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May 14th, 2011 · 6 Comments

Do you ever buy something to eat that you would kind of be ashamed to have other people know about?  I did that this week.  And even though I feel kind of mortified to have anyone know that I bought imitation crab sticks, I’m sharing it with all of you.  But I have a very valid excuse/reason: we were making our own California rolls to try out our new sushi making skills from a class that we took recently.  See, it is so plausible now.


Avocados – Who doesn’t like a fresh, perfectly ripe avocado?  We can eat them just right out of the shell, we love them so much.  We had actually bought these to make our own little sushi creations with the seafood sticks and cucumbers.  However, we have ended up eating a couple of them for dinner just sliced up with a pinch of salt and pepper.  I guess I should have used them to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some guacamole and chips.  These were such nice avocados too.  They were not quite ripe when we bought them, so they ripened in the next couple of days.  Once they got ripe I put them in the fridge and that works to keep them good until we want to eat them (obviously not forever, but for a few extra days).  I felt lucky because none of the avocados has had yucky spots; I am usually not this fortunate.  I try to only buy my avocados at Costco, unless I’m in a real emergency dining situation because they are so much nicer.  Not to mention, they are much cheaper.  At my local Sainsbury’s I can get a similar sized avocado for £1.29, which would be £6.45 for the 5 that I got from Costco for £3.99; that is a difference of £2.46.  So much better to get my avocado fix at Costco.   5 pack for £3.99.  Item #: 0000239.

Vici Premium Seafood Sticks

Vici Premium Seafood Sticks (a.k.a imitation crab sticks) – Don’t judge me! LOL  Yes, I bought these.  I’m not sure who else is buying these or why, because they have a pretty bad image, in my opinion.  We bought these to make California rolls, along with the avocados and cucumbers.  We recently took a sushi making class so we’re both thinking we’ve got the skills to do this now; we shall see.   Inside the bag you get four individually wrapped packs of 16 seafood sticks; that’s a whole lot of seafood sticks.  Now, surprisingly these do have crab in them, but just 5%.  The majority of it is ‘fish’ though, 40%.  Of course, they don’t seem to indicate what kind of fish but I’m going to assume it is something like cod.  Wonder what they put in these though.  Anyway, they are perfect for California rolls or just eating with a salad.  Other than that, I’m not sure what you can do with these.  Can you cut them up to make something like crab cakes?  Or use them to make crab salad?  On the package they say you can serve them with pasta but I honestly don’t see that happening in my house.  Aside from feeling like I need to keep it a secret that I have these in my fridge, the only other problem is that the bags really have one heck of an odor about them.  So, be prepared for that when you open up the main bag.  It helped a bit when we took the individual packets out of the main bag and stored them in a Ziploc, but still not odor free.  1 kilogram for £3.99.  Item #: 0067749.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers are perfect for a quick salad this time of year.  When it is hot, eating some cucumber is the perfect way to cool down.  I don’t know what it is about a cucumber, possibly the high water content, but it can instantly make me feel cooler, no matter how hot I am. Plus, I like the taste.  As I mentioned we bought these in conjunction with the other things, to try out our sushi skills. But if you’re not whipping up a bunch of sushi rolls, there are so many ways to use these nice cucumbers.  You can have them with a little salt and pepper as slices, or add them to a sandwich (they’d be great with the turkey sandwich that I’d like to make), or you could whip up your own tzatziki (I’m give this a go about once or twice a year).  And of course, you can add them to pretty much any salad. If you haven’t tried it, you should also try adding a couple of slices to a glass of sparkling water (or just plain tap water) for a really nice, cooling beverage.  So, with all of that to do with my cucumbers, it is nice that Costco sells these giant cucumbers.  £1.99.  Item #: 0001025.

Kettle Ridge Crisps

Kettle Ridge Crisps Variety Pack – I love the Kettle salt and balsamic vinegar chips.  I think they are my favorite actually.  And I liked the thicker, ridged cut of these because it makes them really crispy and crunchy.  However, the flavors in the little variety pack weren’t my favorites ever.  You get a bag each of cheese and onion, steak, and spicy chilli.  The cheese and onion were just okay, they had a bit of a weird taste that didn’t conjure up cheese or onion to me.  The steak flavor were way too salty for my taste.  They were so salty to me that they left my mouth with that burned feeling.  So, not great.  And the spicy chile chips were not really spicy at all, at least not heat type of spicy, but they at least had a nice flavor.  The good thing is that you get a nice variety with the different flavors, unfortunately, they’re not the best varieties that Kettle makes.  I wish they had this little three pack with one of them as the salt and vinegar chips, and one of them definitely not the steak flavored chips.  3, 150 gram bags for £2.45.  Item #: 0116480.

