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March 29th, 2011 · 4 Comments

[This week’s guest post comes from Jamie.  He works with a food brokerage firm that represents a long list of food vendors, from Butterball to Cheesecake Factory, that can be found at Costco locations nationwide. His guest post is filled with lots of information about the delicious cheesecakes from The Cheesecake Factory, including what flavors you can find in the various Costco locations around the country and in Taiwan.]

The Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes – Great for Easter (or anytime of year)

The Original Cheesecake

Lent causes many people to “give up” a variety of indulgent pleasures – from chocolate to other sinful pleasures. However, I would recommend keeping cheesecake off the black list. I can assure you that relinquishing a guilty foodie pleasure for a 40 day period is not the intent behind the practice of Lent. Therefore, “let them eat cake”!

The Cheesecake Factory take-home cheesecakes from Costco are the perfect “cakes” to tantalize your taste buds. The Costco items are 9 inch frozen cheesecakes created with only the highest quality of ingredients. All-natural ingredients are used when available to ensure a fresh, “made from scratch” flavor. The only step remaining before consumption is an overnight thaw in the fridge – yet another reason why the Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes are an easy sweet fix. In fact, many cheesecake aficionados prefer the frozen cheesecakes over the ones purchased on site due to their firmer texture. Currently, Costco Warehouses across the nation are selling the Original and Classic Selection varieties, with the Lemoncello and Grand Assortment flavors to debut within a month.

History of The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory Varieties

The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes began in the small kitchen of Evelyn Overton. She developed her Original Cheesecake recipe to much acclaim and opened a cheesecake shop in Detroit in the 1940’s. Soon, Evelyn closed the shop to focus on raising her small kids and resumed baking out of her basement kitchen.

In 1972, Evelyn and her husband moved to Los Angeles and introduced the first “The Cheesecake Factory”. Increasing demand and a growing reputation created a need for a larger bakery. With an expanded bakery, Evelyn concocted 20 new varieties of delicious cheesecakes, which were sold to hundreds of wholesale accounts. Their hard work and dedication to quality set the stage for The Cheesecake Factory’s future success.


Since I’m sure anyone with taste buds will be salivating after the thought of creamy cheesecake, see below to find out what cheesecake varieties are available at your local Costco:


  • Lemoncello (#231019) Available Week of 4/4

Los Angeles

  • Original Cheesecake (#51011) Available Now


  • Classic Selection (#228845) Available Now
  • Godiva Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, & Dulce de Leche


  • Original Cheesecake (#51011) Available Now
  • Grand Assortment (#135985) Available Week of 3/21


  • Original Cheesecake (#51011) Available Now


  • Original Cheesecake (#51011) Available Now

To find out more information about The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes:



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  1. 1 Jacqueline // 2011.07.13 at 12:55 pm

    I agree with Ed B. Although I love the cheesecakes (had a sample of one involving chocolate at my local Costco — YUM) I feel as if accolades and product reviews should come from consumers and not from people who have a financial stake.

  2. 2 Mustafa // 2011.07.12 at 7:45 am

    Why are the cheesecake at Costco just 1/4th the price of those available at Cheesecake factory?

  3. 3 Ed B. // 2011.03.31 at 10:07 pm

    First let me say I enjoy your site. I have been a Costco member for many years. Second I want to comment on Jamie’s guest post. I like to read posts from average Costco members, to get their opinion on products or services. However Jamie comes to this post with a financial bias, which came through on his suggestion that giving up sweets for Lent was never the “intent behind the practice of Lent”. I was offended that he asked us not to give up sweets so he could earn more brokerage. Unless he is a Catholic theologian, I am not sure he is the right person to be giving advise on Lent. From what I have learned, the practice of penance and self denial is definitely part of the preparation during Lent for Easter.

  4. 4 Ruby W // 2011.03.31 at 1:58 pm

    They’ve been at Costco since forever. I get them for parties and special events. Good stuff.

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