This Week at Costco – December 12, 2010

December 18th, 2010 · 9 Comments

This week I’m talking about some stuff that we got at the Costco in Kansas, and a couple of things that we bought at the Costco here in the UK.  When we were at the Costco in Watford this weekend, we were both amazed at the amount of Christmas stuff they were selling.  Mostly, I think it was the amount of toys they had; amazing!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large selection at a US Costco.  But there were lots of other things to help you have a nice holiday season too, and gifts for adults too.

Don’t forget that this is the last weekend you can take advantage of the current US Costco Coupon Book!

Eco-i-Lite LED Flashlights

Eco-i-Lite LED Flashlights

Eco-i-Lite LED Flashlights –  This is a really great idea: a flashlight that does double duty as a nightlight or an emergency light.  Each flashlight can light up a pretty big area with the 6 LEDs  and its small size makes it easy to handle as well.  The really special part comes from the base that you plug in to keep the flashlights charged but it also acts as a nightlight.  The nightlight base has two LEDs which puts out a surprising amount of light really and comes on when the room gets dark.  The only nice thing about the base, aside from keeping the flashlights ready to go at all times, is that it will prompt the flashlights to turn on in the event of a power outage.  My mom, like most of us, has various flashlights around the house, but it’s always so hard to find them when you need one because the lights have gone out.  I really like the idea of these automatically turning on to light up dark hallways or rooms when there’s a power outage.  We plugged one of these into the bathroom by her guest rooms and it really lit up the whole bathroom with the little nightlight.  Because of the very white LED light, I think maybe it seems brighter than it is, but in any case, it lit up the room well enough to see at night without turning on the overhead lights.  Of course, they work really well as just flashlights too.  Dave was doing a bit of work for my mom in a dark area and one of these lit up the area perfectly and acted as a really useful work light.  And since the bottom is flat, the flashlights can stand up on their own even.  Some other nice features: the flashlight can act as an emergency flasher too, the base has three settings – On, Off, Auto – for the nightlight, and the plug on the base rotates so that you can still use the other part of the outlet or just so you can shine the light in a different direction.  2 pack for $19.99.  Item #: 417420.

KS Eyeglass Care Kit

KS Eyeglass Care Kit

Kirkland Signature Eyeglass Care Kit –  This is a perfect little pack of items for anyone that wears glasses.  In the pack you get 2, 2 ounce bottles of lens cleaner, an eyeglass screwdriver, an empty travel spray bottle with cap, and two microfiber lens cleaning cloths.  And perhaps the best part is that you can take the bottles to Costco and get free refills of lens cleaner in the optical center.  How awesome is that?  The combination of the cleaner and cloths will definitely get your glasses sparkling clean and totally streak free.  You can use the cleaner on lenses that are glass, plastic, or have an anti-reflective coating. Since there are two bottles and two clothes you can keep them in different places to always be able to have clean glasses.  Or, you could take one to keep in your desk at work, or in your purse.  Or, as in our case, you could give one bottle to a poorly sighted friend, so that they can have clean glasses all the time too.  Unfortunately, they don’t sell this kit in the UK and therefore don’t offer the free refills here.  So, I guess I’ll just have to make sure I take my bottle back to the US for a refill when we visit.  6 piece kit for $5.49.  Item #: 149769.

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix – It’s winter and the perfect thing to make you feel all cozy and warm is a nice cup of hot cocoa.  This giant box of 70 packets of hot cocoa mix can certainly keep you in cocoa for quite some time too.  All of the packets are of the Rich Chocolate flavor, which gives you a nice, deep chocolatey flavor for your big mug of hot cocoa.  While a lot of these cocoa mixes are just added to water, which really doesn’t have as nice a flavor at all, you mix this with a cup of hot milk.  Of course, you can use anything from full fat milk to 2% or even skim milk, depending on what you like.  So, if you heat your mug of milk in the microwave for a couple of minutes (depending on your microwave) then you just need to add the packet of mix and you are ready to sit down and enjoy a nice, warm, chocolatey treat.  I like my hot cocoa with some buttered toast, for some reason that is the perfect combo to me.  However, if you’re trying to come up with something more exciting to jazz up your usual cut of hot cocoa Nestle totally has this covered with pages and pages of recipes for various ways to use your hot cocoa mix.  70 – 0.71 ounce packets for $5.99.  Item #: 21133.

