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April 27th, 2011 · 5 Comments

Calla Lily Wedding Collection

The next installment in my little series of posts about Costco wedding items, is my favorite yet: flowers.  If you’ve gone to Costco and haven’t picked up a bouquet at least once, I am shocked.  They have excellent prices on really beautiful, fresh and long lasting flowers.  But you have a lot more options if you want to use Costco to purchase your wedding flowers.  You can even get bulk flowers if you are handy and would like to make your own flower arrangements and bouquets.  On you will find a whole floral section, and under that there is a specific section for wedding flowers.  However, you don’t have to choose from just the wedding flower section, of course.  There are also some really nice special occasion arrangements that would be beautiful additions to the ceremony or reception, I’m sure, though they are not exactly budget options.

Wedding Rose & Star Collection

So, what will you find in the specific floral wedding section?  I have a feeling the options probably change with the various seasons so that you can get the best selection for different times of years, but there are several collections based around specific flowers.  Right now, there are nine different collections that you can choose from: sunflowers, garden wedding, star of Bethlehem, white roses, solid or mixed color roses, wedding roses and star collection, calla lilies, or a hydrangea collection.  Some of the collections have color selections that you can make, as well as different numbers of pieces that you can get.  For instance, the Garden Wedding Collection comes in pink, purple, or white options as well as a 20 piece or 9 piece selection.   All of the 40 piece selections do seem to have the same price of $749.99 though, no matter if you choose hydrangeas, roses, star of Bethlehem, calla lilies, or sunflowers.  Several of the 20 piece selections are $429.99, the only exceptions are the white for $399.99 and solid color roses for $349.99.  Some of the collections also have 9 piece options for $229.99: garden wedding, mixed or solid color roses,  star of Bethlehem, and calla lilies.  All of the prices include shipping and handling.  There does appear to be standardization of what is offered in the various sized collections:

Sunflower Wedding Collection

40-Piece Collection includes:

  • 1 Bridal bouquet
  • 1 Maid of Honor bouquet
  • 4 Brides Maid bouquets
  • 1 Toss Away bouquet
  • 2 Mothers petite hand-tie
  • 12 Corsages
  • 12 Attendant boutonnieres
  • 6 Centerpieces (vases not included)
  • 10 Rose Petal buds

20-Piece Collection includes:

  • 1 Bridal bouquet
  • 2 Brides Maid bouquets
  • 1 Toss Away bouquet
  • 6 Corsages
  • 6 Attendant boutonnieres
  • 3 Centerpieces  (vases not included)
  • 1 Rose Petal bud

9-Piece Collection includes:

  • 1 Bridal bouquet
  • 2 Brides Maid bouquets
  • 2 Corsages
  • 4 Attendant boutonnieres

Simply Elegant Mixed Roses Wedding Collection

The flowers are shipped directly to you right from the farms where  the flowers are grown for the ultimate in freshness.   If you decide to cancel your order, you need to do it within 48 hours of actually placing your order though.  So, best to have your mind made up before you purchase them.   You will need to place your order at least 30 days in advance of your delivery date.  With regards to picking a date for delivery this is what Costco suggests:

When selecting a date, please keep the following in mind: Your flowers will deliver on OR before your selected delivery date, if one was selected. Signature is required for delivery. Flowers are a perishable item and need to be cared for immediately upon arrival. Returns will only be accepted if flowers arrive in poor condition. Returns will not be accepted for circumstances resulting from negligence. For special events, select a delivery date 1-2 days in advance of the event for the best blooms.

Which all seems like common sense stuff but it is good that they spell it out too.  Also, if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, don’t even bother looking and getting your hopes up because delivery to you is not available.

Bulk Centerpieces 6-Pack

Aside from these main collections, Costco also has some other offerings that might be of interest to you.  They have packages for just boutonnieres and/or corsages in a variety of color options.  All of the packages contain 15 pieces for $159.99.  You can also get a six pack of center pieces made with sunflowers, calla lilies, or roses for $379.99.  I can’t figure out if these come with vases but my guess is that they do not.  Of course, you can buy six packs of glass vases here too.  The vases come in a variety of sizes and shapes with prices of $54.99 for the six pack, except for the 8″ round dishes that are $74.99; shipping included.

One of the interesting options is for a do it yourself kit by Space Floral to make your reception flowers or your bridal flowers.  For the reception kit you can selecte red, white, pink, light pink, or yellow flowers and the price is $219.99 (with shipping).  For the bridal kit you can choose from the same colors and the price is $199.99 (with shipping).  The flowers are florist-ready: this means they are carefully de-thorned, have all superfluous leaves removed and are wired and taped so as to facilitate assembling the different bouquets and arrangements.And here’s what you’ll get in the different kits:

The Do-It-Yourself Reception/Party Kit (360 stems in total) contains:

  • 120 Stems of Roses, 80 Ruscus foliage for 4 x Centerpieces
  • 40 Stems of Roses, 40 Ruscus Foliage for 40 x Napkins/Boutonnieres
  • 30 Stems of Baby’s breath, 50 Stems of Liligrass

Accessories (included):

  • 25 yards of waterproof floral tape
  • 80 corsage/boutonnieres pins
  • 10 Zip ties

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flower Kit by Space Floral

The Do-It-Yourself Bridal Kit (300 stems in total) contains:

  • 1 Pack with 35 Roses, 20 Ruscus foliage for a Bridal Bouquet
  • 2 Packs each one with 20 Roses, 15 Ruscus foliage for 1 x Maid of Honor & 1 x Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • 2 Packs each one with 16 Roses, 16 Ruscus foliage for small bouquets for Mothers & 1 x Toss Bouquet
  • 1 Pack with 12 Roses, 12 Ruscus foliage for 6 x Corsages
  • 1 Pack with 6 Roses, 6 Ruscus foliage for 6 x Boutonnieres
  • 1 Pack with 50 Stems of Liligrass foliage
  • 1 Pack of 25 stems of baby’s breath

Accessories (included):

  • 25 yards of waterproof floral tape
  • 50 yards of sheer ribbon
  • 80 corsage/boutonnieres pins
  • 10 Zip ties

All in all, has a ton of options for kitting out your wedding with all of the flowers you could want.  So, if you are getting married, you should certainly consider comparing their options against your local florist.


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  1. 1 Craig // 2011.05.12 at 7:14 am

    Do you know if uk costco offers these wedding services? I havent seen any but if would be great if they did!

    • 2 Kimberly // 2011.05.12 at 8:27 am

      I would guess not since they are all offered through And there’s really very little if use on the UK Costco website and no ecommerce at all.

  2. 3 Birgitta Birch // 2011.05.05 at 12:49 pm

    Do you sell wedding cakes?


  3. 4 Maria S // 2011.04.27 at 7:59 pm

    I had Callas for my wedding 5 years ago. The 20 piece would have left me with some extras but I needed 10 centerpieces.
    My bill was $2,000 – 2005, Buffalo, NY
    Just for a price comparison.

    • 5 Kimberly // 2011.04.28 at 2:52 am

      Yeah, I think the Costco option would have been a bit of a savings for you. I had calla lilies too, a million years ago (ok, just 15) at my wedding and they were definitely more than just plain roses. So, I really thought that the calla collections and centerpieces were a deal through Costco.

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