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So much interesting stuff this week at Costco because of the upcoming Easter holidays, as well as Mother’s Day here in the UK (Sunday, April 3rd).  I imagine this weekend there will be some really lovely fresh flowers too.  I also noticed that it is now officially time to start planting your trees and flowers according to Costco.  The vestibule area at the location in Watford was loaded with tons of lovely looking trees and shrubs and such.  It made me miss my yard a bit (though, not the weeding and pruning).

Don’t forget that  this is the last weekend for the latest Costco US coupon book.  Also, if you’re the first person to send me a full PDF version (cover to cover) of the next Costco US Coupon Book, I’ll send you a $25.00 Costco Cash Card.

Best Brownies Ever

Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix – It’s back!  Finally!  I was so happy to see the big boxes of brownie mix.  Now I can stop hoarding my last box.  I was down to just one bag of brownie mix left, so this means that I can freely make brownies again.  I have to say, I don’t notice any real difference in the outward appearance of the box or anything like that.  And while I haven’t used any of the mix from the new box yet, I’m sure it must be as awesome as it has been for years.  Here’s what I wrote about them in my October 3, 2010 post:  “I am pretty sure that this is the best brownie or cake mix that you can buy, anywhere.  The brownies are always delicious and so super chocolaty; they’re like the perfect dream brownie.  We’ve been buying these for years and pretty much always have some on hand because Dave is a big, big fan of brownies.  So, when we moved to the UK I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t be able to find them.  But Costco totally had it covered…phew.  Ghirardelli has recently done a bit of a revamp on the recipe and they’re even more chocolaty and moist now.  They have three different kinds of chocolate: semi-sweet chips, bittersweet dark chocolate chips, and milk chocolate chips.  So, no matter what kind of chocolate you like, you should be happy with these.  All of the different chocolate chips really work nicely together to make a really lovely brownie.  In the box at Costco you get four mixes; each making around 16 brownies according to the box.  Obviously, that is going to depend on how generous you are with your servings.  I just can’t say how wonderful these brownies are because I just sound goofy and gushy now.  But, if you are a person that likes brownies you really, really need to pick up a box on your next trip to Costco.”   4 mixes for £5.99 (US: $9.63).  Item #: 0195135.


Kiwi Berries

Kiwi Berries – If you like the taste of kiwi but hate messing with the little brown furry skin on the outside, you should definitely pick up some of these kiwi berries, if you can.  We probably would have walked right by these just thinking they were grapes or something, but luckily they were doing a demo.  They taste just like a full-sized kiwi  and the inside looks just like one too.  It’s kind of strange really because it looks like someone just shrunk a normal kiwi.  Well, of course, there’s the slightly different skin on the outside too, which looks much more like a grape than a kiwi.  The texture is also not quite as dense as a regular kiwi but just slightly less dense and that could be because they are so much smaller.  Amazingly, they really are a kiwi, just a small variety.  The lack of fuzz on the outside makes them easier to just pop in your mouth and enjoy or add to things like fruit salad.  We haven’t gotten that fancy though, we have just eaten them all by themselves, just like we would grapes.  The best thing though, of course, is that they have that delicious sweet, citrusy flavor and juiciness like a big kiwi. Well, and of course, there’s no need to peel.  These are from Chile because their growing season there is February and March, but they are also grown in Oregon with a fall growing season (September – November).  340 grams for £2.99 (US: $4.81).  Item #: 0113243.


Weetabix Minis Chocolate Chip

Weetabix Minis Chocolate Chip – I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of regular Weetabix because they are just too dry and tasteless for me.  Just like Shredded Wheat, all that whole grain wheat needs a little something sweet to make them more tasty (at least to me).  These aren’t actually shredded wheat at all, they are more like flakes pressed into a little bale.  And of course, they are studded with little chocolate chips for just a little bit of sweetness.  So, these make a better breakfast or snack bet in our house.  The smallness of them means they are great for a snack too because you can just pop them in your mouth.  And surely they are healthier than any kind of crisp that you could find, right?  I mean, they’re whole grains and fortified with vitamins and iron, which is way better than most anything else we’re likely to grab for a snack.  They are honestly so tasty, we haven’t even bothered to have them with milk.  Buying these at Costco is much better from a money-saving standpoint too.  At other grocery stores, a 450 gram box is £1.99 but at Costco you get 2, 500 gram boxes for just £3.29, which is just £1.65 per box.  So, you’re saving money and you get 50 grams more in your box too.  2, 500 gram boxes for £3.29 (US: $5.29).  Item #: 0115700.


Watsons Semi-Skimmed Milk

Watsons Semi-Skimmed Milk – So, naturally, we needed something to drink with the brownies and cereal, right?  When we first moved here, the Costco we shopped at had different sizes of milk than the location at Watford.  Here, you buy two little 2 liter containers, which work much better in my baby refrigerator.  The milk has a really nice taste too.  Whenever we go to Costco we pick up some milk mostly because it is so much cheaper than at our regular grocery store.  For 2 liters of milk at Tesco the price is £1.69 or if you buy two of those the price is £3.00 (for 4 liters).  And it’s about the same situation at Waitrose/Ocado, though the prices are a little lower than at Tesco.  However, at Costco you get 2, 2 liter containers for just £1.59!  That’s right, less than a single 2 liters at Tesco; twice as much milk for less than half the price.  That’s a crazy good deal.   2, 2 liter containers for £1.59 (US: $2.56).  Item #: 0112268.


Costco Poached Salmon Fishcakes

Costco Poached Salmon Fishcakes – It’s rare that I buy stuff from Costco’s deli area that both Dave and I really don’t like, but every once in a while something just makes us sad that we bought it.  This is definitely one of those things.  We were both expecting something that was more like a crab cake, meaning there was a lot of salmon (in this case) and some stuff to hold it together and a crunchy outer coating.  What we got was a whole lot of mashed potato with a little bit of salmon mixed in with not much of anything else and then the breading on the outside.  Seriously, the fish was so sparse I was amazed when I actually got a little flake of salmon.  So, it was like a bland potato cake with a taste of salmon.  And the taste wasn’t that good, more like old salmon.  Just couldn’t have been more sad with the low quality of these fishcakes.  Why even bother if you’re going to put so little fish in there?  Luckily, they had a little sweet chili sauce included so that we could have something to get a little bit of flavor, even if it wasn’t really the flavor that I was expecting.  They could have thrown in some seasonings when they were mixing the potato and tiny bit of fish; it would have helped quite a bit.  So yeah, I definitely won’t be buying these again and if you haven’t done it yet, I’d give them a skip should you see them in your Costco deli area. 4 fishcakes for £4.99 (US: $8.02).  Item #: 0062580.



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    I’m intrigued by the little kiwi berry things- I will definitely try them if I spot them here. I can’t wait for Asparagus season to begin in earnest. I bought a couple of bundles Friday and hoping they turn out to be good! Going to pick up some steak and if we can clear enough of the deck off, BBQ! Yes, spring is kind of late this year in Edmonton. We still have snowbanks.

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