KS British Rotisserie Chicken

KS British Rotisserie Chicken

Kirkland Signature British Rotisserie Chicken – Just like in the US, the Costco rotisserie chicken rocks!  There is nothing better than sitting down to lunch with one of these after putting in some shopping time at Costco.  I’m not sure exactly how large the chickens here are, though they seem to be about the same size as those in the US, so somewhere around 4 pounds.  And of course, in the UK it is a British chicken that they roast.  But man, these chickens are so juicy and delicious.  Dave and I just absolutely love them.  I know my mom gets one every time she goes shopping at Costco.  You can eat them just as they are and they are wonderful.  However, you can also use them to make your own chicken salad, or add some to pasta, or make a killer sandwich, or throw some in with a salad.  I’ll be honest and admit that ours rarely makes it to leftover status.  But if yours does, they do nicely tell you how to handle reheating it with either the microwave or oven.  I want to know how they manage to keep them so juicy?  I’ve had rotisserie chickens from other places that were nowhere near as juicy, some of them were flat out dry.  I’m guessing that they brine them before putting them on the rotisserie, but whatever it is, I’m glad that they know the special secret to making them.  And really, where else can you get such a great deal on an entire chicken of a good size?  £3.99.  Item #: 10533.  The US rotisserie chicken is $4.99.

Snopake Polyfile Document Storage Wallet

Snopake Polyfile Document Storage Wallet

Snopake Polyfile Document Storage Wallets – It’s the end of the year, and time to get all of the documents and receipts organized and set up for the new year.  So, 15 of these colored, polypropylene folders with a snap closure will definitely come in handy.  Since there are three folders in each of the five different colors, you can even do a little color coded organization.  Though, I will say that the ‘green’ and ‘turquoise’ folders look incredibly the same.  In any case, the folders are transparent enough that you can pretty much see whatever is inside it, which is great if you need to have that visual reminder of what you’ve been filing.  However, even though you can see through it, the folders are copy proof, which is good I guess.  The other good thing is that these folders are very durable since they’re made from polypropylene, which means you don’t have to worry about them getting crumpled in the slightest, and they are also highly reusable.  The only thing I don’t like about these is that they are not expandable with the little gussets on the sides.  Of course, they are oversized a bit so you do have some wiggle room.  Costco is one of my favorite place to buy office supplies because they are so much less expensive than at other office supply stores for things like pens, pencils, printer paper, tape, and file folders.   15 – 36×24 cm folders for £4.99.  Item #: 59326.


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  1. 1 Danielle @ LED Flashlights // 2016.12.02 at 6:18 pm

    Those are great LED flashlights! They are practical and easy to use and reliable still after all these years. Love them and they’re my go-to choice.

  2. 2 tactical lori // 2016.01.15 at 1:53 am

    In the interest of fair and balanced reviews, I want to say that I’ve been using a pair of these that I bought at Sam’s Club and they work great. The feature set is outstanding and the quality is the best choice I can find. The stuff you find at home centers or electronics stores don’t even come close.
    I actually go to use the Eco-i-Lite during a power outage.

  3. 3 matthew // 2014.01.07 at 7:03 pm

    I actually was turned onto the Capstone lights a few months back. My wife and I decided to start trading penny stocks for fun and I came across them. Since then I have seen allot of stinkers in the pennies but this one is a real keeper. I gave out several of the smaller EcoIlite’s (from Home Depot) for Christmas presents and everyone loves them. The ones at Costco are even nicer, I really love the wall plates they have in my hallways too. For anyone interested they trade under the ticker code CAPC and closed today at 1.58 cents a share.

  4. 4 Bree // 2010.12.22 at 12:23 pm

    We’ve had those flashlights for awhile now…LOVE THEM! They also hold up really really well. I have a 18month old you carries them around the house, throws them on the floor and has even tossed one into the bath tub a few times. We just had a power outage and the flashlights were still going strong despite all they have been through!

  5. 5 Emily (Bentobloggy) // 2010.12.21 at 10:54 am

    It’s completely decadent!! I wonder why the Cadbury’s isn’t that good. When I was a kid I toured the Cadbury Factory and all I remember is having chocolate thrust into our hands at every turn. :p

  6. 6 EngineerChic // 2010.12.20 at 1:04 am

    I went to Costco this weekend to buy a Vizio surround sound system & 2 of their rotisserie chickens. The chickens made some awesome soup (now in the freezer for many good lunches). The Vizio surround sound system is going back, sadly, because although it looks awesome it makes a high pitched hum whenever it’s plugged in. But even so, those chickens made the trip worth it!

  7. 7 Emily - // 2010.12.18 at 8:58 pm

    Here they have a big can of Starbucks brand hot cocoa. It’s decadent!!

    • 8 Kimberly // 2010.12.21 at 7:49 am

      @Emily – I don’t think I’ve ever had Starbuck’s hot cocoa and certainly didn’t know they made a mix. Interesting… But sadly, the Cadbury stuff is the only option here in London, and it’s not that great an option.

  8. 9 Amber // 2010.12.18 at 8:27 am

    I purchased those same LED flashlights a few weeks ago and they came in super handy when the power went out last month. I LOVE them! No more looking for a flashlight in the dark and only finding ones with dead batteries!

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