Nike Board Shorts

Men’s Nike Board Short – Dave has another pair of board shorts in this same cool feeling material.  I don’t know what they do to the fabric (polyester, of course) but it has this peachy soft feel and is really lightweight, which makes them perfect for summer.  I am pretty sure that these are supposed to be swim trunks, at least the wild color combos would suggest that, but they don’t have a lining or anything.  I’m not so sure you’d feel comfortable wearing these at the beach or pool once they were wet.  I think the light fabric would make for a very clingy pair of shorts.  We’re heading to Dubai for a beachy, relaxing vacation and I was hoping that they were swim trunks because Dave could use another pair, but these aren’t going to work out for him that way.  So, instead of wearing them swimming, Dave will just be wearing them for general purpose lounging.  But they do have a nice relaxed fit plus the awesome feeling fabric, makes them perfect for hanging out in the park or around the house.  They have a single cargo pocket on the leg which is big enough to keep some stuff in like keys or even a wallet.  The pocket also has a little drain hole in it, in case you are brave and planning on wearing these to the pool.  Dave got the subdued light grey and black color combo but they had loud combos like blue and green, red and dark blue, and a pair with lots of orange or yellow; all rather bright looking.   £12.99.  Item #: 0112781K.


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  1. 1 Jennifer // 2011.06.19 at 11:16 am

    I was at the Los Feliz Costco when the Kermanig Bakery was doing their focaccia bread demonstration. There was a huge crowd around them and since I was in a hurry I did not get a chance to sample their items. Their location in Glendale is down the street from me but unfortunately they are only open M-F and their hours are when I am at work. They are near the intersection of Colorado/Verdugo. Rosemary – if you get a chance to try some of their focaccia, please pass along your comments! Thanks!

  2. 2 Ryan // 2011.05.25 at 12:46 pm

    The fish used to make imitation crab is typically Pollock.

  3. 3 Rosemary // 2011.05.22 at 1:30 pm

    Does any Costco fan in So.Calif. have any input of the frequency of the demo/sales of “focaccia” by KERMANIG bakery. I’ve probably walked by this company’s demo many times, however, this time I grabbed a few tiny delicious pieces and bought a “mixed bag” of three pks/ three foccacias each.
    I read comments on their website that they might come to a store only ONCE A MONTH. I stay totally away from carbs, but even looking at them in the package now is tempting me heavily.

    Any member that has researched frequency of store demos, please share info. I could ask…but this is more fun!

  4. 4 Jennifer // 2011.05.19 at 3:11 pm

    I was at the Los Angeles/Los Feliz Costco on Monday and they had a southwestern chicken/pasta/beans product made by their deli. Has anyone tried this? It looked good but I am afraid it may have too much salt (bad news due to my urologist keeping me on a low salt diet). Any information? Also, does Costco have any plans on bringing back Amy’s garlic and parmesan pita chips and the Hoody’s salt and pepper cashews? They were at the Fresno, CA locations for about a month last year and I have not seen them since then.

  5. 5 jn // 2011.05.17 at 12:17 pm

    The avocados we get at our local southern CA costco aren’t that great. They’re rock hard at the store, but they ripen really fast. Even if you’re really careful not to let them over-ripen, they very often have black spots inside and are stringy. This has happened to me many times. Because of this, I’ve stopped buying avocados there.

    We have our own avocado tree with fruit that we have no problems with. But when it’s off-season, we buy avocados also. So it’s not as if we’re not ripening the Costco ones correctly. I don’t know if it’s because they’re not picked at the right time, force-ripened with some sort of chemical or what not, but there’s just something off with the Costco ones.

  6. 6 Diana // 2011.05.16 at 9:06 pm

    There are pretty good salads made from crab sticks.
    Combine one package of sticks with:
    – 1 cup of cooked rice
    – 1 can of corn
    – 2-3 cooled boiled eggs
    – mayonaise

    For lighter option, letucce can be added instead of rice and no eggs added.

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