This Week at Costco – May 22, 2011

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Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks, but Dave and I were on holiday in Dubai.  I promised myself I was going to do a post or two but somehow the relaxing by the pool or on the beach always seemed to get in the way.  Don’t forget though, there are currently coupon books available for both the US and the UK.

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cups

Haagen-Dazs Little Favourites MiniCups – When we went to Costco this weekend, I had a bit of sore throat, so naturally I thought ice cream would be the perfect cure.  And while it didn’t actually cure my sore throat, it did taste good.  These little tubs of ice cream are the perfect size for a single serving at just 100 milliliters, so it forces portion control, even when you don’t do such a good job of that yourself.  At Costco, you get three boxes that each contain four little containers of ice cream in four different flavors.  You can choose from Belgian chocolate, dulce de leche, cookies and cream, and strawberry shortcake.  All of the flavors are pretty tasty, Dave’s favorite is the chocolate. I can’t decide but I think the dulce de leche is really delicious.  We don’t buy a whole lot of ice cream but these are a nice little treat.  And hey, you don’t even need to dirty a spoon because they include a little plastic spoon in the lid of each container.  12, 100 milliliter containers for £9.69.  Item #: 0091887.

Fresh Topped Fine Green Beans – Pretty much all you have to do is wash the beans and you are ready to prepare them by either steaming or some other preparation style of your choice.  I like things like that, especially during the week when Dave gets home late from work and I don’t feel like cooking anything that will take too long.  There are a ton of different ways to have fresh green beans, so I’m sure you will think of something.  For quickness, I steam mine and then mix them a little butter and salt.  Sometimes, I sauté them with a little olive oil and toss them with toasted almonds or pine nuts.  While the frozen veggies at Costco are really the best I’ve ever had, sometimes I like to have fresh stuff too.  Though, word is that the frozen veg is healthier because it hasn’t lost any of the nutrients because they freeze it so quickly after picking.  But still, fresh is good when you want to do something like sauté because you can’t really get the same texture from a frozen green bean.   500 grams for £2.69.  Item #: 0084634.

Cilento Fresh Mozzarella di Bufalo

Cilento Mozzarella di Bufala – I love fresh mozzarella!  It is probably one of my favorite cheeses.  And this is the real stuff, the real-deal mozzarella cheese made with buffalo milk and imported from Italy floating in whey.  It is soft and creamy with a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth taste and and the slightest hint of salt.  This is the cheese you want if you are planning a nice tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad.  However, I like it on garlic bread with just a slight melty texture.  Or of course, just by itself with some fresh veggies that aren’t tomatoes.  Sometimes, I even toss it with garlic buttered spaghetti for a little something extra.  I can totally just eat it without anything else though because I like it that much.  I should probably try to come up with some new ways to eat it so that I have an excuse to buy it more often.   4, 125 gram balls for £4.99.  Item #: 0045459.

Prepared Mango Slices

Superior Food Mango Fingers – I love mango but I hate dealing with the fresh fruit myself. It’s probably, okay definitely, very lazy of me but it’s so nice to be able to go to Costco and pick up this good sized container of fresh mango slices and not have to do the work. The slices are a decent size and they are usually very consistent in their ripeness. Additionally, each container is stamped with a use by date but I find that they generally last beyond that date by about a week or so. The convenience of having it all prepped for us, makes it so much more likely that we will add them to our plate at dinner or grab a few slices for a quick snack that I’m willing to pay extra for the convenience. My ultimate favorite ways to eat mango are either in a mango lassi or with sticky coconut rice and sesame seeds. Yum! I also like a good mango smoothie.  It’s also a good way to enhance your plain Greek-style yogurt.  Makes me want to grab some right now for a nice snack.  600 grams for £4.79.  Item #: 0067229.

Riemann P20 Sunscreen

Riemann P20 Sunscreen – Dave and I took a trip to Dubai for a couple of weeks (that’s why last week and the week before I didn’t post so much here) to celebrate our wedding anniversary (15 years!).  We were looking for a place where we could laze around by the pool or ocean and just relax and soak up some sun.  And of course, with the soaking up of the sun you want to make sure you are protected.  We are far too pale to be lounging around in the sun anywhere, especially someplace like Dubai, without decent sunscreen.  When we were at Costco right before our trip, I spotted the Riemann sunscreen and thought we could give it a try.  It comes in either SPF10 or SPF20 with UVA and UVB protection; we chose the SPF20.  While that isn’t as high a factor as an SPF45 or something, if you are smart about your sun exposure it will keep you safe but still allow you to get a bit of a tan, in a slow and controlled fashion.  What I really liked about this was that it doesn’t need constant thick reapplication every time you get in and out of the water.   We found that was definitely true.  The only problem I had with it coming off at all was due to friction from the straps on my thongs when I put applied it to my feet and then walked to the beach and it rubbed off.  It doesn’t have any added fragrance, colorants, or preservatives either, so it didn’t cause any skin irritation like I sometimes get with the creamy sunscreens.  We both found it very nice to have a sunscreen that dries so quickly without a yucky residue, white marks, or an unpleasant odor.  The protection also lasts for 10 hours!  And just to make sure, they tested it on volunteers.  We found that it truly did last all day even when I was in the pool for several hours.  Now I have a lovely tan and didn’t get the bad burns like I’ve had when I’ve used sunscreen with a higher SPF.  And if you’re going to buy this, you definitely want to pick it up at Costco where it is half the price that you’ll find it at Boots or similar stores.  At Boots, the same 200mL bottle is £25.01; that’s a difference of £12.32!  However, at Tesco and Sainsbury’s it is just £20.00, which is still a difference of £7.31 though.    200 mL for £12.69.  Item #: 0084008.


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