This Week at Costco – April 17, 2011

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Since it is Easter this weekend, don’t forget that Costco is closed on Sunday (tomorrow).  So, if you have things you need to get, you definitely need to make time to go over there today.  Also, there are still coupons for both US and UK Costco locations.

Lindt Lindor Truffles

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles – Those cruel, cruel Costco sample people got me again!  Once you have one of these perfect little parcels of melty chocolate, you can’t just walk away from them.  So, naturally we bought them.  They are so scrumptious!  It’s a milk chocolate shell with a gooey chocolate center that absolutely melts in your mouth.  Each of the little truffles are individually wrapped, so you certainly do not need to eat them right away.  I really try to limit myself to just one per day as a sweet little end to the day.  Though, it’s hard to have the willpower to do that sometimes.  The only downside is that they are very sensitive to the temperature of where they are stored.  If it gets too warm the center gets very melty before you even put it in your mouth, which could make it just ever so slightly less perfect.  Of course, the taste is still wonderful, so it’s hard to really get too worked up about the somewhat more melty center.  These would be a great addition to any Easter basket! 4, 200 gram boxes for £9.99 (US: $16.26).  Item #: 0095862.

Balderson Canadian Cheddar

Balderson Canadian Heritage Cheddar Cheese – It does seem a little wrong and strange to get a cheddar cheese, here in England, from Canada.  However, that said, it is a really nice cheddar.  It isn’t overly strong but has enough flavor to perk up any dish that you put it in and it is great on its own too.  I really like it in little slices on crackers because that allows you to really taste the cheese.  Of course, it made one completely awesome cheese sauce for homemade macaroni and cheese.  It was equally as outstanding with cauliflower.  As with all cheddars, the melting is perfect for things like sauces or on top of a lightly grilled baguette.  Of course, I can’t help feeling somehow wrong eating a Canadian cheddar in the home country of what is truly cheddar.  But since it is so delicious, I’ll just have to get over that.  0.94 kilogram block for £5.16; £5.49/kilogram (US: $8.40).  Item #: 0003388.

Virgilio Mascarpone

Virgilio Mascarpone Cheese – I bought this so that I could make tiramisu.  Since I only need half of the container for that, I have to come up with some other way to use the rest of it.  Most likely I’ll make a sauce for pasta because it works so perfectly for that.  Or maybe I’ll try to come up with a different dessert recipe.  I know a lot of people use mascarpone for their cannoli filling but I really prefer ricotta for that.  However, maybe I can figure out some type of tart with mascarpone. I’ve also heard that you can use mascarpone in risotto to give it an extra creamy texture but I’ve never tried that.  This is a very nice mascarpone from Italy that has that very luxurious creamy texture that all good mascarpone should possess.  Aside from the fact that this is a very high quality mascarpone, the price at Costco is really amazing.  For 500 grams from my regular supermarket, I would pay from £3.99 to £6.60, depending on the quality.  So, even at the low end of that comparison, the Costco price is £1.24 cheaper.  That’s a fairly substantial amount cheaper for something that is just a few pounds.  Go Costco!   500 gram container for £2.75 (US: $4.48).  Item #: 0056097.

French Shallots – I really like to cook with shallots, so it is nice to be able to buy this big bag of them at Costco.  And they are so cheap when I think about how much shallots always were to buy in the US.  I use shallots for things like pasta toppings, soup, stir-fry, with my roast vegetables, on top of burgers (cooked or uncooked), as a salad topping and in salad dressings, and sliced on sandwiches.  I like their flavor a little bit more than plain onions because they have a little bit more of a delicate flavor so you don’t get that punch of oniony taste; this is especially true when using them uncooked.  With the big one kilogram bag, I don’t have to worry about running out or even using several at a time.  There are a couple of soups that we make that use several shallots, which isn’t a problem now.  And all of the shallots are a decent size and I think in the few times I’ve bought the bags of shallots, I’ve only had one that was smushy and not usable.  1 kilogram bag for £2.99 (US: $4.88).  Item #: 0001160.

McCoy's Ridge Cut Crisp Variety

McCoy’s Crisp Variety Pack – Dave wanted to pick these up because he likes a little snack at work in the afternoon, and these are much cheaper than the ones in the vending machines at his office.  In the bag at Costco you get three different flavors: Steak, Cheddar and Onion, and Mexican Chille.  Luckily, we both liked different flavors; I prefer the streak and Dave prefers the Mexican chille.  As you would expect the chille crisps are really firey.  I would say they are surprisingly spicy, actually.  Usually when you get chips that are supposed to be spicy, they aren’t really just vaguely spicy.  But after eating the whole bag, you do have that hot and spicy feeling and taste in your mouth.  Of course, that also means they are a little bold for most sandwiches; they’re best eaten on their own.  As I said, I really preferred the steak chips because that first bite tastes so beefy, it just has a great flavor to me.  I often have a bag with my lunchtime sandwich and these work pretty well with anything I paired them with, of course, that did not include peanut butter and jelly because that just seems like a bad idea.  The cheddar and onion flavor are a lot like sour cream and chive chips.  It’s a flavor that I like that is also light enough, it too plays well with others.  The cheddar flavor was great with my egg salad sandwiches.  I like buying these little bags because it really enforces portion control, which can be really hard with something like crisps.  Each little bag is the perfect little size, I think, and has 164 calories.  I think that’s an acceptable amount for a snack or for a part of my lunch. 18, 32 gram bags for £1.99 (US: $3.24).  Item #: 0084603.


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