Guest Post: Leather Furniture from Costco

December 29th, 2010 · 90 Comments

Lexington set from

Lexington set from

[This guest post is another plea for opinions or experiences, this time regarding some leather furniture.  I recently had a reader, Tracy, contact me and ask if I could solicit everyone here for some opinions or thoughts on a couple of different leather furniture sets from Costco.   So, I’m hoping that someone here can help out and share their thoughts on either of the leather sets that are up for consideration!]

We have been looking at leather furniture and have to admit being attracted to the price of the black leather Spectra recliner set in the store (<$900 each). I wanted to ask if anyone has any feedback on these or should we just bite the bullet and get the Lexington offered online?

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  1. 1 Jim E // 2015.05.25 at 10:18 am

    We have 2 boxer dogs. they weigh 65 pounds each and are very active. They join us on our Costco SpectraHome Teton power motion loveseat every chance they get. We have had the love seat for 18 months and it still looks new. We just wish we could find a sofa to match. New or used. The material is very durable. On the down side a breathable fabric would be more comfortable when it is warm in the house.

  2. 2 sean // 2014.08.28 at 4:57 pm


    The leather is a corrected grain leather to help prevent scratches. If your dog wants to scratch the couch or chew it on it will cause damage, but if they just jump up and down and walk on it you will be just fine. We do provide leather dye and have all the parts to help with maintaining your sofa over time. Just give customer service a call.

    Hope this helps,,,

  3. 3 CarolSue // 2014.08.24 at 12:25 am

    Thanks Chris… I have a couple of Little Chihuahua dogs and I wanted to know If they would be ok to get upon the sofa without ruining It??? You think they would put holes In It??? When I was at Costco about 3 weeks ago and sit on that sofa… I CAN’T REMEMBER IFFFF the name of It was Spectra-Dakoda OR If The name was Spectra-McKinley…they BOTH are the Leather Power Motion Sofa’s. ONLY I can’t remember which one was the one I sit on there at Costco that day. One Item # was 678487 and I can’t find the other Item #… 🙁 IFFF someone could help me try and find that other Item # on thier home computer I would SURE APPRECIATE IT. I don’t have my home computer hooked up yet. I am using my Galaxy phone now. I’ll be waiting to get a response from SOMEONE I HOPE!!! THANK YOU!!!

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