This Week at Costco – May 1, 2011

May 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments

This was a nice long four day weekend here in the UK and I figured that everyone would have gone to Costco earlier in the week or on Friday or not early Saturday morning, in any case.  But I was so, so wrong.  The store was packed, certainly more so than I have seen it on Saturday morning in a long time, in any case.  But we still got lots of good shopping in and found way too much stuff to buy.

Don’t forget that this is the last weekend to take advantage of the Costco US coupon book since it runs through May 8.  The next Costco US coupon book (which I now have a copy of, thanks to everyone who sent me a PDF) runs from May 12 – June 5 and I’ll be posting it on Monday.

Ful Computer Backpack

Ful Computer Backpack – Dave’s old backpack for his notebook was getting kind of old and tatty, so we were happy to happen on this one at Costco.  The big plus of this one is that it has very nicely padded shoulder straps, plus this one is actually big enough for his enormous 18″ notebook.  It fits in with no room left to spare, but it fits.  It fits my 17″ MacBook really perfectly too.  The whole laptop compartment is fully padded and then on top of that it has a padded sleeve, more of an envelope really, that you slide your notebook into to keep it safe and secure while you drag it around.  This compartment, as well as the other big compartment right in front of it, have zippers that open fully so that you can easily access and see everything inside.  There are several other smaller zippered compartments on the front and side, six in all, and one compartment on the front that is deep but open at the top.  The six various sized compartments with zippers will allow you to have a storage spot for pretty much everything I can imagine you would want to carry with you.  I like that they have a couple of very small compartments for things tiny like keys or USB drives that might get lost in the bigger compartments.  Several of the compartments have built in organizers too, but not the really small ones of course.  There is also a little iPod (or MP3 player of choice) pocket on the right shoulder strap; a very tight and secure fit for my iPhone 4.  It has an elasticized outside pocket for a water bottle too.  And if you’re the type of person that doesn’t just chuck your backpack over a single shoulder, there’s also a handy chest/sternum strap so you can keep the backpack in place.  The back panel is padded and has something they refer to as the “Air Flow Channel” system that I’m guessing is supposed to keep your back cool and non-sweaty when you’re lugging around your notebook.  Dave says that the backpack actually makes his notebook seem lighter (and believe me it is insanely heavy) because the straps are so nicely padded and so much more comfortable than his previous backpack.  Plus, the price was super reasonable.  £17.99.  Item #: 0495630K.

Clearwater Wild Sea Scallops

Clearwater Frozen Wild North Atlantic Sea Scallops – I love scallops, especially in the spring and summer, for some reason.  They are so easy and quick to cook, once you get familiar with the timing and how to make sure you don’t over cook them.  These aren’t as big as the regular Kirkland Signature scallops that you can also find in the freezer case.  They do have a really great slightly sweet taste and a perfect texture.  I used these last night when I was making dinner for friends and we all agreed that they were delicious.  I usually stir-fry or sauté them, but this time I baked them in a sauce for just ten little minutes and they were done perfectly; still tender but with that nice meaty consistency.  We had them over spaghetti, but they are equally tasty paired with rice.  One of my favorite ways to have them is with a nice green salad.   I find scallops to be really versatile, more so than shrimp or any other seafood really, because they can go with just about anything.  I pair them up with mushrooms a lot but they are also great with spicy stuff like red chilies or lighter things like asparagus.  Yum!  1 kilogram for £19.49.  Item #: 0058681.

Driscoll's Fresh Strawberries

Driscoll’s Fresh Strawberries – I really like fresh strawberries when they are very ripe and sweet.  Of course, that sometimes means that you get the dodgy smushy berries, which I don’t like of course.  The only problem with buying these at Costco is that you have to buy this huge container.  When they start getting to the brink of iffy, I usually slice them up and add some sugar and a hit of lemon juice and/or balsamic vinegar and then let them sit while they soften up and create their own juicy sauce.  That is a perfect way to dress up ice cream, cake, or brownies.  It’s also really nice for strawberry shortcake.  This time I made a sweetened mascarpone cream and mixed it with the strawberries in a shortcut strawberry shortcake.  Of course, since you have this giant container of strawberries, you can always make some delicious smoothies.  Or, you could slice some up and add them to a plain Greek style yogurt. I’ve never tried freezing the fresh strawberries but I certainly think that you could.  These are from the US, so I know that they’ll be in Costco US warehouses too. 2 pounds for £4.49.  Item #: 0084538.

Sliced Roast Breast of Turkey

Sliced Roasted Breast of Turkey –  I will never, ever buy this again.  I was really hoping it would be good because I eat a lot of sandwiches during the week for lunch, but this was not good.  It looked promising because it appears to be slices of real turkey breast, not the turkey pressed roll, thickish slices even.  But once I bit into my sandwich I knew that this was not the turkey I was looking for.  It had some kind of weird taste that was vastly unappealing.  I can’t put my finger on exactly where the yucky taste comes from, however, I’ve tasted it before with turkey lunch meat.  I guess my search for a decent turkey sandwich will continue.  Dave didn’t notice the taste issue quite as much as me, of course he has a cold right not too, so he might not be the best judge.  Sadly, now I’m left with 6 more slices of this turkey that I’m never going to want to eat.  Maybe I can foist it off on Dave.  🙂  0.80 kilograms for £6.39 (£7.99 per kilogram).  Item #: 0073824.

Hathaway Linen Blouse

Women’s Hathaway Linen Blouse – I picked this up because I like to wear linen in the summer because it is so cool and not clingy when you’re hot.  After holding up the various sizes, I decided to go for the extra large because the others seemed a little too narrow across the chest.  Of course, on getting home and trying it on (which I guess I could have done in the store over my t-shirt), I realized it was a little too big perhaps.  However, if I wear it with a belt it is very cute and the large size makes it longer I think.  It is a cute blouse with cap sleeves and nice pintuck detailing around the v-neck.  Mine comes to probably mid-hip length and is very billowy for the most part.  It looks cute teamed with a pair of capri pants or shorts, and I imagine would be great with a pair of jeans too.  I liked all of the great detailing through, especially for the price.  But like I said, you might want to try it on in the store or buy more than one size to try out (also something I should have done but didn’t).   £10.99.  Item #: 0968323.


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  1. 1 David // 2011.05.07 at 4:07 pm

    And you might not even need your receipt. The Costco I go to in Spokane can look up your purchases on their computer (it covers their warehouse only, not another location) and do the return without a receipt.

  2. 2 Joanna // 2011.05.07 at 7:59 am

    You can return the turkey to Costco for a full refund. I bought some cheese and the first slice didn’t taste right. I returned it and they took it back no problem. Just bring your receipt.

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