This Week at Costco – December 5, 2010

December 11th, 2010 · 3 Comments

So, still talking about things I bought in Kansas.  Did I mention that we spent over four hours shopping and needed two carts? Yes, we bought that much stuff.  Even as much as I love, love, love Costco, I do believe that this was the first time I’ve ever needed two shopping carts!   Don’t forget that you have through next Sunday to use the current coupon book for your holiday shopping.

MiLight LED Flex Lights

MyLight LED Flex Lights

MyLight LED Flex Lights –  These are the most recent contender in the search for a good book light.  And I have to say, these are one of the best options that I’ve found.  Most book lights clip onto the book in some fashion, however, with this light you hang it around your neck which is much better because you’re not depending on the book to hold up the light.  Aside from that, it also has lights at both ends so that you can focus light on both pages of your book.  The lights are LEDs, which give a bright, clean light that is easy to read or work by.  Each end of the light has two different LEDs, one a wide angle light, one a spot light; these can be turned on/off independently.  There are also three different functions to give you the exact type of light you need:  wide, spot, and wide plus spot.  The part in between the lights is a flexible, shapeable foam rubber covered wire which allows you to position the light in the perfect way for not just reading but a host of other activities too.  The lights also come with a little clip that allows you to keep the light secured around your neck or something similar.  While we thought of these as a great light to read by, while not disturbing everyone around you with bright light, you could use them for any activity that requires light where an overhead won’t do, or a flashlight would just be a pain to hold: walking or jogging, working in the attic, or fixing your car.  The lights run on two regular AAA batteries; four of them come with the lights.  2 pack of lights for $12.99.  Item #: 527662.

Velvety Smooth Space Saving Hangers

Velvety Smooth Space Saving Hangers

Velvety Smooth Space Saving Hangers – These are now my mom’s favorite clothes hangers.  She actually bought a couple packs of them to replace all of her plastic hangers even.  If you haven’t seen these, they are extremely thin and coated with a velvety texture.  The texture keeps your clothes from slipping off, no matter how thin or delicate the fabric.  The regular hangers have a gentle curve to them that prevents your clothes from getting those little pointy dents that you might experience with regular hangers, which is one of the worst thing about hanging clothes.  In the pack at Costco you get 10 suit hangers and 40 regular hangers.  The suit hangers have a wider, contoured shoulder to keep your jackets and coats.  They also have a bar for hanging pants and a little separate bar where you could hang a tie, scarf or belt.  But the thinness is what amazes me and will save you lots of space in your closet.  I would definitely buy these for our small closet space here in the UK (yes, they sell them here too) if I didn’t already have lovely wooden hangers.  I have definitely seen these at the UK Costco too, though it was probably a month or so ago, I think.  At Amazon you’ll pay between $30.00 – $45.00 for this exact 50 hanger box, so the savings at Costco is considerable.   50 pack for $19.99 in the US or £11.49 in the UK.  Item #: 507381.

Head Ladies Gloves

Head Ladies Gloves

Head Ladies Gloves with ComfortMax Classic – We’ve had our first snowfall here in London and in the US there’s snow and lots of cold weather too.  So, it’s the perfect time to buy a new pair of warm gloves.   These gloves have an outside that seems like it should be at least water resistant, but it is the inside that will keep your hands warm and toasty while you are outside scraping ice from your windows, engaging in a snowball fight, or taking a walk.  The filling is made from ComfortMax Classic from Dupont.  The ComfortMax is made from multiple layers of fiberfill.  Each layer is lightweight at just 5-10g/sqm which makes it lightweight, but very durable.  All of the extra layers to the fiberfill make it really warm too.  Aside from the lovely insulation, the gloves also have an adjustable wrist strap so that you can make sure to keep snow and cold wind from getting in to the glove.  And of course, there’s that cute little bit of fur trim at the wrist too.  $9.99.  Item #: 520220.

Boursin Garlic & Herb Cheese

Boursin Garlic & Herb Cheese

Boursin Garlic and Herb Cheese – I love this stuff!  If you haven’t had it, it is a very soft and creamy cheese made with cow’s milk and cream and then flavored, in this case, with garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and chives. It’s great as a spread on crackers or fresh bread.  It is also nice on sandwiches.  And I’ll bet it would be great alongside a nice steak or with some roasted vegetables or potatoes.  This would be a great item to pick up for any parties you might have planned in the next few weeks; everyone likes a nice cheese with crackers.  I’ve bought this several times from Costco and it will last quite well in the fridge, which is good because freezing is not advised.  I did try freezing it once, and while the flavor was okay it had definitely lost most of its creamy texture; I wouldn’t recommend freezing it.  As with any cheese, it really is more flavorful if you let it come to room temperature, and with this cheese it is even more important because it is certainly more spreadable when warmer.  This was a bit more of a deal at Costco a few years ago, when you could get the three pack for just slightly more than one package at a regular store.  Though the price at Costco has risen a bit, it is still a much better deal to buy it at Costco than at other grocery stores.  And honestly, once you eat one of these, you’ll be glad you have two more left in the fridge.  3 – 5.2 ounce packages for $7.62.  Item #: 4821.

La Terra Fina Jalapeno & Artichoke Dip

La Terra Fina Jalapeno & Artichoke Dip

La Terra Fina Natural Jalapeno and Artichoke Dip – This is another item I would certainly suggest if you are having a party.  We served this when a bunch of family were over and I swear it was gone in 20 minutes.  It’s deliciously creamy and has just the perfect combination of cheesy goodness, artichokes and a bit of spicy kick from the jalapenos.  You can serve it either hot or cold; I can never decide which way I prefer.  The flavors are maybe a little more pronounced when the dip is heated.  It works equally well as a spread for crackers or a dip for any type of chips.  But they have to be strong chips because this isn’t a lightweight dip due to the chunks of artichoke and the thick texture of the cheese.  We served it with tortilla chips (naturally from Costco) and everyone loved that combination.  I’ve never tried it, but I’ll bet this would be great spread on some bread and heated in the oven for a bit until it becomes nicely creamy.  Just writing about this is making my mouth water remembering how tasty it was, and sadly I am pretty sure we don’t have it at the UK Costco locations.  31 ounces for $7.69.  Item #: 194435.


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  1. 1 Nashville Cheapster // 2010.12.15 at 10:00 am

    I was getting a little worried. You hadn’t purchased any cheese in a few weeks. : ) We love cheese too, and Costco of course. Found your blog a few months ago and have been enjoying it. Rai

    • 2 Kimberly // 2010.12.17 at 5:57 am

      @Nashville – That really made me laugh out loud! Sorry to worry you by having a couple of weeks where I didn’t talk about cheese. LOL It is a rare thing for me to have a cheese-free shopping trip at Costco.

  2. 3 Regina // 2010.12.11 at 12:24 pm

    I have those Head gloves and they are very warm, have worn them a few times while out walking in very cold and windy weather. Luckily no snow to shovel yet here but hopefully they will stand up to the snow.

    I had to get the large because the medium was too tight-so there’s a little extra room in the fingers but it’s tolerable.

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