Costco UK Coupon Book: May 23 – June 12, 2011

May 23rd, 2011 · 2 Comments

The new, full-sized, coupon book runs from today through June 12th, so just three little weeks.  This month there are coupons worth £690.00 in savings.  I think this is a better collection of coupons than the last couple of books had for sure.

Costco UK Coupon Book: May 23 - June 12, 2011

I’ve uploaded the latest Costco UK Coupon Book PDF (or view it in the Google PDF viewer) so you can browse it if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  If you didn’t get your book or never do, you should stop by Customer Service and make sure that they have all of your mailing information correct and that you have allowed them permission to send you things in the mail.  Also, while you’re there, ask them for a copy of the latest book if they didn’t hand you one when you walked in the store.  Here in the UK I never have to actually give them the coupons, and they don’t seem interested in taking them from people that have cut them out even.  But I still find it useful to have a copy so I know what to look for because I don’t always notice the signs that they’ve posted to let you know what has a coupon.

There are a number of coupons for the regular items that we all like to stock up on at Costco: Velvet toilet paper, Finish and Fairy dishwasher tablets, Bold and Fairy laundry detergent, Vanish crystals, Harpic Power Plus, Duracell batteries, Dettol floor wipes, and soda both Coke and Pepsi.

Of course, maybe you’re shopping for a new 3D television.  Lucky you, there are two different coupons for 3D televisions in the coupon book.  One for a combo offer of a Samsung 46″ 3D LED television with a 3D Blu-ray player too for £175.00 off for a total of £1,667.97 with VAT.  The other offer is for a Toshiba 30″ 3D LED television for £100.00 off for a total of £923.98 with VAT.

There are some coupons for things that I’ve already reviewed here and really like.  Most likely I will be using these coupons for sure.

  • Weetabix Chocolate Chip Minis, 25% off 2, 500 gram boxes, final price of £2.47.  Dave and I love these!  I will certainly be taking advantage of this coupon.
  • Kettle Chips Salt & Balsamic Vinegar or Lightly Salted, Buy 2 450 gram bags get 40% off, final price of  £4.10 with VAT.  We almost always pick up a bag of the Salt and Balsamic Vinegar chips when we go to Costco.  I love to have a handful with my lunchtime sandwich.
  • Dina Baklava, £2.50 off 1 kilogram box, final price of £3.99.  If you like baklava, you should certainly pick up this box.  Not only is the baklava good, all of the varieties, but for this kind of price there is no chance you will find a better price on baklava (even if you make it yourself).

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  1. 1 Brad // 2011.05.23 at 2:18 pm

    A request from someone who uses your gCalendar for coupons. Can you split up the UK vs US calendars? I doubt many users want both, and even if they do they can just add both calendars. For the rest of us, it just adds the UK calendar spot, which is needless clutter.


    • 2 Kimberly // 2011.05.27 at 1:43 am

      @Brad – I’ll split out the calendars today.

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