else in the building has a mat in front of their doorway.  When we were at Costco this week, I decided to check out their mats to see what my options were.  No doubt about it, it is more industrial/institutional than cute and welcoming, but if it gets the job done, I don’t really care how it looks on the other side of my door.  The mat is a perfect size for our door at 50×80 cm, so it nicely fits in front of the whole door but isn’t so big it seems like it was meant for a shop.  It doesn’t list a height for the mat, but I’m guessing it is definitely no more than 1.5 cm for sure and probably much less than that.  The mats have a nice rubberized, non-skid backing to keep it in place and to keep you from falling or slipping once you step on it.  The actual carpet part is cotton and fluffy like a traditional rug, but it is (according to the package) super absorbent and absorbs both water and dirt.  And perhaps the best feature is that it is completely machine washable.  I didn’t really expect the entrance mats to be machine washable, so that’s a total bonus.  Also, the pack at Costco has two mats for a very good price.  I’m pretty sure this is a way better deal than I’m likely to find at any of the stores around me.  2, 50×80 cm mats for £9.49.  Item #: 0072597.

Dina Baklawa Selection

Dina Baklawa Selection

Dina Baklawa Selection – Oh my how I love baklawa!  Usually, I make my own, and I’m a little ashamed to have actually bought this, to be honest.  However, it is a really nice selection and styles that I would definitely not make myself, so that’s a nice change from the straight up baklava that we would get if I made it myself.  Or, maybe that’s just an excuse.  Any in case, the two pieces I’ve had so far were quite good.  Perhaps not as buttery as when I make it myself, but still delicious and sweet.  The selection consists of five different varieties:  coconut ballorieh, boukage, assabee, walnut baklawa, and cashew triangle.  The coconut ballorieh are coconut squares filled with chopped, mixed nuts.  Boukage are square layers of filo filled with cashews and soaked in syrup.  Assabee are filo pastry rolls stuffed with minced cashews and soaked in syrup.  Cashew triangles are filo pastry layered with cashews or almonds.  And finally, walnut baklawa is filo pastry layered with a walnut filling.  The one that I had never tried before was the coconut ballorieh, and it is really good, if you like coconut.  The shredded coconut works really nicely with the mix of nuts.  I usually make mine with walnuts, so the cashews are a nice change too.  It gives a slightly different flavor, obviously, but still goes really nicely with the pastry.  I like my baklawa with tea but it would probably work equally as well with coffee, and also goes nicely with a big glass of milk.  One or two pieces after a meal makes a nice end to a dinner party but these are equally good as an hors d’oeuvres at any upcoming holiday parties you might be having, as well.  And good news, these are good for vegetarians too.  1 kilogram assortment for £6.49.  Item #: 0108967.

August Silk Ladies Trousers

August Silk Ladies Trousers

August Silk Collection Ladies Trousers – I can always use a nice pair of trousers, for some reason.  I swear they disappear when they get into my closet.  I had actually picked up this same pair of trousers last time we were at Costco but they didn’t have a tag, and I didn’t feel like waiting for the price check guy to slowly walk over to check for the cashier, so I didn’t get them.  I really felt like it was my lucky day when we were there again and I realized they still had some left, and in my size too.  The pants themselves are cute with a wide waistband detail that fastens with three buttons for a little bit of interest.  The trousers have a wide leg, which flatters just about any figure, I find, including mine.  The tag on the trousers says that they are navy blue but they actually look like they are kind of tweedy dark grey with a dark pinstripe that could either be black or a very deep navy blue (the look much lighter in the picture than they do in reality).  The fabric is made of polyester, viscose and a little bit of elastane (which I’ve never heard of), so they’re not what anyone could call natural fibers. LOL  However, the combination of fibers gives the material a nice drape and a touch of stretch for a nice, smooth fit.  All of which makes them very comfortable to wear.  I only wish that they would have had them in another color besides this one and brown (not a good brown either).  £13.99.  Item #: 0088399.


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  1. 1 Janelle Bernbaur // 2010.11.23 at 12:13 pm

    Anyone know where I can find the Encyclopaedia Britannica 6-Book Interactive Science Library? I know Costco has them, but didn’t know if they were sold out for the holidays. Fingers crossed!

  2. 2 Erin // 2010.11.20 at 7:20 pm

    With regards to elastane – it seems be the UK term for spandex/lycra – you’ll see it a lot on clothing labels in the UK!

    • 3 Kimberly // 2010.11.23 at 7:21 am

      @Erin, thanks for cluing me in!

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