This Week at Costco – November 21, 2010

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Dave and I were in Kansas the last couple of weeks, visiting family and, of course, shopping at Costco.   It’s always interesting to go to a different location, but seemed even more so after shopping in the UK for several months now.  The really wonderful thing was that there were lots and lots of demos the day we were there, even though it was a Thursday.  So, we all got to sample stuff and they managed to lure us into purchasing several of the items too.  In any case, for the next several weeks I’ll be working through reviews for all of the stuff we got while we were in Kansas.

Also, don’t forget that this is the last weekend for the current Costco US Coupon Book.  And there’s also the special Costco Thanksgiving Weekend Coupon Book to take advantage of through November 28.  I’ll be posting about Costco’s next coupon book on Monday; it runs from December 2 – 19, 2010.

Pacific Coast Down Pillows

Pacific Coast Down Pillows

Pacific Coast Down Pillows, Queen Size –  After buying the down pillows here and having to take them back because of the wet feather smell, we were trying to figure out where to buy some new pillows.  I’ve been buying pillows at Costco for so long now, that anyplace else seems outrageously high to me.  So, we decided to get some while we were in the US and just bring them back in our luggage.  Plus, there was a coupon in the most recent coupon book, which made it even better.  I just love the Pacific Coast down pillows.  We already had some that we keep on our guest room bed, and everyone that comes to visit loves them too.  They are fluffy and soft and plushy.  They have a few nice features that makes them an outstanding pillow, aside from the wonderful 550 fill power down.  Each pillow has a zip off 330 thread count cover, which is great because it keeps the pillows cleaner and you don’t have to worry about feathers and stuff flying around the room.  They have also have an allergy free warranty because they have taken the care to remove allergens, dust, and dirt (though if you’re allergic to goose down, obviously this is still going to be a problem for you).  The pillows are also fully machine washable and I know I’ve done it several times to the pillows that I already have and this keeps them fluffy and fresh.  And perhaps the best part is that they have a 30-night comfort guarantee because they are that sure that you will find their pillows to be more comfortable than whatever your current pillows are, or you can return them for a refund.  So, now we have nice new fluffy, non-smelly, pillows on our bed.  If you’re curious, we brought a SpaceSaver bag with us, and that we enabled us to smoosh them down to around an inch in height so they didn’t even take up much space in our luggage.  2 queen/standard pillows for $29.99 ($39.99 – $10.00 coupon).  Item #: 665146.

Tiger Thai Calamari Rings

Tiger Thai Calamari Rings

TIger Thai Calamari Rings – This is one of the items that they were demoing when we were shopping, and obviously we liked it enough to buy it.  We all like calamari a lot so we were glad to find this.  The calamari rings have a nice coating made from panko breading with a little salt and pepper.  This is great to have as a little starter or hors d’ouvers for dinner or a party.  The breaded calamari rings are easy to prepare too, and cook up in no time right from the freezer.  You can either pan fry them or bake them; we choose to bake them because it was much lower on the fuss scale.  If you bake them, they take around 12 minutes and pan frying will take just around 3 minutes.  As with any calamari, you have to be careful to not overcook them or else they get more chewy.  And really, chewy isn’t what you want, so be careful.  They are very tasty with just a little red sauce or even with a simple spritz of lemon juice.  We had them as a little starter but they would be great with a steak for a little mini version of surf and turf.  Or, for a healthier option they would probably be really delicious on a salad.  But my favorite is always with a little red sauce or pesto because it brings out the flavor of the calamari without overpowering it.  I’d love it if I could find this at my UK Costco too.  2 pounds for $10.89.  Item #: 538118.

Whole Beef Top Loin

Whole Beef Top Loin

Whole Beef Top Loin – We were having a bunch of family over one of the days that we were visiting, so my mom decided that a giant beef loin would be the perfect thing for dinner.  And she was right on target because everyone loved it!  It’s hard to go wrong with a nicely prepared hunk of beef, really.  At Costco, they have such nice beef and is far better than anything you’re likely to find at the regular grocery stores in your area.  Not to mention, the prices are certainly better.  The full top loins are big, so it isn’t something to make unless you’re having a big gathering for sure.  There’s a good amount of marbling, which helps it stay delicious and juicy while you’re cooking it.  My mom rubbed it with olive oil and salt and pepper, plus she made some slits in it and stuffed garlic cloves in it, as well to make sure it was flavorful.  The downside is that it starts smelling delicious in the whole house shortly after putting it in the oven, but since it is so big a piece of meat, it take a few hours before you actually get to eat any of it.  But I guess there are much worse problems to have.  15.12 pounds for $69.40 ($4.59/pound)

Welch's Black Cherry & Concord Grape Juice

Welch's Cherry & Grape Juice

Welch’s Black Cherry and Concord Grape Juice – This was another one of the products that we probably wouldn’t have bought but they were giving out samples.  And after tasting it, I definitely wanted to get some.  I like grape juice but not anywhere near as much as Dave does.  However, the addition of the black cherry to the mix made it something better than just grape juice.  What I taste mostly is the cherry because it is sweeter and has a more distinct flavor, I think.  The grape juice is a bit of a back note, which for me is perfect.  The juice is sweet but not cloying and because of the tartness of the grape there’s a really good balance.  There’s no added sugar and each eight ounce serving has two servings of fruit (1 cup) and gives you 100% of your vitamin C.  2, 96 ounce bottles for $5.97.  Item #: 320012.

Kleenex 12-Pack

Kleenex 12-Pack

Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues – It’s that time of year when everyone starts getting colds, complete with lots of runny noses.  So, it’s the perfect time to stock up on Kleenexes for the whole house.  Buying this 12 pack at Costco will be sure to keep you in tissues for the entire winter, too.  These were the little square boxes, but you can also get the longer rectangular ones at Costco too.  With the ultra soft tissues, you also don’t have to worry about getting the dry, red nose either, well not as quickly anyway.  The other good thing about buying these in bulk is that you’ll actually have enough to put a box in the bathrooms, the bedrooms, and the living room, plus have backups.  You’d even have enough to take a box to work.  Now there’s no need to run out and have to resort to paper towels or something.  12 boxes, 85 tissues per box for $13.85.  Item #: 221663.


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  1. 1 Ken // 2010.12.18 at 11:42 am

    Hmmm, in April 2008 you hated Welch’s Grape & Black Cherry and now you like it.

    • 2 Kimberly // 2010.12.18 at 12:07 pm

      @Ken – Yeah, I know but it didn’t seem anywhere near as sweet this time. It was sweet but not that nasty over-sweet kind of taste. Perhaps they changed the recipe; maybe I wasn’t the only one that thought it was grossly sweet before.

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